'Spider-Man' viral game uncovers first film clip

Posted February 20,2012 - 11:19 AM

We've seen the impressive first trailer from The Amazing Spider-Man and it literally gave me a reason to be excited. From the response to the story, it seems like many of you were in the same boat. Last week, Sony rolled out their viral campaign very quietly for the film at www.markofthespider-man.com. The campaign at first seemed benign and boring, using Twitter to round up supporters in six cities across the country to tag little Spider-Man symbols using graffiti. Sure, it was interesting and a bit edgy for the normally reserved franchise, but the missions didn't really seem to have much resonance. That is, until today. Now, when you go to the site and click on the red spider image, you get linked to a YouTube clip that you can see below. It's basically a scene in which Peter Parker gets amorously thwarted by the door man. What I love about the scene is the cameo from John Scurti who plays the doorman. I'm sure you'll recognize him more as Lt. Shea from Rescue Me, but his appearance in this bit part just confirms to me that from top to bottom, this film will probably deliver. We know that it will have the action, but the humor from the comics was lacking in the last three movies. So far, it looks to be dead-on here which will make it stand out not only from the earlier Spider-Man films, but also other contemporary comic book films that have traded in the humor for a more gritty, hard edge. Where will the game go from here? What other treasures await to be unearthed? Only time will tell, but I know that I'll be keeping an eye out for them.