Red band 'Five Year Engagement' trailer is whipped

Posted April 20,2012 - 04:24 PM

It's gonna happen. It's inevitable. If The Lucky One doesn't do it this weekend, then The Five-Year Engagement will most certainly do it next weekend. But at some point, The Hunger Games will relinquish its title as Box Office champ. It's been four weeks now and it has to happen, right? Well, if it doesn't happen this weekend, then I'm a bit concerned about next weekend too. I wasn't, but then I saw this red band trailer for The Five-Year Engagement and the words whipped and neutered jump into my head. It was interesting, but not funny. In the same way that it's intriguing to see your quirky uncle traipse around family reunions in women's lingerie, but it doesn't really make you laugh. Actually, it makes you cry and Jason Segel can only hope that his new movie doesn't have the same effect. But this is the teams that brought us Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Bridesmaids, so could it really fail? I doubt it, but I'll let you be the judge. The red band trailer is below. I only chuckled a few times. That's not a good sign. Don't worry though, if The Five-Year Engagement gets left at the altar, there's no doubt that The Avengers will grab the top spot in two weeks.