Julia Stiles

First Name: Julia
Last Name: Stiles
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: March 28, 1981
Birth Place: New York, New York
Description: Once a sweet, new fresh face to Hollywood, Julia Stiles is moving into veteran status. Her youthful looks have kept her in teen roles but Julia finally has a chance to wear something other than cheerleading uniforms or varsity letters. She's still got her spunk as she stars with yet another jacket wearing teen star, Stockard Channing, in The Business of Strangers. On video today!

Julia Stiles Movies

Par d59202984d

Dance 10-Movie Collection

Street Date:  10/15/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Beals | John Travolta | Julia Stiles | Kevin Bacon


A collection of 10 dance films.

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Mca br64210116


Theatrical Release Date:  09/13/2019

Street Date:  12/10/2019

Box Office:  $101.9 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lopez | Constance Wu | Julia Stiles | Keke Palmer | Lili Reinhart | Cardi B | Lizzo | Madeline Brewer | Mette Towley | Trace Lysette | Mercedes Ruehl | Vanessa Aspillaga | Kristina Asriyan | Tia Barr | Tommy Bayiokos

Director:  Lorene Scafaria

Strip club employees turn the tables on their clients.

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Mca d61197607d


Street Date:  01/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Anjelica Huston | Bill Pullman | David Morse | Jim Parrack | Brian d'Arcy James | Julia Stiles

Director:  Theresa Rebeck

Middle-aged siblings war over their departed Dad's land.

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Col br51266

The Drowning

Street Date:  08/01/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Josh Charles | Avan Jogia | Tracie Thoms | Leo Fitzpatrick | Robert Clohessy | Jasper Newell | Mike Houston | Andrea Barnes | Nancy Ellen Shore | Kim Ramirez | Kim Brockington | Holly Glasser | Craig Newman | Vin Scialla

Director:  Bette Gordon

Psychologist saves the life of a boy convicted of murder.

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Lge br48683


Theatrical Release Date:  02/05/2016

Street Date:  04/19/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Josh Duhamel | Al Pacino | Anthony Hopkins | Alice Eve | Malin Akerman | Byung-Hun Lee | Julia Stiles | Glen Powell | Chris Marquette | Gregory Alan Williams

Director:  Shintaro Shimosawa

Lawyer finds himself in a power struggle.

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Lge d50585d

The Great Gilly Hopkins

Theatrical Release Date:  10/07/2016

Street Date:  12/06/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sophie Nelisse | Kathy Bates | Glenn Close | Octavia Spencer | Julia Stiles | Bill Cobbs | Clare Foley | Zachary Hernandez | Cameron Clifford | Cara Cooper | Connor Keegan Dosch | Victor R. Garcia | Billy Magnussen | Sammy Pignalosa | Salvatore Rossi

Director:  Stephen Herek

Foster kid launches a plan to reunite with her birth mother.

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Col d49699d


Theatrical Release Date:  06/10/2016

Street Date:  02/07/2017

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Alexander Ludwig | Julia Stiles | Anthony Hopkins | Ray Liotta | Lochlyn Munro | Taylor Hickson | Hal Holbrook | Steve Bacic | Aleks Paunovic | Chris Gauthier | Aaron Pearl

Director:  Daniel Alfredson

Young woman and ex-logger take on an ex-cop crime lord.

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Mca br61209355

Jason Bourne

Theatrical Release Date:  07/29/2016

Street Date:  12/06/2016

Box Office:  $162.2 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Julia Stiles | Tommy Lee Jones | Alicia Vikander | Vincent Cassel | Riz Ahmed | Ato Essandoh | Neve Gachev | Stephen Kunken | Sarah Armstrong | Bill Camp | Scott Shepherd | Marla Aaron Wapner | Vivian Yoon Lee | Alexander Cooper

Director:  Paul Greengrass

The CIA’s most lethal former agent drawn out of the shadow

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And d03980d

Out of the Dark

Theatrical Release Date:  02/27/2015

Street Date:  03/31/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Scott Speedman | Stephen Rhea | Pixie Davies | Alejandro Furth | Guillermo Morales Vitola

Director:  Lluis Quilez

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Mca d61166470d

The Mindy Project: Season Three

Street Date:  08/25/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mindy Kaling | Chris Messina | Ed Weeks | Ike Barinholtz | Zoe Jarman | Beth Grant | Xosha Roquemore | Chloe Sevigny | Julia Stiles


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Osc br051

It's a Disaster

Theatrical Release Date:  04/12/2013

Street Date:  06/04/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | America Ferrera | David Cross | Rachel Boston | Erinn Hayes | Jesse Draper | Todd Berger | Rob McGillivray | Blaise Miller | Jeff Grace | Kevin Brennan | Laura Adkin

Director:  Todd Berger

Four couples are stranded as the world comes to an end.

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Avm brmm21468

Between Us

Theatrical Release Date:  06/14/2013

Street Date:  07/30/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Taye Diggs | Melissa George | David Harbour

Director:  Dan Mirvish

Two couples' lives go in opposite directions.

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Mca br62124673

Closed Circuit

Theatrical Release Date:  08/28/2013

Street Date:  01/07/2014

Box Office:  $5.6 Million

Cast:  Eric Bana [Martin Rose] | Rebecca Hall [Claudia Simmons-Howe] | Jim Broadbent [Attorney General] | Ciaran Hinds [Devlin] | Riz Ahmed [Nazrul Sharma] | Jemma Powell [Elizabeth] | Isaac Hempstead Wright [Tom Rose] | Julia Stiles [Joanna Reece] | Anne-Marie Duff [Melissa] | Kenneth Cranham [Cameron Fischer] | James Lowe [Simon Fellowes] | Pinar Ogun [Ilkay Erdogan] | Hasancan Cifci [Emir Erdogan] | Kate Lock [Mother] | Katherine Press [Pregnant Daughter] | Ricky Nixon [Fish Trader] | Daniel Tuite [Drinks Trader] | Denis Moschitto [Farroukh Erdogan] | Doug Allen [Ryan] | Neil D'Souza [Iqbal] | Barbora Bobulova [Piccola]

Director:  John Crowley

Terrorist explosion ignites a heated trial in London.

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Anb br62420

Silver Linings Playbook

Theatrical Release Date:  11/16/2012

Street Date:  04/30/2013

Box Office:  $132.0 Million

Cast:  Bradley Cooper | Jennifer Lawrence | Robert De Niro | Jacki Weaver | Chris Tucker | Taylor Schilling | Julia Stiles | Shea Whigham | Dash Mihok | John Ortiz | Anupam Kher | Bonnie Aarons | Brea Bee | Tiffany E. Green | Vaughn Goland

Director:  David O. Russell

Two dysfunctional people lean on each during tough time.

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Par d7908158d

The Cry of the Owl

Street Date:  06/08/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Paddy Considine | Caroline Dhavernas | Gord Rand | Constantine Alex Karzis

Director:  Jamie Thraves

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Fox d2256609d

Gospel Hill

Street Date:  02/10/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Angela Bassett | Danny Glover | Julia Stiles | Adam Baldwin | Giancarlo Esposito | RZA


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Flp d11729d

A Little Trip to Heaven

Street Date:  03/13/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Forest Whitaker [Abe Holt] | Julia Stiles [Isolde]


Insurance agent investigates suspicious death.

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Mca d61186042d

The Bourne Ultimatum

Theatrical Release Date:  08/03/2007

Street Date:  12/11/2007

Box Office:  $227.4 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon [Jason Bourne] | Joan Allen [Pamela Landy] | Julia Stiles [Nicky Parsons] | David Strathairn [Noah Vosen] | Paddy Considine [Simon Ross] | Edgar Ramirez [Paz] | Scott Glenn [Ezra Kramer] | Tom Gallop [Tom Cronin] | Corey Johnson [Willis] | Daniel Bruhl [Martin Kreutz] | Joey Ansah [Desh Bouksani] | Scott Adkins [Agent Kiley] | Sinead O'Keeffe [Chamberlain]

Director:  Paul Greengrass

Bourne continues his quest to find out who he was.

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Missing art medium

The Omen

Theatrical Release Date:  06/06/2006

Street Date:  10/17/2006

Box Office:  $54.5 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Liev Schreiber | Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick | Mia Farrow | David Thewlis | Pete Postlethwaite | Michael Gambon | Marshall Cupp | Reggi Austin | Nikki Amuka-Bird

Director:  John Moore

Orphaned son is really the son of Satan.

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Mvd d0427d


Theatrical Release Date:  07/14/2006

Street Date:  10/03/2006

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  William H. Macy [Edmond Burke] | Julia Stiles [Glenna] | Bai Ling [Girl] | Joe Mantegna [Man] | Rebecca Pidgeon [Wife] | Denise Richards [B-Girl] | Mena Suvari [Whore] | Dylan Walsh [Interrogator] | Dulé Hill [Sharper] | Jeffrey Combs [Desk Clerk] | Mary Castro [Black Hair Beauty] | Bokeem Woodbine [Police Officer] | George Wendt [Pawn Shop Guy] | Frances Bay [Fortune Teller]

Director:  Stuart Gordon

Man becomes involved with three young women.

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Plt d77109d


Street Date:  02/01/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles [Carolina] | Alessandro Nivola [Albert Morris] | Shirley MacLaine [Grandma Mirabeau] | Mika Boorem [Maine Mirabeau] | Randy Quaid [Ted Mirabeau] | Azura Skye [George Mirabeau] | Edward Atterton [Heath Pierson] | Jennifer Coolidge [Aunt Marilyn] | Daveigh Chase [Young Georgia Mirabeau] | Ambyr Childers [Young Carolina] | Anna Ortiz [Christen] | Dwight Armstrong [Snake] | Alan Thicke [Chuck McBride]

Director:  Marleen Gorris

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Par d59192242d

The Prince & Me

Theatrical Release Date:  04/02/2004

Street Date:  08/10/2004

Box Office:  $27.8 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles [Paige] | Luke Mably [Prince Edvard] | Ben Miller [Soren] | James Fox [The King] | Miranda Richardson [Queen of Denmark] | Joanne Baron | Zachary Knighton | Dana Reznik

Director:  Martha Coolidge

College freshman falls in love with the Prince of Denmark.

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Mca d61186041d

The Bourne Supremacy

Theatrical Release Date:  07/23/2004

Street Date:  12/07/2004

Box Office:  $176.1 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon [Jason Bourne] | Franka Potente [Marie Helena Kreutz] | Julia Stiles [Nicolette] | Brian Cox [Ward Abbott] | Joan Allen [Agent Helen Landy] | Karl Urban | Gabriel Mann [Zorn]

Director:  Paul Greengrass

Assassin Jason Bourne takes on the CIA for his survival.

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Par d068820d

Julia Stiles Movie Pack (Prince & Me/Save the Last Dance)

Street Date:  08/10/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles


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Mgm br123321

A Guy Thing

Theatrical Release Date:  01/17/2003

Street Date:  05/27/2003

Box Office:  $15.1 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Jason Lee | Selma Blair | James Brolin | Shawn Hatosy | Diana Scarwid | Lochlyn Munro | Thomas Lennon | Lina Teal

Director:  Chris Koch

Guy thinks he committed the ultimate bachelor party sin.

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Col br26298

Mona Lisa Smile

Theatrical Release Date:  12/19/2003

Street Date:  03/09/2004

Box Office:  $62.4 Million

Cast:  Julia Roberts [Katherine Watson] | Julia Stiles [Joan Brandwyn] | Kirsten Dunst [Betty Warren] | Maggie Gyllenhaal [Giselle] | Ginnifer Goodwin [Constance Baker] | Laura Allen [Susan Delacorte] | Marcia Gay Harden [Nancy Abbey] | Topher Grace [Tommy Donegal] | Dominic West [Bill Dunbar] | Juliet Stevenson [Amanda Armstrong] | John Slattery [Paul Moore] | Marian Seldes [President Jocelyn Carr] | Tori Amos [Wedding Singer] | Ebon Moss-Bachrach [Charlie Stewart] | Terence Rigby [Dr. Edward Staunton] | Taylor Roberts [Louise] | Mary Pascoe [Wedding Photographer]

Director:  Mike Newell

Professor at women's college fights school's old beliefs.

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Mca d61186040d

The Bourne Identity

Theatrical Release Date:  06/14/2002

Street Date:  01/21/2003

Box Office:  $120.1 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Franka Potente | Julia Stiles | Chris Cooper | Brian Cox | Clive Owen | Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje | Gabriel Mann | Walt Goggins | Josh Hamilton | Orso Maria Guerrini | Tim Dutton

Director:  Doug Liman

An amnesiac tries to figure out past while staying alive.

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Wrc d642630d

State And Main

Theatrical Release Date:  01/12/2001

Street Date:  06/19/2001

Box Office:  $6.9 Million

Cast:  Alec Baldwin | William H. Macy | Sarah Jessica Parker | Charles Durning | Philip Seymour Hoffman | Julia Stiles | Patti LuPone | David Paymer | Clark Gregg | Rebecca Pidgeon

Director:  David Mamet

Small town gets big heads when Hollywood visits.

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Par d59160045d

Save The Last Dance

Theatrical Release Date:  01/12/2001

Street Date:  06/19/2001

Box Office:  $90.9 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | Sean Patrick Thomas | Terry Kinney | Fredro Starr | Vince Green | Bianca Lawson | Marcello Robinson

Director:  Thomas Carter

Dance brings two lovers together across racial lines.

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Mgm d1003661d

The Business Of Strangers

Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2001

Street Date:  08/06/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Stockard Channing | Julia Stiles | Fred Weller | Mary Testa | Jack Hallett | Marcus Giamatti | Buddy Fitzpatrick | Salem Ludwig | Shelagh Ratner

Director:  Patrick Stettner

Two women toy with a salesman.

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Plt br02511


Theatrical Release Date:  08/31/2001

Street Date:  02/19/2002

Box Office:  $15.5 Million

Cast:  Mekhi Phifer | Josh Hartnett | Julia Stiles | Andrew Keegan | Rain Phoenix | Martin Sheen | John Heard | Anthony Johnson | Elden Henson

Director:  Tim Blake Nelson

An update on Shakespeare's Othello set in high school.

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Lge d30458d


Theatrical Release Date:  05/12/2000

Street Date:  04/17/2001

Box Office:  $1.5 Million

Cast:  Ethan Hawke | Kyle Maclachlan | Bill Murray | Liev Schreiber | Sam Shepard | Julia Stiles | Diane Venora | Tim Blake Nelson | | |

Director:  Michael Almereyda

Hamlet with laptops and limos in New York City.

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Plt br02421

Down to You

Theatrical Release Date:  01/21/2000

Street Date:  07/11/2000

Box Office:  $20.0 Million

Cast:  Freddie Prinze, Jr. [Al Connelly] | Julia Stiles [Imogen] | Selma Blair | Zak Orth | Rosario Dawson | Ashton Kutcher | Shawn Hatosy | Henry Winkler | Lucie Arnaz | Lauren German

Director:  Kris Isacsson

Two collegians have a bumpy affair.

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Missing art medium

The '60s

Street Date:  06/22/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Josh Hamilton | Jerry O'Connell | Julia Stiles | Bill Smitrovich | Annie Corley | Leonard Roberts | Jeremy Sisto | Jordana Brewster | Charles Dutton | James Arone | Raynor Scheine | Cliff Gorman | David Denman | Donovan Leitch | Elisabeth Rohm | Rosanna Arquette | Mark Leahy | Carnie Wilson | Heath Lourwood | Nushond Lee | Marc Blucas

Director:  Mark Piznarski

National events profoundly affect two U.S. families.

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Dis d105924d

10 Things I Hate About You

Street Date:  10/12/1999

Box Office:  $38.2 Million

Cast:  Heath Ledger | Julia Stiles | Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Larisa Oleynik | David Krumholtz | Andrew Keegan | Susan May Pratt | Gabrielle Union | Larry Miller | David Leisure | Kyle Cease | Terrence Houston | Cameron Fraser | Eric Reidman | Demegio Kimbrough | Todd Butler | Gil Junger | Dennis Mosley | Nick Vukelic | Bianca Kajlich | Alisa Mackay | Benjamin Laurence | Aidan Kennedy | Jesse Dyer | Jelani Quinn | Mark Berry | Joshua Thorpe | Heather Taylor | Brian Hood | Sasha Barrese | Aaron Therol | Alice Evans | Travis Muller | Toby Lawless | Laura Kenny | Nick Brown | Craig Hoskins | Daryl Mitchell

Director:  Gil Junger

Class reject dates class shrew for monetary gain.

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Col d06994d


Street Date:  08/28/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Stiles | William R. Moses | Patrick Muldoon | Vanessa Zima | Michael Parks | Chelsea Field | Louise Myrback | Linda Hart

Director:  Michael Steinberg

Someone kills a warped teen's mother.

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Missing art medium

Before Women Had Wings

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Oprah Winfrey| Ellen Barkin| Tina Majorino| Julia Stiles| John Savage| Burt Young| William Lee Scott| Louis Crugnali| David Hart

Director:  Lloyd Kramer

A black woman shelters an abused white girl.

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