Light saber tops list of best movie weapons

Posted January 24,2008 - 10:53 AM

The web site of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has unveiled its list of the Favorite Movie Weapons. The iconic weapon of the Jedi, the light saber, from the Star Wars films tops the chart. "It may look like a humble fluorescent kitchen light, but according to a new survey it is the best weapon ever featured in a film," the Telegraph's Sophie Borland reports. Here is the entire list, as ranked by a survey of 2,000 movie fans commissioned by 20th Century Fox. Not surprisingly, Fox is the distributor of George Lucas' saga which also had an appearance on the list at number nine.

  1. Light saber, Star Wars films
  2. .44 Magnum used by Dirty Harry (the one that can "blow your head clean off")
  3. Indiana Jones' bullwhip from Raiders of the Lost Ark
  4. The Bride's samurai sword in Kill Bill
  5. Leatherface's Chainsaw in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  6. Golden gun, the James Bond weapon in The Man with the Golden Gun
  7. Bow and arrow as used by Robin Hood
  8. Tony Montana's "little friend" the machine gun in Scarface
  9. The planet-destroying Death Star from Star Wars
  10. Oddjob's boller hat in the 007 flick Goldfinger
I had totally forgotten about old Oddjob and his slicing hat in the third James Bond movie. If you did too, here is a clip demonstrating the power of this fashion accessory.