Angelina Jolie Pitt

First Name: Angelina
Last Name: Jolie Pitt
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: June 04, 1975
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5 Feet 6.5 Inches
Description: You can always count on this one to keep things roused. There's no doubt, where ever Angelina Jolie turns up, a show is sure to follow. She took over Tinseltown (and Billy Bob) overnight with her amazing talents, attention-grabbing personality. She may seem hard-core, but this week she shows her much talked about erotic, secret side on the screen in Original Sin, at video stores now.

Angelina Jolie Pitt Movies

Dis br154911

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Theatrical Release Date:  10/18/2019

Street Date:  01/14/2020

Box Office:  $111.6 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Elle Fanning | Michelle Pfeiffer | Ed Skrein | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Juno Temple | Teresa Mahoney | Imelda Staunton | Harris Dickinson | Lesley Manville | Kae Alexander | Sam Riley | Judith Shekoni | Miyavi | David Gyasi

Director:  Joachim Ronning

The film continues the adventures of Maleficent & Aurora.

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Mca d46196991d

Kung Fu Panda 3

Theatrical Release Date:  01/29/2016

Street Date:  06/28/2016

Box Office:  $143.4 Million

Cast:  Jack Black (voice) | Angelina Jolie (voice) | Dustin Hoffman (voice) | Jackie Chan (voice) | Seth Rogen (voice) | Lucy Liu (voice) | David Cross (voice) | Bryan Cranston (voice) | Rebel Wilson (voice) | J.K. Simmons (voice) | James Hong (voice)

Director:  Alessandro Carloni , Jennifer Yuh

Po reunites with his father to save secret panda paradise.

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Mca br61177730

By the Sea

Theatrical Release Date:  11/13/2015

Street Date:  07/05/2016

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie Pitt | Brad Pitt | Melanie Laurent | Melvil Poupaud | Niels Arestrup | Richard Bohringer

Director:  Angelina Jolie Pitt

American writer & wife vacation in seaside France in 1970s.

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Dis br154928


Theatrical Release Date:  05/30/2014

Street Date:  11/04/2014

Box Office:  $241.4 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Maleficent] | Elle Fanning [Princess Aurora] | Juno Temple [Thistletwit] | Sharlto Copley [Stefan] | Peter Capaldi [King Kinloch] | Brenton Thwaites [Prince Phillip] | Ella Purnell [Teen Maleficent] | Imelda Staunton [Knotgrass] | Sam Riley [Diaval] | Hannah New [Leila] | Jamie Sives [Shepherd] | Lesley Manville [Flittle] | Kenneth Cranham [King Henry] | Vivienne Jolie-Pitt [Young Aurora]

Director:  Robert Stromberg

The untold story of Disney's most iconic villain.

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Mca br61209354


Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2014

Street Date:  03/24/2015

Box Office:  $115.6 Million

Cast:  Jack O'Connell [Louis 'Louie' Zamperini] | Jai Courtney | Domhnall Gleeson | Garrett Hedlund | Finn Wittrock | Alex Russell | John D'Leo | Luke Treadaway | John Magaro | Maddalena Ischiale | Jordan Patrick Smith | Vincenzo Amato | Yutaka Izumihara | C.J. Valleroy | Miyavi

Director:  Angelina Jolie

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Prf d3106d


Street Date:  08/02/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Meron Getnet | Tizita Hagere | Abel Abebe | Shitaye Abraha | Genene Alemu

Director:  Zeresenay Mehari

Young Ethiopian girl and lawyer battle over equal rights.

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Col br39769

In the Land of Blood and Honey

Theatrical Release Date:  12/23/2011

Street Date:  04/03/2012

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Zana Marjanovic | Goran Kostic | Rade Serbedzija | Branko Djuric | Ermin Sijamija

Director:  Angelina Jolie

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Mca d46196990d

Kung Fu Panda 2

Theatrical Release Date:  05/26/2011

Street Date:  12/13/2011

Box Office:  $165.2 Million

Cast:  Jack Black (voice) [Po] | Angelina Jolie (voice) [Tigress] | Dustin Hoffman (voice) [Shifu] | Jackie Chan (voice) [Monkey] | Seth Rogen (voice) [Mantis] | Lucy Liu (voice) [Viper] | David Cross (voice) [Crane] | Gary Oldman (voice) [Shen] | Michelle Yeoh (voice) [Soothsayer] | James Hong (voice) [Mr. Ping] | Jean-Claude Van Damme (voice) [Master Croc] | Victor Garber (voice) [Master Rhino] | Dennis Haysberg (voice) [Master Ox] | Danny McBride (voice) [Wolf Boss] | Lauren Tom (voice) [Market Sheep] | Liam Knight (voice) [Baby Po]

Director:  Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Po and the Furious Five face a new nemesis.

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Missing art medium

Angelina Jolie: Triple Freature

Street Date:  11/02/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie


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Col br47042


Theatrical Release Date:  07/23/2010

Street Date:  12/21/2010

Box Office:  $118.3 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Evelyn Salt] | Liev Schreiber [Winter] | Chiwetel Ejiofor [Peabody] | Zoe Lister Jones [Zoe Kinnally] | Yara Shahidi [Cleo] | Cassidy Hinkle [Young Salt] | Gaius Charles [Todd Bottoms] | Corey Stoll [Shnaider] | Kevin O'Donnell [Francis] | Hunt Block [U.S. President] | James Cronin [Joe Oates] | Gary Wilmes [Paul Tracey] | Mike Colter [CIA Tactical Leader]

Director:  Phillip Noyce

CIA officer is accused of being a Russian sleeper spy.

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Col br37748

The Tourist

Theatrical Release Date:  12/10/2010

Street Date:  03/22/2011

Box Office:  $67.6 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Elise Clifton-Ward] | Johnny Depp [Frank Tupelo] | Paul Bettany [Inspector John Acheson] | Timothy Dalton [Chief Inspector Jones] | Rufus Sewell [The Englishman] | Steven Berkoff [Reginald Shaw] | Christian De Sica [Colonnello Lombardi] | Alessio Boni [Sergente Cerato]

Director:  Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Romantic dalliance turns into web of dangerous deceit.

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Mvd dsmi0165d

Confessions of an Action Star

Street Date:  01/20/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  David Leitch | Angelina Jolie | Carrie-Anne Moss | Sean Young | Kelly Hu | Debbie Allen | Brett Ratner | Hugo Weaving | Richard Lewis

Director:  Brad Martin

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Par d139174d

Secrets of the Furious Five

Street Date:  03/24/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jack Black (voice) [Po] | Jackie Chan (voice) [Master Monkey] | Dustin Hoffman (voice) [Shifu] | Lucy Liu (voice) [Master Viper] | Seth Rogen (voice) [Master Mantis] | Angelina Jolie (voice) [Master Tigress]


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Mca d46210210d

Kung Fu Panda

Theatrical Release Date:  06/06/2008

Street Date:  11/08/2008

Box Office:  $215.4 Million

Cast:  Jack Black (voice) [Po] | Jackie Chan (voice) [Master Monkey] | Dustin Hoffman (voice) [Shifu] | Lucy Liu (voice) [Master Viper] | Seth Rogen (voice) [Master Mantis] | Ian McShane (voice) [Tai Lung] | Angelina Jolie (voice) [Master Tigress] | Michael Clarke Duncan (voice) [Commander Vachir] | David Cross (voice) [Master Crane] | Dan Fogler (voice) [Zeng] | Randall Duk Kim (voice) [Oogway] | James Hong (voice) [Mr. Ping]

Director:  John Stevenson , Mark Osborne

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Mca d61185966d


Theatrical Release Date:  06/27/2008

Street Date:  12/02/2008

Box Office:  $134.3 Million

Cast:  James McAvoy [Wesley Gibson] | Angelina Jolie [Fox] | Morgan Freeman [Sloan] | Terence Stamp [Pekwar] | Common [The Gunsmith] | Kristen Hager [Cathy] | Thomas Kretschmann [Cross] | Konstantin Khabensky [The Exterminator] | Dato Bakhtadze [The Butcher] | David O'Hara [Mr. X] | Chris Pratt [Barry] | Lorna Scott [Janice]

Director:  Timur Bekmambetov

Apathetic nobody is transformed into a great assassin.

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Mca br61106236


Theatrical Release Date:  10/24/2008

Street Date:  02/17/2009

Box Office:  $35.7 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Christine Collins] | Gattlin Griffith [Walter Collins] | John Malkovich [Reverend Briegleb] | Amy Ryan [Carol Dexter] | Jeffrey Donovan [J.J. Jones] | Colm Feore [James E. Davis] | Michael Kelly [Lester Ybarra] | Jason Butler Harner [Gordon Northcott] | Geoff Pierson [S.S. Hahn] | Denis O'Hare [Dr. Jonathan Steele] | Frank Wood [Ben Harris] | Peter Gerety [Dr. Earl W. Tarr] | Reed Birney [Mayor Cryer] | Devon Conti [Arthur Hutchins] | Michelle Gunn [Sandy]

Director:  Clint Eastwood

Missing boy returned to mother isn't her son.

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Hbo d94220d

The Fever

Street Date:  12/04/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Vanessa Redgrave | Michael Moore | Angelina Jolie | Joely Richardson | Rade Serbedzija | Miriam Turner | Kiera D'Angelo | Cameron D'Angelo

Director:  Carlo Gabriel Nero

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War brp370202

A Mighty Heart

Theatrical Release Date:  06/22/2007

Street Date:  10/16/2007

Box Office:  $9.1 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Mariane Pearl] | Dan Futterman [Daniel Pearl] | Will Patton [Randall Bennett] | Irrfan Khan [Captain] | Denis O'Hare [John Bussey] | Archie Panjabi [Asra Q. Nomani] | Sajid Hasan | Aly Khan

Director:  Michael Winterbottom

Telling of reporter Danny Pearl's abduction in Pakistan.

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Missing art medium


Theatrical Release Date:  11/16/2007

Street Date:  02/26/2008

Box Office:  $82.2 Million

Cast:  Ray Winstone (voice) | Anthony Hopkins (voice) | John Malkovich (voice) | Robin Wright Penn (voice) | Angelina Jolie (voice) | Brendan Gleeson (voice) | Alison Lohman (voice) | Crispin Glover (voice) | Dominic Keating (voice) | Chris Coppola (voice)

Director:  Robert Zemeckis

Great warrior destroys demon, incurs wrath of its mother.

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Fox d2235678d

Angelina Jolie Collection

Street Date:  06/06/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie


Includes three Angelina Jolie movies.

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Mca br61106286

The Good Shepherd

Theatrical Release Date:  12/22/2006

Street Date:  04/03/2007

Box Office:  $59.7 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon [Edward Wilson] | Robert De Niro [Bill Sullivan] | Angelina Jolie [Clover Wilson] | Billy Crudup | Alec Baldwin | William Hurt | John Turturro | Michael Gambon | Joe Pesci | Timothy Hutton | Stefanie Nava | Keir Dullea | Tammy Blanchard | Gabriel Macht | Lee Pace

Director:  Robert De Niro

The story of the person who founded the CIA.

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Fox br2360326

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Theatrical Release Date:  06/10/2005

Street Date:  11/29/2005

Box Office:  $186.3 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [John Smith] | Angelina Jolie [Jane Smith] | Vince Vaughn [Eddie] | Angela Bassett | Adam Brody [Benjamin] | William Fichtner | Jennifer Morrison [Jade] | Kerry Washington | Amy Hathaway | Keith David | Greg Ellis [Curtis] | Perrey Reeves [Jessie]

Director:  Doug Liman

Couple hides their real job from each other.

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Mca d46210197d

Shark Tale

Theatrical Release Date:  10/01/2004

Street Date:  02/08/2005

Box Office:  $160.8 Million

Cast:  Will Smith (voice) [Oscar] | Robert De Niro (voice) [Don Lino] | Renee Zellweger (voice) [Angie] | Angelina Jolie (voice) [Lola] | Jack Black (voice) [Lenny] | Martin Scorsese (voice) [Sykes] | Peter Falk (voice) [Don Brizzi] | Michael Imperioli (voice) [Frankie] | Vincent Pastore (voice) [Luca] | Doug E. Doug (voice) [Bernie] | Ziggy Marley (voice) [Ernie] | Katie Couric [voice) [Katie Current] | James Madio (voice) [Vinny]

Director:  Bibo Bergeron , Vicky Jenson , Rob Letterman

A young fish lies about killing shark to become a celebrity.

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War br000060

Taking Lives

Theatrical Release Date:  03/19/2004

Street Date:  08/17/2004

Box Office:  $32.7 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Illeana Scott] | Ethan Hawke [John Costa] | Kiefer Sutherland | Olivier Martinez | Gena Rowlands | Jean-Hugues Anglade | Tcheky Karyo

Director:  D.J. Caruso

An FBI profiler tracks a serial killer to Montreal.

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Par d59191495d

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Theatrical Release Date:  09/17/2004

Street Date:  01/25/2005

Box Office:  $37.8 Million

Cast:  Jude Law [Joe "Sky Captain" Sullivan] | Gwyneth Paltrow [Polly Perkins] | Angelina Jolie [Capt. Franky Cook] | Giovanni Ribisi [Dex Dearborn] | Bai Ling [Mysterious Woman] | Michael Gambon [Morris Paley] | Omid Djalili [Kaji] | Trevor Baxter [Dr. Walter Jennings] | Julian Curry [Dr. Jorge Vargas] | Peter Law [Dr. Kessler] | Jon Rumney [German Scientist] | Khan Bonfils [Creepy] | Samta Gyatso [Scary] | Louis Hilyer [Executive Officer]

Director:  Kerry Conran

Reporter and pilot save world from evil madman.

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War d490953d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/24/2004

Street Date:  08/02/2005

Box Office:  $34.3 Million

Cast:  Colin Farrell [Alexander The Great] | Anthony Hopkins [Ptolemy] | Rosario Dawson [Roxanne] | Angelina Jolie [Olympia] | Val Kilmer [Philip, King of Macedonia] | Jared Leto [Hephaistion] | Connor Paolo [Young Alexander] | Jonathan Rhys-Meyers [Cassander] | Ian Beattie | Brian Blessed | Elliot Cowan | Rory McCann

Director:  Oliver Stone

The true story of Alexander, the world's greatest warrior.

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War dp375845d

Beyond Borders

Theatrical Release Date:  10/24/2003

Street Date:  03/23/2004

Box Office:  $4.4 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Clive Owen | Linus Roache | Teri Polo | Noah Emmerich | Yorick Van Wageningen

Director:  Martin Campbell

Romance develops between couple admist war conditions.

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Hbo d98847d

Gia / A Bronx Tale

Street Date:  11/18/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Robert De Niro


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Par br59195284

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Theatrical Release Date:  07/25/2003

Street Date:  11/18/2003

Box Office:  $65.5 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Lara Croft] | Gerard Butler | Chris Barrie | Djimon Hounsou | Noah Taylor | Ciaran Hinds | Tilman Schweiger

Director:  Jan de Bont

Lara Croft must find Pandora's box before her enemy.

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Fox d2276541d

Life Or Something Like It

Theatrical Release Date:  04/26/2002

Street Date:  10/15/2002

Box Office:  $13.2 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Edward Burns | Tony Shalhoub | Christian Kane | James Gammon | Melissa Errico | Stockard Channing | Lisa Thornhill | Gregory Itzin | Max Baker | Andromeda Dunker | Jesse James Rutherford | Veena Sood | Eric Snellman | Theron Zahn | Amanda Tapping

Director:  Simon Wells

A reporter changes her life at the behest of a homeless man.

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Mgm brm123347

Original Sin

Theatrical Release Date:  08/03/2001

Street Date:  03/26/2002

Box Office:  $15.1 Million

Cast:  Antonio Banderas [Luis Antonio Vargas] | Angelina Jolie [Julia Russell] | Joan Pringle [Sara] | Allison Mackie [Augusta Jordan] | Thomas Jane [Walter Downs] | Jack Thompson [Alan Jordan] | Gregory Itzin [Colonel Worth] | James Haven [Faust] | Cordelia Richards [Emily Russell]

Director:  Michael Cristofer

A Cuban coffee baron falls for an American woman.

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Par br59195311

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Theatrical Release Date:  06/15/2001

Street Date:  11/13/2001

Box Office:  $130.3 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Leslie Phillips | Noah Taylor | Iain Glen | Jon Voight | Daniel Craig | Chris Barrie | Julian Rhind-Tutt | Mark Collie | Rachel Appleton

Director:  Simon West

Lara Croft must invade tombs and stop a madman.

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Dis br52583

Gone In 60 Seconds

Theatrical Release Date:  06/09/2000

Street Date:  12/05/2000

Box Office:  $101.6 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Angelina Jolie | Giovanni Ribisi | Robert Duvall | Vinnie Jones | Delroy Lindo | Will Patton | Chi McBride | Scott Caan | Christopher Eccleston | Timothy Olyphant | James Duval | Jaime Bergman | Michael Pena

Director:  Dominic Sena

A retired car thief is forced into one last heist.

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Lge d48927d

Playing By Heart

Street Date:  08/17/1999

Box Office:  $4.0 Million

Cast:  Gillian Anderson | Angelina Jolie | Madeleine Stowe | Anthony Edwards | Ryan Phillippe | Gena Rowlands | Sean Connery | Dennis Quaid | Ellen Burstyn | Jay Mohr | Jon Stewart | Patricia Clarkson | Nastassja Kinski | April Grace | Alec Mapa | Jeremy Sisto | Matt Malloy | Christian Mills | Kellie Waymire | Tim Halligan

Director:  Willard Carroll

The lives and loves of three women, married couple.

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Fox d2256095d

Pushing Tin

Street Date:  10/05/1999

Box Office:  $8.4 Million

Cast:  John Cusack | Billy Bob Thornton | Cate Blanchett | Angelina Jolie | Jake Weber | Kurt Fuller | Vicki Lewis | Matt Ross | Jerry Grayson | Michael Willis I | Philip Akin | Mike O'Malley I | Neil Crone | Matt Gordon | Joe Pingue | Shaun Majumder | Dwight McFee | Robert N. Smith | Catherine N. Smith | Star Jasper | Molly Price | Sarah Knowlton | Kiersten Warren | Andy Dan | Tennyson Loeh | Michael Hyatt II | Jillian Cameron | Michael Cameron IV | Carolyn Scott | Cody Jones | Jimmy Ruderman | Paul Brogren | Gene Dinovi | Emile Belcourt | Robyn Stevan | Amanda Delaney | Ferne Downey | Joe Matheson | Gina Clayton | Matthew Bennett I | James Millington | Ramona Milano | Ray Paisley | Rita Tuckett | Robert Bidaman | Dick Callahan | Brian King IV | Julia Paton | Jenny Parsons | John Lefebvre | John Robinson V | Todd Faithfull | Richard Bauer | Jim Coddington | William Colgate | Craig Eldridge | Peter Graham II | Peter James Howarth | Ray Kahnert | Robert B. Kennedy | Shawn Lawrence | Markus Parilo | Martin Roach | Jonathon Whittaker

Director:  Mike Newell

Air traffic controllers try to out perform one another.

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Mca br61119824

The Bone Collector

Street Date:  03/14/2000

Box Office:  $66.5 Million

Cast:  Denzel Washington | Angelina Jolie | Queen Latifah | Michael Rooker | Mike McGlone | Luis Guzman | Leland Orser | John Benjamin Hickey | Bobby Cannavale | Ed O'Neill | Larry Day

Director:  Phillip Noyce

A paralyzed forensics officer helps the NYPD catch a killer.

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Col d04746d

Girl, Interrupted

Theatrical Release Date:  12/24/1999

Street Date:  06/06/2000

Box Office:  $28.8 Million

Cast:  Winona Ryder | Angelina Jolie | Clea DuVall | Brittany Murphy | Elizabeth Moss | Jared Leto | Jeffrey Tambor | Vanessa Redgrave | Whoopi Goldberg | Mary Kay Place | KaDee Strickland

Director:  James Mangold

Based on a women's 18-month stay at a mental hospital.

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Hbo br202036


Street Date:  07/11/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Elizabeth Mitchell | Kylie Travis | Mercedes Ruehl | Faye Dunaway | Louis Giambalvo | Mila Kunis | Eric Michael Cole | John Considine | Johnny Green Jr. | Nick Spano | Samantha Torres | Judy Gillett | Alexis Smart | Lisa Stothard | Scott Genkinger | Vylette Jezel Fagerholm | Wade Kelly | Edmond Genest | Alexander Enberg

Director:  Michael Cristofer

A successful yet unhappy model takes drugs.

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Ard d27150d

Hell's Kitchen N.Y.C.

Street Date:  01/13/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mekhi Phifer | Rosanna Arquette | William Forsythe | Angelina Jolie | Johnny Whitworth | Stephen Payne | Jade Yorker | Mike Nicolosi

Director:  Tony Cinciripini

A released con decides to take up boxing.

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Kic brk23544

Playing God

Street Date:  06/16/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  David Duchovny | Timothy Hutton | Angelina Jolie | Michael Massee | Peter Stormare | Andrew Tiernan | Gary Dourdan | John Hawkes

Director:  Andy Wilson

A decertified surgeon works for a Los Angeles mobster.

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War d037623d

George Wallace

Street Date:  01/20/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Gary Sinise | Joe Don Baker | Mare Winningham | Angelina Jolie | Terry Kinney | William Sanderson | Clarence Williams III | Mark Rolston | Tracy Fraim | Skipp Sudduth | Ron Perkins | Mark Valley

Director:  John Frankenheimer , Julian Krainin

Wallace's views create a national furor.

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Dos dmv54577d

True Women

Street Date:  07/06/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Dana Delany | Annabeth Gish | Angelina Jolie | Tina Majorino | Rachael Leigh Cook | Michael York | Jeffrey Nordling | Salli Richardson | Tony Todd | Terrence Mann | Julie Carmen | Matthew Glave | John Schneider | Michael Greyeyes | Anne Tremko | Irene Bedard | Powers Boothe | Charles S. Dutton | Khadijah Karriem | Jill Parker-Jones | Hilary Duff

Director:  Karen Arthur

Texas women help shape U.S. history.

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Col d80992d


Street Date:  06/06/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Hedy Burress | Angelina Jolie | Jenny Lewis | Jenny Shimizu | Sarah Rosenberg | Peter Facinelli | Cathy Moriarty | Richard Beymer

Director:  Annette Haywood-Carter

Four girls retaliate against sexually abusive teacher.

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Missing art medium

Love Is All There Is

Street Date:  01/13/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Lainie Kazan| Joseph Bologna| Barbara Carrera| Renee Taylor| Paul Sorvino| Angelina Jolie| Nathaniel Marston| William Hickey| Abe Vigoda| Dick Van Patten| Connie Stevens

Director:  Renee Taylor, Joseph Bologna

Children of feuding N.Y. Italian families fall in love.

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Lge d17052d

Mojave Moon

Street Date:  02/08/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Danny Aiello | Anne Archer | Angelina Jolie | Alfred Molina | Michael Biehn

Director:  Kevin Dowling

A middle-aged man has a romantic adventure.

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Missing art medium

Without Evidence

Street Date:  09/12/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie | Scott Plank | Anna Gunn | Andrew Prine | Paul Perri | Alan Nause | Ernnie Garrett

Director:  Gill Dennis

Brother suspects coverup in corrections official's murder.

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Cin brsf16016


Street Date:  08/25/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jonny Lee Miller | Angelina Jolie | Jesse Bradford | Matthew Lillard | Laurence Mason | Renoly Santiago | Fisher Stevens | Alberta Watson | Darren Lee | Peter Y. Kim | Ethan Browne | Lorraine Bracco | Wendell Pierce | Penn Jillette | Marc Anthony

Director:  Iain Softley

Teen computer freaks vs. embezzler.

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Lge d26344d

Cyborg 2

Street Date:  05/20/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jack Palance | Elias Koteas | Angelina Jolie | Billy Drago | Allen Garfield | Tracey Walter | Karen Sheperd | Ric Young | Renee Griffin | Sven-Ole Thorsen | Jim Youngs | Robert Dryer | John Durbin | Patrick O'Connell | Sheryl Mary Lewis | Lori Michelle | Elizabeth Sung | Matt Demeritt | Alain Joel Silver | Galen Yuen

Director:  Michael Schroeder

Man must save cyborg before she explodes in 2074.

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