Sacha Baron Cohen

First Name: Sacha
Last Name: Baron Cohen
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: October 13, 1971
Birth Place: London, England
Height: 6 Feet 3.0 Inches

Sacha Baron Cohen Movies

Dis br222731


Street Date:  08/03/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jacob Tremblay | Jack Dylan Grazer | Emma Berman | Saverio Raimondo | Maya Rudolph | Marco Barricelli | Jim Gaffigan | Peter Sohn | Lorenzo Crisci | Marina Massironi | Gino La Monica | Sandy Martin | Giacomo Gianniotti | Elisa Gabrielli | Mimi Maynard | Sacha Baron Cohen | Francesca Fanti | Jonathan Nichols

Director:  Enrico Casarosa

A coming-of-age story of one boy in the Italian Riviera.

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Par d59201167d

Who Is America? The Complete First Season

Street Date:  11/06/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen


The complete first season of the TV series Who Is America?

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Col br44685

The Brothers Grimsby

Theatrical Release Date:  03/11/2016

Street Date:  06/21/2016

Box Office:  $6.8 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen [Nobby] | Mark Strong [Sebastian] | Rebel Wilson | Isla Fisher | Penelope Cruz | Ian McShane | Scott Adkins | Gabourey Sidibe | Tamsin Egerton | Sam Redford

Director:  Louis Leterrier

Dimwitted English soccer fan seeks his long-lost brother.

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Dis br136652

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Theatrical Release Date:  05/27/2016

Street Date:  10/18/2016

Box Office:  $77.0 Million

Cast:  Johnny Depp | Anne Hathaway | Mia Wasikowska | Helena Bonham Carter | Rhys Ifans | Matt Lucas | Ed Speleers | Sacha Baron Cohen | Stephen Fry (voice) | Toby Jones (voice) | Alan Rickman (voice) | Michael Sheen (voice) | Timothy Spall (voice) | Paul Whitehouse (voice) | Barbara Windsor (voice)

Director:  James Bobin

Alice returns to Underland to rescue the Mad Hatter.

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Fox d1000002d

Madly Madagascar

Street Date:  01/29/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) | Chris Rock (voice) | Jada Pinkett-Smith (voice) | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice)


Your favorite Madagascar pals are back in an all-new adve...

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Missing art medium

Untitled Sherlock Holmes Project

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen | Will Ferrell


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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen


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Par d59191010d

The Dictator

Theatrical Release Date:  05/16/2012

Street Date:  08/21/2012

Box Office:  $59.6 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen | Anna Faris | Ben Kingsley | John C. Reilly | Megan Fox | Kevin Corrigan | B.J. Novak | Aasif Mandvi | Jim Piddock | Jason Mantzoukas | J.B. Smoove | Danielle Burgio | Fred Melamed

Director:  Larry Charles

A ruthless dictator is kidnapped and left in New York.

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Par d7913842d

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Theatrical Release Date:  06/08/2012

Street Date:  10/16/2012

Box Office:  $216.4 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) [Alex] | Chris Rock (voice) [Marty] | David Schwimmer (voice) [Melman] | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) [Gloria] | Jessica Chastain (voice) [Gia] | Martin Short (voice) [Stefano] | Bryan Cranston (voice) [Vitaly] | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice) | Cedric The Entertainer (voice) | Andy Richter (voice) | Frances McDormand (voice)

Director:  Eric Darnell , Conrad Vernon

The zoo animals travel through Europe as part of a circus.

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Mca br61201097

Les Miserables

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2012

Street Date:  03/22/2013

Box Office:  $148.8 Million

Cast:  Hugh Jackman | Russell Crowe | Anne Hathaway | Samantha Barks | Amanda Seyfried | Sacha Baron Cohen | Helena Bonham Carter | Eddie Redmayne | Aaron Tveit | George Blagden | Isabelle Allen

Director:  Tom Hooper

Escaped con promises to look after orphaned girl in France.

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Par br59159968


Theatrical Release Date:  11/23/2011

Street Date:  02/28/2012

Box Office:  $73.8 Million

Cast:  Asa Butterfield [Hugo Cabret] | Chloe Moretz [Isabelle] | Ben Kingsley [George Melies] | Christopher Lee [Monsieur Labisse] | Jude Law [Hugo's Father] | Emily Mortimer [Lisette] | Sacha Baron Cohen [Station Inspector] | Ray Winstone [Uncle Claude] | Helen McCrory [Mama Jeanne] | Richard Griffiths [Monsieur Frick] | Ben Addis [Salvador Dali] | Michael Stuhlbarg [Rene Tabard] | Robert Gill [James Joyce] | Emil Lager [Django Reinhardt] | Gulliver McGrath [Young Tabard] | Frances de la Tour [Madame Emilie]

Director:  Martin Scorsese

Orphan boy is on quest to unlock secret left by his father.

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Mca d61132308d


Theatrical Release Date:  07/10/2009

Street Date:  11/17/2009

Box Office:  $60.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen [Bruno] | Ron Paul [Himself] | Richard Bey [Himself] | Trishelle Cannatella | Alice Evans | Sandra Seeling | LaToya Jackson

Director:  Dan Mazer

Bruno travels the world aspiring for fame and fortune.

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Mca d46196995d

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Theatrical Release Date:  11/07/2008

Street Date:  02/06/2009

Box Office:  $180.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) [Alex the Lion] | Chris Rock (voice) [Marty the Zebra] | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) [Gloria the Hippo] | David Schwimmer (voice) [Melman the Giraffe] | Alec Baldwin (voice) | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice) [King Julien] | Cedric the Entertainer (voice) [Maurice] | Andy Richter (voice) | Bernie Mac (voice) | (voice) | Sherri Shepherd (voice)

Director:  Eric Darnell , Tom McGrath

The zoo escapees hatch plan to get off Madagascar.

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Missing art medium

Jolly Boys Last Stand

Street Date:  11/06/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen | Andy Serkis | Milo Twomey | Mark Frost | Rebecca Craig | Jo Martin

Director:  Christopher Payne

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Par d59160072d

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Theatrical Release Date:  12/21/2007

Street Date:  04/01/2008

Box Office:  $52.7 Million

Cast:  Johnny Depp [Sweeney Todd] | Alan Rickman [Judge Turpin] | Helena Bonham Carter [Mrs. Lovett] | Sacha Baron Cohen [Signor Adolfo Pirelli] | Timothy Spall [Beadle Bamford] | Laura Michelle Kelly [Beggar Woman] | Anthony Head [Ballad Ghost] | Peter Bowles [Ballad Ghost] | Jamie Campbell Bower [Anthony Hope] | Jayne Wisener [Johanna] | Ed Sanders [Tobias Ragg]

Director:  Tim Burton

A barber enacts revenge for wrongful imprisonment.

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Fox d2327487d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/03/2006

Street Date:  03/06/2007

Box Office:  $128.4 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen [Borat Sagdiyev] | Ken Davitian [Azamat Bagatov] | Pamela Anderson [Herself]

Director:  Larry Charles

Borat leaves native Kazakhstan to make documentary in U.S.

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Col br47667

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Theatrical Release Date:  08/04/2006

Street Date:  12/12/2006

Box Office:  $148.2 Million

Cast:  Will Ferrell [Ricky Bobby] | John C. Reilly [Cal Naughton Jr.] | Sacha Baron Cohen [Jean Girard] | Michael Clarke Duncan [Lucius Washington] | Gary Cole [Reese Bobby] | Leslie Bibb [Carley Bobby] | Greg Germann [Larry Dennit Jr.] | Amy Adams [Susan] | David Koechner [Herschell] | Jane Lynch [Lucy Bobby] | Houston Tumlin [Walker] | Grayson Russell [Texas Ranger] | Andy Richter [Gregory] | Dale Earnhardt Jr. [Himself] | Ian Roberts [Kyle] | Molly Shannon [Mrs. Dennit] | Pat Hingle [Mr. Dennit Sr.] | Elvis Costello | Mos Def | Adam McKay [Terry Cheveaux] | Jack McBrayer [Glenn] | Ted Manson [Chip] | Rob Riggle | Bob Jenkins | Larry McReynolds | Mike Joy | Darrell Waltrip

Director:  Adam McKay

American stock car racer is shown up by European racer.

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Hbo du98472

Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet Second Seazon

Street Date:  09/13/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen


The complete second season of the TV series Da Ali G Show.

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Mca d46210205d


Theatrical Release Date:  05/27/2005

Street Date:  11/15/2005

Box Office:  $193.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) [Alex] | Chris Rock (voice) [Marty] | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) [Gloria] | David Schwimmer (voice) [Melman] | Andy Richter (voice) | Cedric The Entertainer (voice) | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice)

Director:  Eric Darnell , Tom McGrath

Four zoo animals are shipwrecked in Madagascar.

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Missing art medium

Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet Seereez

Street Date:  09/13/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen


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Mca d26765d

Ali G Indahouse: The Movie

Street Date:  11/02/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen [Ali G/Borat] | Michael Gambon [Prime Minister] | Charles Dance [David Carlton] | Kellie Bright [Me Julie] | Rhona Mitra [Kate Hedges] | Martin Freeman [Ricky C] | Naomi Campbell [Herself] | George Lopez

Director:  Mark Mylod

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Hbo du98488

Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet First Seazon

Street Date:  08/17/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen


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