Elizabeth Olsen goes long in 'Silent House' trailer

Posted January 06,2012 - 05:18 PM

I have to admit it. There's really only one reason that Tim and I are posting this trailer. And that reason is Elizabeth Hot Olsen. And yes, I'm pretty sure that is her legal middle name. What? It's not? Well, then it ought to be, no? Anyhow, our misplaced lusting aside, there is something intriguing about Silent House other than starring the talented, and yes beautiful, Olsen child. As you will see below, it's based on true events and who doesn't like true horror stories? The true events aspect always make them scarier in my opinion. Beyond that though, the film is a "tension-filled, real time journey, experienced in a single uninterrupted shot." Now, I don't know if that means that it's all one take or if the "camera choreography" that they speak of in the synopsis just means that they have hidden the cuts really well. Either way, the frantic real-time aspect of the film is sure to heighten the suspense and the drama. In doing research for this story I did find out that this version is an English language remake of a Uruguay movie from. Apparently, the true events of the story happened in that country, but I don't think that will hinder this film at all. I should probably check out the original though as they are always better. Sadly, Elizabeth Olsen doesn't star in the original version, so there's that going against it. The synopsis and an image from the movie are below as is the trailer. Silent House hits theaters on March 9.

Silent House is a uniquely unsettling horror thriller starring Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, a young woman who finds herself sealed inside her family's secluded lake house. With no contact to the outside world, and no way out, panic turns to terror as events become increasingly ominous in and around the house. Directed by filmmaking duo Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, Silent House uses meticulous camera choreography to take the audience on a tension-filled, real time journey, experienced in a single uninterrupted shot.