CNN selects the best (and worst) movie battle scenes

Posted April 09,2007 - 03:12 PM

Battle scenes in movies ride a fine line. Orchestrate the chaos well and your movie will live forever in infamy. Present the action poorly and the flick will suffer a quick death to critics. I guess it's like real life in that way. Not to be outdone by all the list-lovers out there, CNN has presented their list of the best -- and worst -- battle scenes in movie history. Below is a chronological overview of the movies which made their lists. (You'll have to visit their site to see which one ranked as their best of the best. They've also included commentary for each entry.) The Best:

The Worst: Of course these lists are all Elias and no Randal. I'll give you the hokey Ewoks, but c'mon! What about The Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back? I guarantee you it's better than Starship Troopers.