Casting Couch: Kirsten Dunst going 'Blondie'? ...and more

Posted January 10,2007 - 05:15 PM

While it is true that you have to take anything an actor or actress says with a hefty grain of salt, this little tidbit is too juicy not to mention. It seems that while Kirsten Dunst was doing publicity for Marie Antoinette, she let it slip that her next project will re-team her with her Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry in a movie "about somebody who everybody knows." When pressed, Kiki revealed that it was a "well-known singer." It seems that these comments lend credibility to the rumors out there linking Dunst to a biopic about Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry. While the idea of a Blondie movie is way past due and I'd gladly wait in line to see what Gondry can do with the story, I'm not so sure that Kiki is ready to fill Debbie's shoes. Now granted, they do look a lot alike (see right), but it'll take more than looks to pull down a convincing Harry.

In other rumors concerning high-profile female roles, yet another young brunette finds herself connected to Wonder Woman. The Joss Whedon film has had just about every Hollywood starlet attached to it at one point or another including Lindsay Lohan and Evangeline Lilly (my personal fave). The latest name to swirl around the lasso is none other than Sophia Bush. While yes she is a brunette, we're not sure that she can pull off the chops required to fly the invisible plane. And let's just say that John Tucker Must Die didn't do much to change my mind. I would like to go on the record as pointing out that Natalie Portman has brown hair. Or at least will, once it grows out again.
But enough of the young ladies and their potential roles, one name that is solid gold attached to a project this week is the wonderful Alan Rickman (Yippee Kiyah!). It seems that Professor Snape will be judging Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's rendition of Sweeney Todd. Ricks will be playing a judge that erroneously sends Depp's character to prison for a crime that he didn't commit. But don't worry, Depp put his time in prison to go use completing a correspondence course in hair grooming. Yeah, nothing like giving a newly-released prisoner a sharp pair of scissors. I, for one, can't wait to see how gruesome that Burton is able to go with the already dark material and Ricks only magnifies that excitement tenfold.