Another 'Star Wars' DVD in the works? Blu-ray perhaps?

Posted February 10,2007 - 10:14 AM

You own the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. You may even own the unaltered version of Star Wars released last year. Now it seems George Lucas has yet another DVD edition of Star Wars on which to spend your hard-earned money. cites an AP report on toymaker Hasbro's earnings for the new DVD rumor. Hasbro, the people who produce the Star Wars toys, expects demand for action figures to remain high "with Lucas planning a video release for this year's 30th anniversary." (The article also mentions next year's Star Wars animated TV series and the live-action series in 2009 as potential drivers of toy sales.) This year does mark the anniversary of the first Star Wars film released in 1977. Many toys, books, and other Star Wars-related projects have already been announced to honor the 30 year mark. The vague mention of a "video release" sparks many rumors. For instance, could this mean a high definition release on Blu-ray Disc? Lucasfilm's distributor Twentieth Century Fox is a backer of this new format. If this Star Wars on Blu-ray rumor is true it would mark an enormous victory for the format over bitter rival HD-DVD. Not only would it drive toy sales but it would drive many consumers to finally buy one of the expensive Blu-ray players.