Woody Harrelson

First Name: Woody
Last Name: Harrelson
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: July 23, 1961
Birth Place: Midland, Texas
Description: If you've never seen one of his movies, you still know the name Woody Harrelson. Unlike President Clinton, Woody advocates inhaling! Even his biggest movies stirred up controversy. Anti-gun groups drew every last breath from Natural Born Killers and women everywhere coined him a pig for trading a night with his wife for $1 million in Indecent Proposal. In Play It To The Bone, Woody and his best friend are scheming prize money in the boxing ring. Rent it now.

Woody Harrelson Movies

Missing art medium

Now You See Me 1 & 2

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jesse Eisenberg | Isla Fisher | Morgan Freeman | Woody Harrelson | Mark Ruffalo | Dave Franco


Contains Now You See Me 1 & 2.

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209398 vbrqji

The Highwaymen

Theatrical Release Date:  03/29/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Kevin Costner | Kathy Bates | Kim Dickens | John Carroll Lynch | Thomas Mann | W. Earl Brown | David Furr | Jesse C. Boyd | Jane McNeill | David Dwyer | Mitch Eakins | Brian F. Durkin | Jason Davis | Josh Caras

Director:  John Lee Hancock

The true story of the lawmen that track down Bonnie & Clyde.

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Col d55647d

Zombieland: Double Tap

Theatrical Release Date:  10/18/2019

Street Date:  01/21/2020

Box Office:  $70.4 Million

Cast:  Abigail Breslin | Emma Stone | Zoey Deutch | Woody Harrelson | Rosario Dawson | Jesse Eisenberg | Bill Murray | Avan Jogia | Dan Aykroyd | Luke Wilson | Thomas Middleditch | Rachel Luttrell | MWW Michael Wilkerson | Jessica Medina | Julia Vasi

Director:  Ruben Fleischer

Four slayers must face off with new kinds of zombies.

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Lge br57614


Theatrical Release Date:  11/08/2019

Street Date:  02/18/2020

Box Office:  $55.2 Million

Cast:  Luke Evans | Patrick Wilson | Ed Skrein | Mandy Moore | Woody Harrelson | Alexander Ludwig | Dennis Quaid | Darren Criss | Nick Jonas | Aaron Eckhart | Luke Kleintank | Jake Weber | Keean Johnson | Jake Manley | James Carpinello

Director:  Roland Emmerich

Based on the real-life events of the Battle or Midway.

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Col br56289

Spider-Man Ultimate Fan Pack

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Holland | Zendaya | Jake Gyllenhaal | Cobie Smulders | Shameik Moore | Jake Johnson | Hailee Steinfeld | Mahershala Ali | Tom Hardy | Michelle Williams | Woody Harrelson | Tom Holland


A collection of four Spider-Man films.

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Dis br155784

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Theatrical Release Date:  05/25/2018

Street Date:  09/25/2018

Box Office:  $213.3 Million

Cast:  Alden Ehrenreich | Donald Glover | Emilia Clarke | Woody Harrelson | Thandie Newton | Phoebe Waller-Bridge | Joonas Suotamo | Michael Kenneth Williams | Warwick Davis | Clint Howard | Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Director:  Ron Howard , Christopher Miller , Phil Lord

A young Han Solo begins his journey to become a hero.

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Plt d49654d

4-Film Collection: Action

Street Date:  07/17/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Josh Hartnett | Woody Harrelson | Ron Perlman | Demi Moore | James Purefoy | Brian Cox | Kate Mara | Paul Giamatti | David Oyelowo | Brittany Snow | Matthew Marsden | Kristanna Loken | Alexa Vega


A four-film action film collection.

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Fox br2354335

Planet of the Apes: 50 Years 9-Movie Collection

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Charlton Heston | Roddy McDowall | Kim Hunter | Maurice Evans | Mark Wahlberg | Tim Roth | Kris Kristofferson | Estella Warren | James Franco | Freida Pinto | Tom Felton | John Lithgow | Woody Harrelson | Judy Greer | Andy Serkis | Steve Zahn | Jason Clarke | Gary Oldman | Kirk Acevedo


A collection of nine Planet of the Apes films.

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Col br53021


Theatrical Release Date:  10/05/2018

Street Date:  12/18/2018

Box Office:  $211.7 Million

Cast:  Tom Hardy | Michelle Williams | Woody Harrelson | Tom Holland | Jenny Slate | Riz Ahmed | Scott Haze | Marcella Bragio | Reid Scott | Michelle Lee | Mac Brandt | Sailor Larocque | Al-Jaleel Knox | Sam Medina | Jessica Dawson Strong

Director:  Ruben Fleischer

Reporter Eddie Brock hosts symbiote Venom.

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Missing art medium

True Detective: Seasons 1 & 2

Street Date:  11/05/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Matthew McConaughey | Michelle Monaghan | Tory Kittles | Colin Farrell | Vince Vaughn | Rachel McAdams | Taylor Kitsch


Complete first two seasons of the TV series True Detective.

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Fox d2321286d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/24/2017

Street Date:  06/20/2017

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Judy Greer | Woody Harrelson | Laura Dern | Cheryl Hines | David Warshofsky | James Saito | Tom Proctor | Isabella Amara | Roxy Wood | Bruce Bohne | Katie Rose Law

Director:  Craig Johnson

Middle-aged man sets out to connect with daughter.

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Lge br52938

The Glass Castle

Theatrical Release Date:  08/11/2017

Street Date:  11/07/2017

Box Office:  $17.2 Million

Cast:  Brie Larson | Woody Harrelson | Naomi Watts | Sarah Snook | Max Greenfield | Shree Crooks | Ella Anderson | Charlie Shotwell | Sadie Sink | Iain Armitage | Joe Pingue | Alanna Bale | Andrew Shaver | Brigette Lundy-Paine

Director:  Destin Daniel Cretton

The adventures of an eccentric, resilient family.

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Fox br2357442

War for the Planet of the Apes

Theatrical Release Date:  07/14/2017

Street Date:  10/24/2017

Box Office:  $146.8 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Judy Greer | Andy Serkis | Steve Zahn | Ty Olsson | Max Lloyd-Jones | Aleks Paunovic | Terry Notary | Karin Konoval | Alessandro Juliani | Chad Rook | Michael Adamthwaite | Timothy Webber | Amiah Miller

Director:  Matt Reeves

Caesar and the apes are forced into a war with humans.

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Lge br54728

Shock and Awe

Theatrical Release Date:  09/30/2017

Street Date:  08/14/2018

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Milla Jovovich | James Marsden | Jessica Biel | Woody Harrelson | Tommy Lee Jones | Rob Reiner | Richard Schiff | Terence Rosemore | Al Sapienza | Stephanie Honore | Teri Wyble | Steve Coulter | Wayne Pere | Jack Topalian | Gabe White

Director:  Rob Reiner

Four reporters ask tough questions after 9/11.

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Col br52798


Theatrical Release Date:  11/03/2017

Street Date:  02/06/2018

Box Office:  $2.5 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Jennifer Jason Leigh | Bill Pullman | C. Thomas Howell | Joe Chrest | Jeffrey Donovan | Richard Jenkins | Michael Mosley | Michael Stahl-David | Rich Sommer | Brian Stepanek | Gary Grubbs | Brent Bailey | Doug McKeon | Kim Allen

Director:  Rob Reiner

The story of U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

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Fox br2351052

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Theatrical Release Date:  11/10/2017

Street Date:  02/27/2018

Box Office:  $52.0 Million

Cast:  Frances McDormand | Sam Rockwell | Woody Harrelson | Caleb Landry Jones | Kerry Condon | Alejandro Barrios | Jason Redford | Darrell Britt-Gibson | Abbie Cornish | Riya May Atwood | Selah Atwood | Lucas Hedges | Zeljko Ivanek | Amanda Warren | Malaya Rivera Drew | Samara Weaving

Director:  Martin McDonagh

A woman commissions three billboards after daughter's death.

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Lge br58348

The Hunger Games: The Complete 4-Film Collection

Street Date:  03/22/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Julianne Moore [President Alma Coin] | Gwendoline Christie [Commander Lyme]


The complete collection of Hunger Games films.

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Mca br55179078

Triple 9

Theatrical Release Date:  02/26/2016

Street Date:  05/31/2016

Box Office:  $12.6 Million

Cast:  Kate Winslet | Aaron Paul | Gal Gadot | Woody Harrelson | Norman Reedus | Casey Affleck | Anthony Mackie | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Clifton Collins Jr. | Luis Da Silva Jr. | Michelle Ang | E. Roger Mitchell

Director:  John Hillcoat

A botched robbery leads to another more dangerous job.

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Mca br64182050

The Edge of Seventeen

Theatrical Release Date:  11/18/2016

Street Date:  02/14/2017

Box Office:  $14.4 Million

Cast:  Hailee Steinfeld | Kyra Sedgwick | Hayley Lu Richardson | Woody Harrelson | Blake Jenner | Hayden Szeto | Alexander Calvert | Eric Keenleyside | Nesta Cooper | Daniel Bacon | Lina Renna | Ava Grace Cooper | Christian Michael Cooper | Jena Skodje

Director:  Kelly Fremon Craig

A girl secretly dates her best friend's brother.

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Lge br50003

The Duel

Theatrical Release Date:  06/24/2016

Street Date:  08/23/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Liam Hemsworth | Woody Harrelson | Alice Braga | Emory Cohen | Chester Rushing | William Sadler | Sue-Lynn Ansari | Raphael Sbarge | Benedict Samuel | Christopher Berry | Jose Zuniga | Kerry Cahill | Felicity Price | Christopher James Baker | Jason Carter

Director:  Kieran Darcy-Smith

Texas Ranger investigates a series of murders.

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Lge br50303

Now You See Me 2

Theatrical Release Date:  06/10/2016

Street Date:  09/06/2016

Box Office:  $65.0 Million

Cast:  Mark Ruffalo | Woody Harrelson | Jesse Eisenberg | Dave Franco | Lizzy Caplan | Daniel Radcliffe | Morgan Freeman | Michael Caine | Sanaa Lathan | Henry Lloyd-Hughes | Justine Wachsberger | Jay Chou

Director:  John Chu

The Four Horsemen return for a new adventure.

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Lge br48606

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Theatrical Release Date:  11/20/2015

Street Date:  03/22/2016

Box Office:  $281.7 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Julianne Moore [President Alma Coin] | Gwendoline Christie [Commander Lyme]

Director:  Francis Lawrence

The final conclusion of Katniss' struggle against Panem.

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Col d46160d

The Bounty Hunter / Easy A / Friends with Benefits

Street Date:  06/16/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Gerard Butler | Jennifer Aniston | Jason Sudeikis | Christine Baranski | Dorian Missick | Emma Stone | Amanda Bynes | Lisa Kudrow | Alyson Michalka | Thomas Haden Church | Stanley Tucci | Justin Timberlake | Mila Kunis | Patricia Clarkson | Woody Harrelson


Contains The Bounty Hunter, Easy A & Friends with Benefits.

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Hbo br590967

True Detective: The Complete First Season

Street Date:  06/10/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Matthew McConaughey | Michelle Monaghan | Tory Kittles | Eric Price | J.D. Evermore | Madison Wolfe | David Stephen Mitchell | Randal Gonzalez | Joe Chrest | Alexandra Daddario | Timothy Wyant | Kevin Dunn | Wayne Ferrara | Joshua Leonard


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Lge br50526

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Theatrical Release Date:  11/21/2014

Street Date:  03/06/2015

Box Office:  $337.1 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Lenny Kravitz [Cinna] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Julianne Moore [President Alma Coin] | Lily Rabe [Commander Lyme] | Jason Lee Erickson | Natalie Dormer [Cressida] | Wes Chatham [Castor] | Elden Henson [Pollux] | Evan Ross [Messalla] | Mahershala Ali [Boggs]

Director:  Francis Lawrence

Katniss ascends to the role of the Mockingjay.

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Lge br50525

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Theatrical Release Date:  11/22/2013

Street Date:  03/07/2014

Box Office:  $424.6 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Lenny Kravitz [Cinna] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Amanda Plummer [Wiress 'Nuts'] | Lynn Cohen [Mags] | Bruno Gunn [Brutus] | Meta Golding [Enobaria] | Alan Ritchson [Gloss] | Stephanie Leigh Schlund [Cashmere]

Director:  Francis Lawrence

Panem prepares for the 75th Hunger Games.

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Nvg d88129576d

How to Make Money Selling Drugs

Theatrical Release Date:  06/26/2013

Street Date:  01/14/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  50 Cent | 'Freeway' Rick Ross | Susan Sarandon | Woody Harrelson | David Simon | Russell Simmons

Director:  Matthew Cooke

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Lge br49707

Now You See Me

Theatrical Release Date:  05/31/2013

Street Date:  09/03/2013

Box Office:  $117.7 Million

Cast:  Jesse Eisenberg | Isla Fisher | Morgan Freeman | Woody Harrelson | Mark Ruffalo | Michael Caine | Dave Franco | Melanie Laurent | Jessica Lindsey | Michael Kelly

Director:  Louis Leterrier

World's greatest illusionists pull bank heists during shows.

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Missing art medium

Free Birds

Theatrical Release Date:  11/01/2013

Street Date:  02/04/2014

Box Office:  $55.6 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson (voice) | Owen Wilson (voice) | Amy Poehler (voice) | Danny Carey (voice) | Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo (voice) | Josh Lawson (voice) | Dan Fogler (voice) | Keith David (voice) | George Takei (voice) | Colm Meaney (voice) | Carlos Ponce (voice)

Director:  Jimmy Hayward

Turkeys must team up to travel back and change Thanksgiving.

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Missing art medium

Out of the Furnace

Theatrical Release Date:  12/04/2013

Street Date:  03/11/2014

Box Office:  $11.3 Million

Cast:  Christian Bale [Russell Baze] | Zoe Saldana [Lena Taylor] | Woody Harrelson [Harlan DeGroat] | Casey Affleck [Rodney Baze Jr.] | Willem Dafoe [John Petty] | Forest Whitaker [Chief Wesley Barnes] | Sam Shepard [Gerald 'Red' Baze] | Dendrie Taylor [DeGroat's Date] | Tom Bower [Dan Dugan] | Bingo O'Malley [Rodney Baze Sr.] | Bobby Wolfe [Dwight Van Dunk] | Charles David Richards [Chaplain] | Jack Erdie [Meth Guy] | Nancy Mosser [Woman at Drive In] | Carl Ciarfalio [Man at Drive In] | Gordon Michaels [Bergen County Officer] | Boyd Holbrook [Tattooed Guy] | Efka Kvaraciejus | Aaron Toney

Director:  Scott Cooper

Steel worker must fight to save father and brother.

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Lge brtr858908

The Hunger Games

Theatrical Release Date:  03/23/2012

Street Date:  08/18/2012

Box Office:  $408.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Wes Bentley [Seneca Crane] | Lenny Kravitz [Cinna] | Alexander Ludwig [Cato] | Amandla Stenberg [Rue] | Paula Malcomson [Mrs. Everdeen] | Leven Rambin [Glimmer] | Jacqueline Emerson [Foxface] | Toby Jones [Claudius Templesmith] | Isabelle Fuhrman [Clove] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow]

Director:  Gary Ross

Teens must fight to death for survival in future nation.

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Flp dme13559d


Theatrical Release Date:  02/10/2012

Street Date:  05/15/2012

Box Office:  $0.8 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Ben Foster | Steve Buscemi | Jon Bernthal | Sigourney Weaver | Robin Wright | Brie Larson | Anne Heche | Ice Cube | Cynthia Nixon | Jon Foster | Robert Wisdom | Don Creech | Stella Schnabel | Chuti Tiu

Director:  Oren Moverman

War veteran turned cop's life spirals out of control.

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Cls dcls1145d


Street Date:  02/07/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson

Director:  Pete McGrain

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Col d41316d

Seven Psychopaths

Theatrical Release Date:  10/12/2012

Street Date:  01/29/2013

Box Office:  $15.0 Million

Cast:  Colin Farrell | Sam Rockwell | Christopher Walken | Woody Harrelson | Abbie Cornish | Olga Kurylenko | Tom Waits

Director:  Martin McDonagh

Dog snatching plan goes horribly awry.

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Hbo br304693

Game Change

Street Date:  01/08/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ed Harris [John McCain] | Julianne Moore [Sarah Palin] | Woody Harrelson [Steve Schmidt] | Alex Hyde-White [Lindsey Graham] | Brittany Underwood [Willow Palin] | Kevin Bigley [Track Palin]

Director:  Jay Roach

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Arc br82391


Theatrical Release Date:  09/30/2011

Street Date:  11/01/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Josh Hartnett | Woody Harrelson | Demi Moore | Ron Perlman | Kevin McKidd | Jordi Molla

Director:  Guy Moshe

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Col br38805

Friends with Benefits

Theatrical Release Date:  07/22/2011

Street Date:  12/02/2011

Box Office:  $55.8 Million

Cast:  Justin Timberlake [Dylan] | Mila Kunis [Jamie] | Patricia Clarkson [Lorna] | Woody Harrelson [Tommy] | Emma Stone [Kayla] | Jenna Elfman [Annie] | Andy Samberg [Quincy] | Richard Jenkins [Mr. Harper] | Bryan Greenberg [Parker] | Nolan Gould [Sam] | Shaun White [Himself] | Masi Oka [Darin Arturo Morena] | Lili Mirojnick [Laura] | Catherine Reitman [Female Co-worker] | Andrew Fleming [Driver] | Tiya Sircar [Hostess] | Christopher T. Wood [Ira Ungerleider] | Angelique Cabral [Pam Niborski] | Jerry Hyman [Caricaturist] | Rashida Jones [Maddison] | Jason Segel [Brice]

Director:  Will Gluck

Platonic friends add casual sex to their relationship.

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Missing art medium

The Other Side

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Lindsay Lohan | Woody Harrelson | Giovanni Ribisi | Alanis Morissette | Dave Matthews

Director:  David Michaels

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Col d34294d


Theatrical Release Date:  02/26/2010

Street Date:  04/13/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson [Arthur Poppington/Defendor] | Kat Dennings [Kat] | Elias Koteas [Chuck Dooney] | Sandra Oh [Dr. Park] | Lisa Ray [Dominique Ball] | Michael Kelly [Paul Carter] | Lyriq Bent [Wayne] | Kristin Booth [Wendy Carter] | Charlotte Sullivan [Fay Poppington] | Dakota Goyo [Jack Carter]

Director:  Peter Stebbings

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Par d053754d

Cheers: The Final Season

Street Date:  01/27/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Kirstie Alley | Woody Harrelson | Kelsey Grammer | Rhea Perlman | George Wendt | John Ratzenberger | Bebe Neuwirth


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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Channing Tatum [Hugh Thompson] | Bruce Willis [General William R. Peers] | Michael Pena | Woody Harrelson | Xzibit

Director:  Oliver Stone

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Ime br5406


Theatrical Release Date:  05/15/2009

Street Date:  09/29/2009

Box Office:  $0.8 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Aniston [Sue Claussen] | Steve Zahn [Mike] | Woody Harrelson [Jango] | Fred Ward [Jerry] | John San Nicolas [Steven McQueen] | Dominic Fumusa [Stan Ball] | Collin Crowley [Wally] | Gavin Bristol [Dick] | Margo Martindale [Trish] | James Liao [Al] | Katie O'Grady [Corporate Bliss Receptionist] | Yolanda Suarez [Marissa] | Kevin Heffernan [Jed] | Mark Boone Junior [Jack]

Director:  Stephen Belber

Hotel manager falls in love with a business traveler guest.

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Osc brbdosc 18

The Messenger

Theatrical Release Date:  11/13/2009

Street Date:  05/18/2010

Box Office:  $1.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Foster [Will Montgomery] | Woody Harrelson [Anthony 'Tony' Stone] | Samantha Morton [Olivia Pitterson] | Jena Malone [Kelly] | Eamonn Walker [Col. Stuart Dorsett] | Peter Friedman [Mr. Cohen]

Director:  Oren Moverman

Iraq war hero falls in love with the wife of fallen soldier.

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Col br29221


Theatrical Release Date:  11/13/2009

Street Date:  03/02/2010

Box Office:  $166.1 Million

Cast:  John Cusack [Jackson Curtis] | Chiwetel Ejiofor [Adrian Helmsley] | Amanda Peet [Kate] | Woody Harrelson [Charlie Frost] | Thandie Newton [Laura Wilson] | Oliver Platt [Carl Anheuser] | Danny Glover [President Wilson] | George Segal [Tony Delgado] | John Billinsgley [Professor West] | Jimi Mistry [Satnam Tsurutani] | Thomas McCarthy [Gordon] | Liam James [Noah] | Patrick Bauchau [Roland Picard] | Johann Urb [Sasha] | Eve Harlow [Cashier] | Beatrice Rosen [Tamara] | Patrick Gilmore [Taylor]

Director:  Roland Emmerich

The human race faces the destruction of the planet Earth.

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Col br54815


Theatrical Release Date:  10/02/2009

Street Date:  02/02/2010

Box Office:  $75.6 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson [Tallahassee] | Jesse Eisenberg [Columbus] | Emma Stone [Wichita] | Abigail Breslin [Little Rock] | Amber Heard [Maggie] | Mike White | Bill Murray [Zombie] | Robert Hatch [Yuppie Zombie]

Director:  Ruben Fleischer

Two survivors battle a world overrun with zombies.

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Cls dcls1083d

Hempsters: Plant the Seed

Street Date:  11/17/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Willie Nelson


Activists fight to legalize industrial hemp in the U.S.

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Par d59211489d

Cheers: The Complete Series

Street Date:  01/27/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Shelley Long | Kirstie Alley | Rhea Perlman | George Wendt | John Ratzenberger | Nicholas Colasanto | Woody Harrelson | Kelsey Grammer


The complete TV series Cheers.

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Par d132734d

Cheers: The Ninth Season

Street Date:  04/29/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Kirstie Alley | Woody Harrelson | Kelsey Grammer | George Wendt | John Ratzenberger | Rhea Perlman | Bebe Neuwirth


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Par d137354d

Cheers: The Tenth Season

Street Date:  09/02/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Kirstie Alley | Woody Harrelson | Kelsey Grammer | Rhea Perlman | George Wendt | John Ratzenberger | Bebe Neuwirth


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Anb d16455d

The Grand

Theatrical Release Date:  03/21/2008

Street Date:  06/10/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson [One Eyed Jack Faro] | Cheryl Hines [Lainie Schwartzman] | David Cross [Larry Schwartzman] | Dennis Farina [L.B.J. Deuce Fairbanks] | Chris Parnell [Harold Melvin] | Werner Herzog [The German] | Shannon Elizabeth [Toni] | Julie Claire [Dr. Jamie Sellers] | Judy Greer [Sharon Andrews] | Mike Epps [Reggie Marshall] | Estelle Harris [Ruth 'Nana' Melvin] | Richard Kind [Andy Andrews] | Michael McKean [Steve Lavisch] | Gabe Kaplan [Seth Schwartzman] | K.D. Aubert | Hank Azaria | Phil Laak | Phil Hellmuth Jr. | Brett Ratner

Director:  Zak Penn

Man tries to save casino by winning poker tournament.

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Trn dn411302d


Theatrical Release Date:  02/29/2008

Street Date:  06/03/2008

Box Office:  $33.3 Million

Cast:  Will Ferrell [Jackie Moon] | Andre Benjamin [Clarence 'Coffee Black' Withers] | Woody Harrelson [Ed Monix] | Maura Tierney [Lynn] | Rob Corddry [Kyle] | Will Arnett [Lou Redwood] | Jackie Earle Haley [Dukes] | Jay Phillips [Scootsie Double Day] | Any Richter [Bobby Dee] | Andrew Daly [Dick Pepperfield] | Josh Braaten [Twiggy] | David Koechner [Commish] | DeRay Davis [Bee Bee Ellis] | Peter Cornell [Vakidis] | Matt Walsh [Father Pat the Ref] | Ed Helms [Turtleneck] | Kristen Wiig [Bear Handler] | Patti LaBelle [Jackie's Mom] | Tim Meadows [Cornelius Banks] | Jason Sudeikis [Nacho Fan]

Director:  Ken Alterman

Ailing ABA franchise makes last-ditch effort to join NBA.

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Flp d12499d


Theatrical Release Date:  07/18/2008

Street Date:  11/04/2008

Box Office:  $2.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson [Roy] | Emily Mortimer [Jessie] | Kate Mara [Abby] | Eduardo Noriega [Carlos] | Ben Kingsley [Grinko] | Thomas Kretschmann [Kolzak]

Director:  Brad Anderson

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Plt d45354d

Battle in Seattle

Theatrical Release Date:  09/19/2008

Street Date:  03/10/2009

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Isaach De Bankole | Jennifer Carpenter | Woody Harrelson | Martin Henderson | Joshua Jackson | Ray Liotta | Connie Nielsen | Michelle Rodriguez | Channing Tatum | Charlize Theron | Rade Sherbedzija

Director:  Stuart Townsend

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Anb dov60037d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/14/2008

Street Date:  07/08/2008

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Charlize Theron [Joleen] | AnnaSophia Robb [Tara] | Woody Harrelson [Randall] | Dennis Hopper [Mr. Reedy] | Nick Stahl [James] | Deborra-Lee Furness [Danni] | Callum Keith Rennie [Will]

Director:  William Maher

Uncle and niece take refuge in abusive father's farm.

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Mcm dsf11023d

Spin City: The Complete First Season

Street Date:  11/04/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael J. Fox | Carla Gugino | Barry Bostwick | Richard Kind | Alan Ruck | Michael Boatman | Connie Britton | Alexander Chaplin | Stephen Colbert | Jennifer Garner | Woody Harrelson | Marlee Matlin | Gretchen Mol | Amanda Peet | Luke Perry | George Stephanopoulos | Courtney Thorne-Smith | George Wendt


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Cls brcls1110


Theatrical Release Date:  11/14/2008

Street Date:  06/22/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Josh Tickell | Richard Branson | Sheryl Crow | Julia Roberts | Woody Harrelson | Barbara Boxer | Larry Hagman | Neil Young | Willie Nelson | Deborah Dupre

Director:  Josh Tickell

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Col d24915d

Seven Pounds

Theatrical Release Date:  12/19/2008

Street Date:  03/31/2009

Box Office:  $70.0 Million

Cast:  Will Smith [Ben Thomas] | Rosario Dawson [Emily Posa] | Michael Ealy [Ben's Brother] | Woody Harrelson [Ezra Turner] | Barry Pepper [Dan] | Bill Smitrovich [George Ristuccia] | Robinne Lee [Sarah Jenson] | Elpidia Carrillo [Connie Tepos] | Gina Hecht [Dr. Briar] | Sarah Jane Morris [Susan] | Madison Pettis [Connie's Daughter] | Judyann Elder [Holly Apelgren] | Connor Cruise [Young Ben] | Tim Kelleher [Stewart Goodman]

Director:  Gabriele Muccino

IRS agent changes lives of seven strangers.

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Missing art medium


Theatrical Release Date:  12/12/2007

Street Date:  04/29/2008

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Mariel Hemingway | Jurgen Prochnow | Steven Dorff

Director:  Bill Guttentag , Dan Sturman

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Lge d30080d

No Country for Old Men

Theatrical Release Date:  11/09/2007

Street Date:  03/11/2008

Box Office:  $74.2 Million

Cast:  Javier Bardem [Anton Chigurh] | Josh Brolin [Llewelyn Moss] | Tommy Lee Jones [Sheriff Ed Tom Bell] | Woody Harrelson [Carson Wells] | Stephen Root [Man Who Hires Wells] | Kelly Macdonald [Carla Jean Moss] | Garret Dillahunt [Deputy Wendell] | Tess Harper [Loretta Bell] | Beth Grant [Agnes] | Rodger Boyce [El Paso Sheriff] | Kit Gwin [Molly] | Barry Corbin [Ellis] | Ana Reeder [Poolside Woman] | Chip Love [Man in Ford] | Zach Hopkins [Strangled Deputy] | Eduard Antonio Garcia ['Agua' Man] | Johnnie Hector [Cabbie at Bus Station]

Director:  Ethan Coen , Joel Coen

Man stumbles upon $2 million and a bloody scene.

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Thk d55725d

The Walker

Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2007

Street Date:  05/27/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson [Carter Page] | Kristin Scott Thomas [Lynn Lockner] | Lauren Bacall [Natalie Van Miter] | Willem Dafoe [Senator Larry Lockner] | Lily Tomlin [Abigail Delorean] | Ned Beatty [Jack Delorean] | Mary Beth Hurt [Chrissie Morgan] | William Hope [Mungo Tenant] | Geff Francis [Detective Dixon] | Steven Hartley [Robbie Kononsberg] | Garrick Hagon [John Krebs]

Director:  Paul Schrader

Man who covers for friend becomes chief suspect in crime.

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Mvd brfr2225

The Big White

Street Date:  06/06/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Robin Williams | Giovanni Ribisi | Woody Harrelson | Holly Hunter | Alison Lohman | Tim Blake Nelson | Craig March

Director:  Mark Mylod

Man attempts insurance fraud with a dead body in a dumpster.

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Trn dn10541d

A Prairie Home Companion

Theatrical Release Date:  06/09/2006

Street Date:  10/10/2006

Box Office:  $20.2 Million

Cast:  Meryl Streep | Lindsay Lohan | Woody Harrelson | Tommy Lee Jones | John C. Reilly | Garrison Keillor | Kevin Kline | Virginia Madsen | Lily Tomlin | Maya Rudolph | L.Q. Jones | Jim Westcott

Director:  Robert Altman

The last night of a radio variety show unfolds strangely.

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War br152002

A Scanner Darkly

Theatrical Release Date:  07/07/2006

Street Date:  12/19/2006

Box Office:  $5.3 Million

Cast:  Keanu Reeves | Winona Ryder | Woody Harrelson | Robert Downey Jr. | Rory Cochrane | Dameon Clarke | Meloday Chase | Mitch Baker

Director:  Richard Linklater

Undercover cop tries to take down his own split personality.

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Par d050964d

Cheers: The Complete Fourth Season

Street Date:  02/01/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Shelley Long | Woody Harrelson


The complete fourth season of the TV series Cheers.

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Par d047394d

Cheers: The Complete Sixth Season

Street Date:  09/13/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Woody Harrelson | Kirstie Alley | George Wendt | Reah Perlman


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War d59339d

North Country

Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/2005

Street Date:  02/21/2006

Box Office:  $18.3 Million

Cast:  Charlize Theron | Frances McDormand | Sissy Spacek | Woody Harrelson | Sean Bean | Richard Jenkins | Michelle Monaghan | Corey Stoll | Amber Heard

Director:  Niki Caro

A young female miner lashes out at her work place abuse.

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Drw d91964d

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

Theatrical Release Date:  09/30/2005

Street Date:  03/14/2006

Box Office:  $0.6 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Evelyn Ryan] | Woody Harrelson [Leo "Kelly" Ryan] | Laura Dern [Dortha Schaefer] | Trevor Morgan [Bruce] | Jordan Todosey [Terry Ryan] | Frank Chiesurin

Director:  Jane Anderson

A woman supports her family by writing product jingles.

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Par d047324d

Cheers: The Complete Seventh Season

Street Date:  11/15/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ted Danson | Kirstie Alley | Woody Harrelson


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Trn brn52615

After the Sunset

Theatrical Release Date:  11/12/2004

Street Date:  03/29/2005

Box Office:  $28.3 Million

Cast:  Pierce Brosnan [Max Burdette] | Salma Hayek [Lola Burdette] | Woody Harrelson [FBI Agent] | Don Cheadle [Kingpin] | Naomie Harris [Sophie]

Director:  Brett Ratner

Diamond thief retires to island, but is tempted by new job.

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Col d05954d

She Hate Me

Theatrical Release Date:  07/30/2004

Street Date:  02/01/2005

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Anthony Mackie [John Henry "Jack" Armstrong] | Kerry Washington [Fatima] | Ellen Barkin | Monica Bellucci | Jim Brown | Sarita Choudhury | Ossie Davis | Brian Dennehy | Woody Harrelson | Bai Ling | Lonette McKee | Paula Jai Parker | Dania Ramirez [Alex] | Q-Tip [Vada] | John Turturro | TV Carpio

Director:  Spike Lee

Fired exec starts business to impregnate lesbians.

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Mgm 1007898v

This So-Called Disaster

Street Date:  12/14/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sean Penn | Nick Nolte | Cheech Marin | Sam Shepard | James Gammon | Woody Harrelson | Sheila Tousey | Cheech Marin | T-Bone Burnett

Director:  Michael Almereyda

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Col d25589d

Anger Management

Theatrical Release Date:  04/11/2003

Street Date:  09/16/2003

Box Office:  $133.4 Million

Cast:  Adam Sandler [Dave Buznik] | Jack Nicholson [Dr. Buddy Rydell] | Marisa Tomei [Linda] | Allen Covert [Andrew] | Kevin Nealon [Sam] | Krista Allen [Stacy] | Roger Clemens [Himself] | Heather Graham [Kendra] | Woody Harrelson [Galaxia] | Luis Guzman [Lou] | John C. Reilly [Arnie Shankman] | January Jones [Gina] | John Turturro [Chuck] | Harry Dean Stanton [Blind Man] | Cody Arens [Himself] | Rudolph W. Giuliani [Himself] | Lori Heuring [Buddy's Secretary]

Director:  Peter Segal

Calm man faces anger management with dysfunctional therapist

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Missing art medium


Theatrical Release Date:  07/25/2003

Street Date:  01/27/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Alicia Silverstone | Rachael Leigh Cook | Paulo Costanzo | John Cleese

Director:  Gavin Grazer

Bank employees try to rob money unaware of their co-workers.

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Kic brk23150

Play It To The Bone

Theatrical Release Date:  01/21/2000

Street Date:  06/13/2000

Box Office:  $8.4 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Antonio Banderas | Lolita Davidovich | Lucy Liu | Tom Sizemore | Robert Wagner

Director:  Ron Shelton

Two washed up boxers get a chance of lifetime.

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Mca br61189635


Street Date:  08/17/1999

Box Office:  $22.4 Million

Cast:  Matthew McConaughey | Jenna Elfman | Ellen DeGeneres | Woody Harrelson | Elizabeth Hurley | Martin Landau | Rob Reiner | Sally Kirkland | Adam Goldberg | Dennis Hopper | Clint Howard | Todd Krainin | Viveka Davis | Steve Martin | Michael Moore

Director:  Ron Howard

Ed becomes celebrity after his life is broadcast on TV.

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Wrc d527938d


Street Date:  07/07/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Elisabeth Shue | Gina Gershon | Rolf Hoppe | Michael Rapaport | Chloe Sevigny | Tom Wright

Director:  Volker Schlondorff

A framed reporter participates in a fake kidnapping.

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Gte dsf13714d

The Hi-Lo Country

Street Date:  06/29/1999

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Billy Crudup | Patricia Arquette | Penelope Cruz | Sam Elliott | Robert Knott | Cole Hauser | Enrique Castillo | Darren Burrows | Jacob Vargas | Sandy Baron | John Diehl | Craig Carter | Walter C. Hall | James Gammon | Will Cascio | Richard Purdy | Keith Walters | Lane Smith | Sarge McGraw

Director:  Stephen Frears

A woman causes a rift between longtime friends.

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Fox d2274943d

The Thin Red Line

Street Date:  06/29/1999

Box Office:  $36.3 Million

Cast:  Sean Penn | Adrien Brody | Jim Caviezel | Ben Chaplin | George Clooney | John Cusack | Woody Harrelson | Elias Koteas | Jared Leto | Dash Mihok | Tim Blake Nelson | Nick Nolte | John C. Reilly | Larry Romano | John Savage | John Travolta | Arie Verveen | David Harrod | Tom Jane | Polyn Leona

Director:  Terrence Malick

The men of Charlie Company try to take Guadalcanal.

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Plt d76049d

Welcome To Sarajevo

Street Date:  02/03/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Stephen Dillane | Woody Harrelson | Marisa Tomei | Emira Nusevic | Kerry Fox | Goran Visnjic | James Nesbitt | Emily Lloyd | Igor Dzambazov | Gordana Gadzic | Juliet Aubrey | Drazen Sivak | Vesna Orel | Davor Janjic

Director:  Michael Winterbottom

A British war reporter tracks an orphanage's fate.

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Trn d4658d

Wag the Dog

Street Date:  06/16/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Dustin Hoffman | Robert De Niro | Anne Heche | Woody Harrelson | Denis Leary | Willie Nelson | Andrea Martin | Michael Belson | Suzanne Cryer | John Michael Higgins | Suzie Plakson | William H. Macy | Kirsten Dunst | Harland Williams

Director:  Barry Levinson

Advisers try to prevent a presidential scandal.

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Par br7914921


Street Date:  02/09/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Randy Quaid | Vanessa Angel | Bill Murray | Chris Elliott | William Jordan | Lin Shaye

Director:  Bobby Farrelly , Peter Farrelly

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Avm d216148d


Street Date:  10/13/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Jon Seda | Anne Bancroft | Alexandra Tydings | Matt Mulhern | Talisa Soto | Richard Bauer | Victor Aaron | Lawrence Pressman | Michael O'Neill | Harry Carey Jr.

Director:  Michael Cimino

Young half-Navajo convict dying of cancer kidnaps doctor.

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Smd br59356

The People Vs. Larry Flynt

Street Date:  11/11/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Courtney Love | Edward Norton | James Cromwell | Crispin Glover | James Carville | Brett Harrelson | Donna Hanover | Norm Macdonald | Vincent Schiavelli | Miles Chapin | Richard Paul | D'Army Bailey | Burt Neuborne | Jan Triska | Cody Block | Ryan Post | Robert Davis | Kacky Walton | John Ryan

Director:  Milos Forman

The publisher seeks the right to free speech.

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Ime br7080

Money Train

Street Date:  08/25/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Wesley Snipes | Woody Harrelson | Jennifer Lopez | Robert Blake | Chris Cooper | Joe Grifasi | Enrico Colantoni

Director:  Joseph Ruben

N.Y. subway cops fight crime, but one plots heist.

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Mca d20446d

The Cowboy Way

Street Date:  11/17/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson| Kiefer Sutherland| Dylan McDermott| Ernie Hudson| Cara Buono| Marg Helgenberger| Tomas Milian

Director:  Gregg Champion

Missing friend brings New Mexico cowboys to N.Y.

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War br484692

Natural Born Killers

Street Date:  01/25/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Juliette Lewis | Robert Downey Jr. | Tommy Lee Jones | Tom Sizemore | Rodney Dangerfield | Russell Means | Edie McClurg | Balthazar Getty | Joe Grifasi | O-Lan Jones

Director:  Oliver Stone

Lovers go on spree through New Mexico.

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Par br59191466

Indecent Proposal

Street Date:  04/16/2002

Box Office:  $106.6 Million

Cast:  Robert Redford| Demi Moore| Woody Harrelson| Oliver Platt| Seymour Cassel| Billy Bob Thornton| Rip Taylor| Billy Connolly

Director:  Adrian Lyne

Mystery man offers couple $1 million for a night.

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Fox br2287619

White Men Can't Jump

Street Date:  07/25/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Wesley Snipes | Woody Harrelson | Rosie Perez | Tyra Ferrell | Cylk Cozart | Kadeem Hardison | Ernest Harden Jr. | John Marshall Jones | Marques Johnson | David Roberson | Kevin Benton

Director:  Ron Shelton

Black-and-white hoop hustlers cash in.

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Peg dle8057d

Ted And Venus

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bud Cort| Jim Brolin| Kim Adams| Carol Kane| Pamella D'Pella| Brian Thompson| Bettye Ackerman| Woody Harrelson| Timothy Leary| Andrea Martin| Martin Mull| Tracy Reiner| Vincent Schiavelli| Arleen Sorkin| Rhea Perlman| Gena Rowlands

Director:  Bud Cort

Warped beach poet pursues social worker in '74 Calif.

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Wrc br693684

Doc Hollywood

Street Date:  10/06/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael J. Fox | Julie Warner | Barnard Hughes | Woody Harrelson | David Ogden Stiers | Frances Sternhagen | George Hamilton | Bridget Fonda | Mel Winkler | Helen Martin | Roberts Blossom | Tom Lacy | Macon McCalman | Raye Birk | Eyde Byrde

Director:  Michael Caton-Jones

Stranded fast-lane doctor meets girl in Southern town.

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Missing art medium

Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Shelley Duvall| Dan Gilroy| Jean Stapleton| Bobby Brown| Teri Garr| Cyndi Lauper| Howie Mandel| Little Richard| Garry Shandling| Paul Simon| Ben Vereen| Cheech Marin| Elayne Boosler| Woody Harrelson| Deborah Harry

Director:  Jeff Stein

Little Bopeep and Mother Goose's son visit hip Rhymeland.

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Avm d262039d

Cool Blue

Street Date:  03/13/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson | Hank Azaria | Ely Pouget | Sean Penn | Paul Lussier | Phil Brock | Judie Aronson | Christopher McDonald | Gloria LeRoy

Director:  Mark Mullin , Richard Shepard

Struggling artist searches L.A. for one-night lover.

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Missing art medium

Killer Instinct

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Melissa Gilbert| Woody Harrelson| Kevin Conroy| Fernando Lopez| Lane Smith| Janet MacLachlan| Garn Stephens| Michael Kaufman

Director:  Waris Hussein

Psychiatrist blamed after her ex-patient kills someone.

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Missing art medium

Bay Coven

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Pamela Sue Martin| Tim Matheson| Barbara Billingsley| Woody Harrelson| Susan Ruttan| Jeff Conaway| James Sikking| Inga Swenson

Director:  Carl Schenkel

Couple think New England neighbors are witches.

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Mcm d00164 8d

Bay Cove

Street Date:  04/29/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Pamela Sue Martin | Tim Matheson | Barbara Billingsley | Woody Harrelson

Director:  Carl Schenkel

Couple think New England neighbors are witches.

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War d81149d


Street Date:  04/01/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Goldie Hawn| Nipsey Russell| Swoosie Kurtz| Robyn Lively| Brandy Gold| James Keach| Jan Hooks| Bruce McGill| Mykelti Williamson| Wesley Snipes| Woody Harrelson| M. Emmet Walsh| George Wyner| Ann Doran| Gloria Stuart| LL Cool J

Director:  Michael Ritchie

Coach's daughter coaches boys football at tough high school.

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