Social Friday: Boldly going where no man has gone before (Updates Today)

Posted May 08,2009 - 09:09 AM

See, here's the problem. Today is the opening day for Star Trek which means that it's a perfect topic for Social Friday. But, I'm not a trekker or a trekkie and I can barely do the Vulcan hand thing without help. But, my lack of finger splitting coordination is a topic for another day, I'm sure. Tim and I are both firmly situated on the Star Wars side of the fence in this interstellar war and neither one of us are budging. But, here's the rub. I have a major man-crush on J.J. Abrams. Not all, forsake women for the end of time sort of man-crush, but if the dude where to take the phone book and make it into a movie, I'd gladly pay my $10 to go see it. And when did ticket prices get so outrageous? Oh wait, that's another "another day topic." So, I'm torn. I can't tell the difference between a Romulan and a Klingon, but I really want to see this movie. To be fair, I did see all of the old Star Trek movies at least once and I did watch a fair number of Next Generation TV episodes, so I'm not a complete clean slate, but I'm close enough. They tell me that I will enjoy this movie, that it will bring me in and *shudder* make me forget all the pain and suffering that George Lucas put me through with the new trilogy. So, this is your Social Friday decree. Will Star Trek bridge the gap between die hard trekkers and newbies? Or will it simply just be a movie for the fans? Are you a trekker, and if so what's your favorite movie in the series and are you looking forward to the new one? FEEDBACKLINK{Trekkers and non-trekkers alike, this is your forum to talk about the second biggest Sci-Fi franchise of all time.} Sorry, I think I'm always going to be a Star Wars guy.

Update #1

Hey guys, good question this week. John, I am in the same boat you are. Not a Trekkie (did like a few of the original big screen flics), but a huge J.J. Abrams fan and I do think from the trailers that this movie looks like it will be a lot of fun. That's the reason I don't think the Trekkies will like it as much as you and I. I think the thing about J.J. Abrams that I like best is the way he makes material that is sometimes stale both accessible and enjoyable to the general public (ie. Mission Impossible, "Lost" in anyone else's hands would seem a laughable concept). That's why I don't think the hardcore fans will like this movie. My guess is they will think that Abrams sold them out to sell tickets, because this movie looks like it's aimed squarely at you and I and not them. I maybe wrong and this thing could appeal to everyone, but I expect there to be some backlash from the uber nerds. Anyway, I'm headed out to see it soon, so I'll try to relay my humble opinion a little later.
--Eric from Shawnee Mission, KS
Yeah Eric, I do tend to agree with you that this movie is squarely marketed to a new generation of uber-nerds-to-be and people like you and I who are late to the game so to speak. However, that being said, there's a 40 something co-worker here in the office who is the biggest Star Trek fan in the galaxy and he saw it Tuesday at a sneak and he couldn't have gushed more about it. And, it wasn't just blind lust as in he'd like anything with the words Star Trek on it. He actually said that they do a nice little thing that brings both worlds together. So, we'll see. A nice little perk of my job is that we sometimes get private screenings of bigger movies and tomorrow morning we'll be seeing Star Trek. So, I'll have to check in next week with my thoughts.

Update #2

I personally believe that it kinda WILL bridge the gap between die hards and the not so trekkies if for no other reason then from what I've seen, it being much more action oriented. I'm by no means a trekkie either, but I did love both Star Wars and Star Trek (although I agree Star Wars is much better), but my favorite movie in the series was #IV The Voyage Home. Just something about going back in time and seeing all these futuristic soldiers from a world that has no need for money going to a world obsessed with money to find some sperm whales to save the planet. All in all though, I AM looking forward to seeing this one, and if it is as good as it looks, I may have a new favorite Star Trek! (Well tied with IV, simply because of nostalgia value!)
--Matt from Broken Arrow, OK
Yeah, as a non-trekker, I'd have to agree that I too enjoyed The Voyage Home, but I bet real Trekkies feel that it was an abomination for the tricks and schmaltz that the movie included in their beloved franchise. I did find this (well, more accurately Tim found this) and I thought it would be a great companion piece to our little discussion here. Gotta love The Onion.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Update #3

I am not a Trekkie fan and I hated the original Star Trek series, I hated the one with Patrick Stewart and I hated the movies, I have never seen any of them, but I hated it, because it looked borring and for the nerdy types. When I heard there was a new movie, I thought it would flop and I was not interested. However, when I saw that J.J Abrams directed, I had a slight interest..then I saw that the likes of John Cho, Chris Pine and Simon Pegg were in this, I was a bit more interested. Then I saw the trailers, and it lookes pretty dam good. I actually want to see this movie, but I am going into it as If the original Star Trek series/movies did not exist. Its a fresh new look for the young generation, I think thats what J.J Abrams is trying to do. So will i see this movie? Yes I will! This Weekend? Probably not, ill rent the Blu-Ray, but it indeed looks great. Im sure old Trekkie fans will not like it though.
--Jason from Canada
And see this is where I'm concerned. I wish I could go in to it tabula rosa without some knowledge of the Star Trek world. I have a feeling that I know just enough that things will stand out to me. I guess we'll see, but yes I will see it and I'm sure that I'll love it. I just hope that we get at least some sort of Slusho reference and it would be impressively meta, but some sort of Hanso Foundation or Dharma Initiative reference would be spectacular.

Update #4

I saw Star Trek at an advanced screening last night, and as a Star Wars guy who's always appreciated Star Trek but was never a huge fan, I thought the movie was awesome (yeah, I'm completely in the tank for J.J. Abrams as well, but ignoring that fact for the moment, the movie was still great). Without spoiling anything, the movie is structured so that regardless of how much you already know about Star Trek, you'll be able to follow and enjoy the movie. Everything's explained in a way that is makes sense to both the clean-slate newbie and the encyclopedic fanboy, and everyone in between. I thought the best part of the movie was the cast; they did an excellent job of embodying the characters we already know without resorting to imitating the actors that first played them. They also mix in plenty of classic Star Trek lines and phrases that drew cheers from the audience I was in. Broad enough for mass appeal with enough specifics to appease the zealots- I think Abrams and crew did a masterful job. (Oh, and I hope this isn't a spoiler, but there's definitely a Slusho mention, and it even fits into the context of the scene!)
--Alex from West Chester, OH
That sounds like a good report. Of course, it will be hard to judge until I actually see it for myself. But, until then, enjoy this little fun video I found online.

Update #5

I am so not a Trekkie, but after seeing the trailer before Wolverine last Sunday, I really want to see the new film. It looked like new fans could enjoy it. Of all the Social Fridays that I've taken part in, this is easily the most perplexing. I have seen a few of the theatrical movies, and have had an episode or 2 of The Next Generation on in the background while cleaning my room. Being a fan of JJ Abrams (Love me some Lost!) I'm hoping that he brings the same awesome look to the story that he did with Lost and Mission Impossible 3.
--Shane from North Carolina
I'm right up there with you on Lost. I can't wait for next week's season finale. Locke vs. Jacob. Jack vs. Jughead. I can't wait!! But I digress. I'm putting a lot of faith in J.J. and he hasn't let me down yet. I hope this isn't the time. Well, that concludes another Social Friday. Thanks for all the wonderful responses and May the Force be with you. No wait, Live Long and Prosper.

Thanks for participating, we will be back next week!