Louis Leterrier

First Name: Louis
Last Name: Leterrier
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Not Available

Louis Leterrier Movies

Mca d803064d

The Hulk: Ultimate Film & TV Collection

Street Date:  08/10/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Eric Bana | Edward Norton | Bill Bixby | Lou Ferrigno | Jennifer Connelly | Liv Tyler | Nick Nolte | William Hurt | Sam Elliott | Tim Roth | Josh Lucas | Tim Blake Nelson | Paul Kersey | Ty Burrell | Cara Buono | Todd Tesen | Christina Cabot | Kevin Rankin | Celia Weston | Mike Erwin

Director:  Louis Leterrier , Ang Lee

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

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Col br44685

The Brothers Grimsby

Theatrical Release Date:  03/11/2016

Street Date:  06/21/2016

Box Office:  $6.8 Million

Cast:  Sacha Baron Cohen [Nobby] | Mark Strong [Sebastian] | Rebel Wilson | Isla Fisher | Penelope Cruz | Ian McShane | Scott Adkins | Gabourey Sidibe | Tamsin Egerton | Sam Redford

Director:  Louis Leterrier

Dimwitted English soccer fan seeks his long-lost brother.

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Lge br49707

Now You See Me

Theatrical Release Date:  05/31/2013

Street Date:  09/03/2013

Box Office:  $117.7 Million

Cast:  Jesse Eisenberg | Isla Fisher | Morgan Freeman | Woody Harrelson | Mark Ruffalo | Michael Caine | Dave Franco | Melanie Laurent | Jessica Lindsey | Michael Kelly

Director:  Louis Leterrier

World's greatest illusionists pull bank heists during shows.

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Missing art medium

Wrath of the Titans

Theatrical Release Date:  03/30/2012

Street Date:  06/26/2012

Box Office:  $83.6 Million

Cast:  Sam Worthington [Perseus] | Ralph Fiennes [Hades] | Liam Neeson [Zeus] | Rosamund Pike [Queen Andromeda] | Bill Nighy [Hephaestus] | Edgar Ramirez [Ares] | Toby Kebbell [Agenor] | Danny Huston [Poseidon] | John Bell [Helius] | Lily James [Korrina] | Matt Milne [Agathon] | Lamberto Guerra [Timon] | Spencer Wilding [The Minotaur]

Director:  Jonathan Liebesman

Demigod son of Zeus once again must fight to save Earth.

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War br585565

Clash of the Titans

Theatrical Release Date:  04/02/2010

Street Date:  07/27/2010

Box Office:  $162.2 Million

Cast:  Sam Worthington [Perseus] | Gemma Arterton [Io] | Liam Neeson [Zeus] | Ralph Fiennes [Hades] | Danny Huston [Poseidon] | Alexa Davalos [Andromeda] | Mads Mikkelsen [Draco] | Jason Flemyng [Acrisius] | Izabella Miko [Athena] | Nicholas Hoult [Eusabios] | Kaya Scodelario [Peshet] | Nathalie Cox [Artemis] | Pete Postlethwaite [Spyros] | Luke Evans [Apollo] | Natalia Vodianova [Medusa] | Vincent Regan [Kepheus] | Hans Matheson [Ixas] | Liam Cunningham [Solon] | Ian Whyte [Sheikha Sulieman]

Director:  Louis Leterrier

Perseus leads perilous battle against Hades.

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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million


Director:  Louis Leterrier

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The Incredible Hulk

Theatrical Release Date:  06/13/2008

Street Date:  10/21/2008

Box Office:  $134.5 Million

Cast:  Edward Norton [Bruce Banner] | Liv Tyler [Betty Ross] | William Hurt [General Ross] | Tim Blake Nelson [Samuel Sterns] | Tim Roth [Emil Blonsky] | Ty Burrell [Dr. Samson] | Christina Cabot [Major Kathleen 'Kat' Sparr] | Lou Ferrigno | Peter Mensah [General Sam Greller] | Chris Owens [Delta Force Commando] | Stan Lee | Robert Downey Jr. [Tony Stark]

Director:  Louis Leterrier

Scientist is exposed to radiation and the Hulk is unleashed.

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Mca br61119209


Theatrical Release Date:  05/13/2005

Street Date:  10/11/2005

Box Office:  $24.5 Million

Cast:  Jet Li [Danny] | Morgan Freeman [Sam] | Bob Hoskins [Bart] | Kerry Condon [Victoria] | Vincent Regan [Raffles] | Dylan Brown [Lefty] | Tamer Hassan [Georgie] | Michael Jenn [Wyeth] | Carole Ann Wilson [Maddy] | Phyllida Law [Distinguished Lady] | Jaclyn Tze Wey [Danny's Mother]

Director:  Louis Leterrier

Fighter befriends fugitive who teaches him about the world.

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Fox d2305234d

Transporter 2

Theatrical Release Date:  09/02/2005

Street Date:  01/10/2006

Box Office:  $43.1 Million

Cast:  Jason Statham [Frank Martin] | Amber Valletta [Victoria Billings] | Alessandro Gassman [Gianni] | Kate Nauta [Lola] | Matthew Modine [Mr. Billings] | Jason Flemyng [Dimitri] | Hunter Clary [Jack Billings] | Jeff Chase [Vasily] | Keith David [Stappleton] | Shannon Briggs [Max] | Francois Berleand [Tarconi]

Director:  Louis Leterrier

A driver subverts the FBI to save his employer's kids.

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