Watch as new 'Red State' trailer gets biblical UPDATED with DVD/Bluray information

Posted July 27,2011 - 11:18 AM

Kevin Smith has been doing things his own way on Red State for so long that it's almost a bit shocking to hear news of Kevin doing something by the book. Well, when that book determines which films are eligible for Oscar consideration, Kevin's hands are tied. In order to qualify for Oscar consideration (and trust me there are at least two worthy performances in this flick), a film has to play in at least one theater for at least one week in either New York or Los Angeles. There's no way around that requirement and while I fully support Kevin's decision to usurp the conventional theatrical release, it would have been a travesty to Michael Parks for his performance not to even be considered for an Academy Award. So, in addition to the previously announced VOD and one-night theatrical event, Red State will play one week (August 19-25) at Quentin Tarantino's legendary New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. In preparation for this event (and the previously announced VOD and theatrical events), Kevin Smith prepped a new trailer and poster for the flick. The new poster (shown above, right) is amazing and really helps to convey the tone of the movie perfectly. The beautiful Kerry Bishe holding a massive gun that is almost as big as she is provides the epitome of grindhouse filmmaking and I couldn't think of a better marriage than the one between Red State and the New Beverly. As for the trailer below, I will warn you up front that it does reveal quite a bit more about the plot than the previous teaser does and while it's not under the auspices of the MPAA, it would be considered a red-band trailer for its language. The trailer is well put together and only confirms my belief that despite Kevin's protestations to the contrary, this film does have more appeal outside of his normal audience and will find that audience eventually, even if it's not until it hits DVD and Blu-ray. In other Kevin Smith news, the dam of secrecy finally broke yesterday regarding his top secret TV project. If you follow our twitter feed then you know that the first cracks of this project broke last week ahead of Comic Con. Kevin's signing session for the WB in their booth confirmed what we thought that the project was set with that studio. While we were wrong in our dream spit-balling exercise of a new live-action Batman TV show, it turns out that the show will be a half hour, daily talk show akin to "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Despite reports to the contrary (actually a well-placed misdirection piece by Smith himself), it will not be a "Regis & Kelly type show" in the evening. On his daily Internet show Plus One Per Diem, Kevin confirmed that he taped a pilot last night and that there are plans to tape more shows over the coming weeks. If picked up, the as-yet-untitled show will be put out in syndication to be run on the Fox network as a sort of companion show for the TMZ show.

Bluray and DVD to release on October 18

Lionsgate announced this week that Red State will debut on DVD and Bluray on October 18, which follows the planned VOD event starting on Labor Day weekend and the one night theatrical event scheduled sometime between these two dates. The Bluray carries a suggested retail price of $29.99, while the DVD will retail for $27.98. The special features for both the Bluray and DVD are currently listed as the same, but they are noted that they are "subject to change."
  • ''The Making of RED STATE'' documentary
  • Audio commentary with Kevin Smith
  • Sundance speech with introduction by Kevin Smith
  • Sundance ending
  • Deleted scenes with introduction by Kevin Smith
  • Poster gallery with introduction by Kevin Smith