Social Friday: Another free for all Friday (Updates today)

Posted August 14,2009 - 09:50 AM

So, I was trying to come up with a suitable topic for today's Social Friday and all of my direction skills failed me. I'm going to blame it on the duldrums of Summer. But, my creative block is your opportunity for inspiration. FEEDBACKLINK{Send us your thoughts on anything} and truly send this Social Friday in any direction you like. I promise that I'll have a better topic next week. Until then, tell us what's on your mind! Oh yeah, you might recall that we're giving DVD copies of I Love You, Man simply for being a part of our social network. We will pick the winners randomly this afternoon and we'll post the winners here as we go.

Update #1

I can't blame you for not being able to come up with a topic. There is absolutely nothing worth mentioning going on in the movie world this week. The only big story I could think of was that Tom Cruise's kid was cast in the remake of Red Dawn. I wonder if that has anything to do with who owns United Artists: The studio behind the reboot. With the title of the Social Friday from last week still up, I'd like to take this time to make up for missing last week's SF. John Hughes' films are the main reasons I'm a big movie buff. I was 13 when I saw The Breakfast Club for the first time, and I have never looked at a teen move with the same light I see his in. He even introduced me to my first celebrity crush (Molly Ringwald) In my opinion, his best film was Some Kind of Wonderful, just because he got to give it the ending that Pretty in Pink deserved. RIP, John. You will surely be missed.
--Shane from NC
Oops, thanks Shane. I totally missed that one with the title. :( But yeah John Hughes was the man and his loss will be felt for many years. As for the Red Dawn redux, I ask again Hollywood, when will you go too far? Can't we just enjoy the original movies for what they were? I don't think Connor Cruise is gonna bring anything to the table that the first cast didn't. This is just another example of the rampant nepotism in Hollywood.

Update #2

Hey guys, since we can come up with our own topic, I would quickly like to vent about the inverse ratio of ticket price to quality movies at the theatre. I've noticed that each summer ticket prices go up while the number of quality movies go down. For every "Hangover" and "Star Trek" this summer there were eight or ten "Terminator: Salvation"'s. I am absolutely sick of it. I would love to see a campaign started boycotting all films in the theatre until ticket prices come down, because apparently the theatre industry is the only recession-proof business out there. Maybe I'm alone, but spending ten bucks on a ticket to see some of the shit being put out there makes me feel like Ned Beatty in "Deliverence". What do you think? Anyway have a great weekend guys and save a small fortune and stay in.
--Eric from Gardner, KS
Now this Eric is something that I can sink my teeth into. I went to the theater last weekend for the first time in awhile and I was aghast that the ticket price foe an evening show was $10 per ticket. I know they've only recently hit that mark as I seem to recall the last time I went it was $8.25 or so. I think movie theaters are going to start seeing a backlash, especially in the midst of this recession. Spending $10 to go see much of the crap that's out there is highway robbery. There are certain thresholds and I feel this is one of them. If we don't push back, they'll just keep raising them until the tickets are $20 per movie. I'm sorry, for that price I can sit at home and own it and not pay $5.00 for maybe a quarter's worth of popcorn.

Update #3

I wanted to make note of the trend going on of making kids' toys into movies. Was anyone asking for a Candyland film? Really? And now a Lego movie? I want some of whatever they're huffing over at Hasbro.
--Robert from Houston, TX
The problem I think is that studios are banking more and more on economic certainty in these uncertain economic times. Which basically means that we're going to be forced to sit through sequels, remakes and toy adaptations ad nauseam until someone finally figures out that people will pay for good original ideas.

Update #4

If your tumblr account is or, congratulations you've just won a copy of I Love You, Man on DVD. Stay tuned for more winners.

Update #5

I totally agree with Eric, ticket prices are outrageous! I went to see ''Julie and Julia'' last friday (amazing, amazing movie!) and it cost me $9.50! there is only a $3 difference between the matinee showing and the regular show at the local theater. It is crazy how much a ticket costs! I think that eric's campaign idea is a good one. People go to the theater to spend less money and escape the recession, not to pony up more money. I wish that the matinee prices could be the prices people pay for all the Showtimes-it would get more people to go to the theater and support good movies, not things like ''Paul Blart: Mall Cop'' or Teminator: Salvation''
--Alexis from Hyannis, MA
We should totally start a protest because this is starting to get out of hand.

Update #6

I am glad to be a part of social friday again. I missed a few of them. Red Dawn dedux would seem like a good idea if they retold it in an imaginative way if they could. As for the tribute to John Hughes well many of his films were well liked and well recieved. All the great ones go before we want them to. As for up coming movies I am wondering how the World of Warcraft is going to turn out that Sam Raimie is heading up.
--Matthew from San Diego, CA
Yeah, I could maybe get behind a remake if it was a significant departure from the original work or if new technology could in some ways improve upon the movie. But I still think that there are some films that should be untouchable.

Update #7

If you have a facebook account and you are our fan on there and your name is Will N. or Lisa L., you might want to check to see if you're a winner of I Love You, Man on DVD. Tim has also emailed the mailing list winners and the tweeps. All that's left is MySpace.

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