Julianne Moore

First Name: Julianne
Last Name: Moore
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: December 03, 1960
Birth Place: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Height: 5 Feet 5.0 Inches
Description: Although this sultry actress takes on more quiet roles, she hardly goes unnoticed. Julianne Psycho after her next movie and need a little something from Boogie Nights to calm her down. You can have her and Dr. Lecter over for dinner this week, bring home Hannibal, on video tomorrow.

Julianne Moore Movies

Lge br56119

Gloria Bell

Theatrical Release Date:  03/08/2019

Street Date:  06/04/2019

Box Office:  $4.2 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Sean Astin | Holland Taylor | Jeanne Tripplehorn | Alanna Ubach | Michael Cera | John Turturro | Brad Garrett | Rita Wilson | Caren Pistorius | Cassi Thomson | Tyson Ritter | Barbara Sukowa | Jenica Bergere | Sandra Rosko

Director:  Sebastian Lelio

A free-sprited divorcee lets loose at clubs around L.A.

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Smd br62240

After the Wedding

Theatrical Release Date:  08/09/2019

Street Date:  11/12/2019

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Michelle Williams | Julianne Moore | Billy Crudup | Will Chase | Abby Quinn | Alex Cranmer | Doris McCarthy | Azhy Robertson | Eisa Davis | Alex Esola | Susan Blackwell | Adrian Valle Torres | Mackenzie Owens | Jeff Kim | Greta Quispe

Director:  Bart Freundlich

A woman meets with a rich benefactor in New York.

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Scn dsm801513d

Bel Canto

Street Date:  11/06/2018

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Ken Watanabe

Director:  Paul Weitz

A rebel group takes a private concert hostage.

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Fox br2362807

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Theatrical Release Date:  09/22/2017

Street Date:  12/12/2017

Box Office:  $100.2 Million

Cast:  Colin Firth | Julianne Moore | Taron Egerton | Mark Strong | Halle Berry | Elton John | Channing Tatum | Jeff Bridges

Director:  Matthew Vaughn

The Kingsman must regroup when their HQ is destroyed.

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Par br59194294


Theatrical Release Date:  10/27/2017

Street Date:  02/06/2018

Box Office:  $5.7 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Oscar Isaac | Julianne Moore | Megan Ferguson | Glenn Fleshler | Gary Basaraba | Michael D. Cohen | Jack Conley | Noah Jupe | Marah Fairclough | Steve Monroe | Dash Williams | Ellen Crawford | Carter Hastings | Erik Aude

Director:  George Clooney

Seemingly idyllic suburban community has a dark underbelly.

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Lge d54686d


Theatrical Release Date:  10/20/2017

Street Date:  05/22/2018

Box Office:  $1.0 Million

Cast:  Michelle Williams | Julianne Moore | Oakes Fegley | Tom Noonan | Cory Michael Smith | Amy Hargreaves | James Urbaniak | Marko Caka | Damian Young | Brian Berrebbi | Morgan Turner | Hays Wellford | Ekaterina Samsonov | Jaden Michael | Michael Wren Gucciardo

Director:  Todd Haynes

Children from two different eras wish for better lives.

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Fox br2346695

Kingsman 2-Movie Collection

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Taron Egerton | Colin Firth | Michael Caine | Samuel L. Jackson | Mark Strong | Julianne Moore


Contains Kingsman 1 and 2.

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Lge d54084d

The Hunger Games: The Complete 4-Film Collection

Street Date:  03/22/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Julianne Moore [President Alma Coin] | Gwendoline Christie [Commander Lyme]


The complete collection of Hunger Games films.

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Col br47818

Maggie's Plan

Theatrical Release Date:  05/20/2016

Street Date:  08/23/2016

Box Office:  $3.3 Million

Cast:  Greta Gerwig | Ethan Hawke | Julianne Moore | Bill Hader | Maya Rudolph

Director:  Rebecca Miller

Woman decides to have a child on her own then meets a man.

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Lge br48606

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Theatrical Release Date:  11/20/2015

Street Date:  03/22/2016

Box Office:  $281.7 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Julianne Moore [President Alma Coin] | Gwendoline Christie [Commander Lyme]

Director:  Francis Lawrence

The final conclusion of Katniss' struggle against Panem.

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Mca br62167385

Maps to the Stars

Theatrical Release Date:  02/27/2015

Street Date:  04/14/2015

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Havana Segrand] | Robert Pattinson [Jeroma Fontana] | Mia Wasikowska [Agatha Weiss] | John Cusack [Dr. Stafford Weiss] | Olivia Williams [Cristina Weiss] | Evan Bird [Benjie Weiss] | Sarah Gadon [Clarice Taggart] | Carrie Fisher | Niamh Wilson | Emilia McCarthy | Kiara Glasco | Jayne Heitmeyer | Amanda Brugel | Justin Kelly | Joe Pingue

Director:  David Cronenberg

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Mca d61186072d

Seventh Son

Theatrical Release Date:  02/06/2015

Street Date:  05/26/2015

Box Office:  $17.2 Million

Cast:  Jeff Bridges | Julianne Moore | Ben Barnes | Djimon Hounsou | Alicia Vikander | Antje Traue | Olivia Williams | Kit Harington | Jason Scott Lee | Candice-May Langlois

Director:  Sergey Bodrov

Ancient evil is unleashed sparking supernatural war.

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Lge br48176


Theatrical Release Date:  10/02/2015

Street Date:  02/02/2016

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Laurel Hester] | Ellen Page [Stacie Andree] | Michael Shannon | Steve Carell | Josh Charles | Luke Grimes | Gabriel Luna | Mary Birdsong | Anthony DeSando | Skipp Sudduth | Dennis Boutsikaris

Director:  Peter Sollett

True story of lesbian cop who fought for gay rights.

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Mca br61126312


Theatrical Release Date:  02/28/2014

Street Date:  06/10/2014

Box Office:  $91.7 Million

Cast:  Liam Neeson | Julianne Moore | Scoot McNairy | Bar Paly | Michelle Dockery | Anson Mount | Corey Stoll | Lupita Nyong'o | Jon Abrahams | Corey Hawkins | Linus Roache | Nate Parker | Jason Butler Harner

Director:  Jaume Collet-Serra

U.S. Air Marshal is caught up in a plane hijacking.

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Col br45517

Still Alice

Theatrical Release Date:  12/05/2014

Street Date:  05/12/2015

Box Office:  $18.7 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Kristen Stewart | Kate Bosworth | Alec Baldwin | Victoria Cartagena | Hunter Parrish | Erin Darke | Shane McRae | Stephen Kunken | Eha Urbsalu | Jean Burns | Cat Lynch | Cali T. Rossen | José Báez | Kristin Macomber

Director:  Richard Glatzer , Wash Westmoreland

Woman struggles to come to terms with Alzheimer's.

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Lge br50526

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Theatrical Release Date:  11/21/2014

Street Date:  03/06/2015

Box Office:  $337.1 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen] | Willow Shields [Primrose Everdeen] | Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket] | Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark] | Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] | Sam Claflin [Finnick Odair] | Jena Malone [Johanna Mason] | Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman] | Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne] | Jeffrey Wright [Beetee 'Volts'] | Lenny Kravitz [Cinna] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Plutarch Heavensbee] | Donald Sutherland [President Snow] | Julianne Moore [President Alma Coin] | Lily Rabe [Commander Lyme] | Jason Lee Erickson | Natalie Dormer [Cressida] | Wes Chatham [Castor] | Elden Henson [Pollux] | Evan Ross [Messalla] | Mahershala Ali [Boggs]

Director:  Francis Lawrence

Katniss ascends to the role of the Mockingjay.

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Missing art medium


Theatrical Release Date:  10/18/2013

Street Date:  01/14/2014

Box Office:  $35.3 Million

Cast:  Chloe Grace Moretz | Julianne Moore | Judy Greer | Portia Doubleday | Alex Russell | Gabriella Wilde | Ansel Elgort

Director:  Kimberly Peirce

Shy girl unleashes her telekinetic powers on bullies.

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Nvg br292320

The English Teacher

Theatrical Release Date:  05/17/2013

Street Date:  09/03/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Michael Angarano | Greg Kinnear | Lily Collins | Nathan Lane

Director:  Craig Zisk

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Flp brme13964

What Maisie Knew

Theatrical Release Date:  05/03/2013

Street Date:  08/13/2013

Box Office:  $1.0 Million

Cast:  Steve Coogan | Julianne Moore | Onata Aprile | Alexander Skarsgard | Joanna Vanderham | Emma Holzer | Diana Garcia | Trevor Long | Stephen Mailer | Samantha Buck | James Colby | Joel Garland | Kevin Cannon | Gil O'Brien | Mario Moise Fontaine

Director:  Scott McGehee , David Siegel

Parents' divorce as told through the eyes of their daughter.

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Missing art medium

Don Jon

Theatrical Release Date:  09/27/2013

Street Date:  12/31/2013

Box Office:  $24.4 Million

Cast:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt [Jon Martello] | Scarlett Johansson | Tony Danza | Julianne Moore | Brie Larson | Rob Brown | Lindsey Broad | Glenne Headly | Amanda Perez | Sloane Avery | Italia Ricci | Antoinette Kalaj | Eva Mah | Jeremy Luc | Sarah Dumont | Tiffany Pulvino | Anne Hathaway | Channing Tatum

Director:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Man obsessed with porn meets the woman of his dreams.

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Anb br23208

6 Souls

Theatrical Release Date:  04/05/2013

Street Date:  07/02/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Cara Harding] | Jonathan Rhys Meyers | Frances Conroy | Michael Graves | Nathan Corddry | Brooklyn Proulx | Jeffrey DeMunn | KatiAna Davis | Brian Anthony Wilson

Director:  Mans Marlind , Bjorn Stein

Forensic psychiatrist studies serial killer with issues.

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Mca br62121226

Being Flynn

Theatrical Release Date:  03/02/2012

Street Date:  07/10/2012

Box Office:  $0.4 Million

Cast:  Paul Dano [Nick Flynn] | Robert De Niro [Jonathan Flynn] | Olivia Thirlby [Denise] | Julianne Moore [Jody Flynn] | Wes Studi [Captain] | Dale Dickey [Marie] | Lili Taylor [Joy] | Victor Rasuk [Gabriel] | Billy Wirth [Travis] | Chris Chalk [Ivan] | Katherine Waterston [Sarah] | Victor Pagan [Beady-Eyed Bill] | Kelly McCreary [Inez]

Director:  Paul Weitz

Father reaches out, attempts to reconnect with his son.

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Missing art medium

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Theatrical Release Date:  07/29/2011

Street Date:  11/01/2011

Box Office:  $84.3 Million

Cast:  Steve Carell [Cal] | Ryan Gosling [Jacob] | Emma Stone [Hannah] | Julianne Moore [Emily] | Kevin Bacon [David Lindhagen] | Marisa Tomei [Kate] | John Carroll Lynch [Bernie] | Josh Groban [Richard] | Analeigh Tipton [Jessica] | Jonah Bobo [Robbie] | Joey King [Molly] | Beth Littleford [Claire] | Caitlin Thompson [Taylor] | Jenny Mollen | Lisa Lapira [Liz] | Olga Fonda

Director:  John Requa , Glenn Ficarra

Family man turns to womanizer for dating tips after divorce.

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Hbo br304693

Game Change

Street Date:  01/08/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ed Harris [John McCain] | Julianne Moore [Sarah Palin] | Woody Harrelson [Steve Schmidt] | Alex Hyde-White [Lindsey Graham] | Brittany Underwood [Willow Palin] | Kevin Bigley [Track Palin]

Director:  Jay Roach

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Missing art medium

The Hunter

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Pierce Brosnan | Patricia Clarkson | Julianne Moore

Director:  Stanley Tucci

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Col d35031d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/26/2010

Street Date:  07/13/2010

Box Office:  $3.0 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Catherine] | Amanda Seyfried [Chloe] | Liam Neeson [David] | Max Thieriot [Michael] | Nina Dobrev [Anna]

Director:  Atom Egoyan

Woman uses a young woman to test her husband's fidelity.

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Mca d62114509d

The Kids Are All Right

Theatrical Release Date:  07/09/2010

Street Date:  11/16/2010

Box Office:  $20.7 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Jules] | Annette Bening [Nic] | Mark Ruffalo [Paul] | Josh Hutcherson [Laser] | Mia Wasikowska [Joni] | Eddie Hassell [Clay] | Yaya DaCosta [Tanya] | Kunal Sharma [Jai] | Zosia Mamet [Sasha] | Joaquin Garrido [Luis] | Rebecca Lawrence [Brooke] | Lisa Eisner [Stella] | Sasha Spielberg [Waify Girl]

Director:  Lisa Cholodenko

Two kids seek out their biological father.

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Scn brsm900261

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Theatrical Release Date:  11/27/2009

Street Date:  03/02/2010

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Robin Wright Penn [Pippa Lee] | Julianne Moore [Kat] | Blake Lively [Teenage Pippa Lee] | Winona Ryder [Sandra Dulles] | Alan Arkin [Herb Lee] | Maria Bello [Suky Sarkissian] | Keanu Reeves [Chris Nadeau] | Monica Bellucci [Gigi Lee] | Zoe Kazan [Grace Lee] | Mike Binder [Sam Shapiro] | Ryan McDonald [Ben Lee] | Madeline McNulty [Young Pippa Lee] | Beckett Melville [Young Chester] | Adam Shonkwiler [Teen Chester] | Robin Weigert [Trish]

Director:  Rebecca Miller

Woman reflects on her youth in search of self-discovery.

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Col d35383d

A Single Man

Theatrical Release Date:  12/11/2009

Street Date:  07/06/2010

Box Office:  $9.1 Million

Cast:  Colin Firth | Julianne Moore | Matthew Goode | Ginnifer Goodwin | Nicholas Hoult | Nicole Steinwedell | Ryan Simpkins | Keri Lynn Pratt | Lee Pace | Paul Butler

Director:  Tom Ford

A tale of love at the height of the Cuban missile crisis.

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Gep d81481d

Savage Grace

Theatrical Release Date:  05/30/2008

Street Date:  12/23/2008

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Stephen Dillane | Eddie Redmayne | Elena Anaya | Hugh Dancy | Barney Clark

Director:  Tom Kalin

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Lge d47277d


Theatrical Release Date:  09/19/2008

Street Date:  02/10/2009

Box Office:  $3.1 Million

Cast:  Mark Ruffalo [Doctor] | Julianne Moore [Doctor's Wife] | Gael Garcia Bernal [King of Ward 3] | Danny Glover [Old Man/Narrator] | Alice Braga [Girl with Dark Glasses] | Don McKellar [The Thief] | Maury Chaykin [The Accountant] | Mitchell Nye [Boy with the Squint]

Director:  Fernando Meirelles

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Missing art medium

America the Beautiful

Street Date:  07/13/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Paris Hilton | Jessica Simpson | Anthony Kiedis | Eve Ensler | Gerren Taylor | Darryl Roberts | Ted Casablanca | Julianne Moore

Director:  Darryl Roberts

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Par br59191133


Theatrical Release Date:  04/27/2007

Street Date:  09/25/2007

Box Office:  $18.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Cris Johnson] | Julianne Moore [Agent Callie Ferris] | Jessica Biel [Elizabeth 'Liz' Cooper] | Thomas Kretschmann [Mr. Smith] | Peter Falk [Irv] | Tory Kittles [Agent Cavanaugh] | Jose Zuniga [Security Chief Roybal] | Jim Beaver [JTTF Director Eric Wisdom] | Jason Butler Harner [Jeff Baines] | Michael Trucco [Kendal] | Patricia Prata [Showgirl]

Director:  Lee Tamahori

Las Vegas magician can see a few minutes into the future.

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Wei d81090d

I'm Not There

Theatrical Release Date:  11/21/2007

Street Date:  05/06/2008

Box Office:  $3.7 Million

Cast:  Christian Bale [Jack Rollins] | Cate Blanchett [Jude Quinn] | Marcus Carl Franklin [Woody Guthrie] | Richard Gere [Billy the Kid] | Heath Ledger [Robbie Clark] | Ben Whishaw [Arthur Rimbaud] | Kris Kristofferson (voice) [Narrator] | Paul Cagelet [Carny] | Julianne Moore [Alice Fabian] | Kim Roberts [Mrs. Arvin] | Tyrone Benskin [Mr. Arvin] | Pierre-Alexandre Fortin [Gorgeous George] | David Cross [Allen Ginsberg] | Bruce Greenwood [Keenan Jones/Pat Garrett] | Michelle Williams [Coco Rivington] | Kristen Hager [Mona]

Director:  Todd Haynes

The life and times of Bob Dylan.

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Col du25826


Theatrical Release Date:  02/17/2006

Street Date:  05/30/2006

Box Office:  $10.8 Million

Cast:  Samuel L. Jackson [Lorenzo Council] | Julianne Moore [Brenda Martin] | Edie Falco [Karen Collucci] | Ron Eldard [DAnny Martin] | William Forsythe | Aunjanue Ellis | Liza Colon-Zayas [Bea] | Anthony Mackie | Catrina Gainey [Lorraine]

Director:  Joe Roth

A kidnapping ignites racial tensions between two towns.

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Anb d24377d

Trust the Man

Theatrical Release Date:  08/18/2006

Street Date:  02/06/2007

Box Office:  $1.4 Million

Cast:  David Duchovny | Billy Crudup | Julianne Moore | Maggie Gyllenhaal | Eva Mendes | Ellen Barkin | Bob Balaban | Dagmara Dominczyk | James LeGros | Glenn Fitzgerald

Director:  Bart Freundlich

Rich New Yorkers get into trouble with their relationships.

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Mca d61185964d

Children of Men

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2006

Street Date:  03/27/2007

Box Office:  $35.3 Million

Cast:  Clive Owen [Theodore Faron] | Julianne Moore [Julian Taylor] | Michael Caine [Jasper Palmer] | Chiwetel Ejiofor [Luke] | Charlie Hunnam [Patric] | Claire-Hope Ashitey [Kee] | Danny Huston [Nigel] | Peter Mullan [Syd] | Pam Ferris [Miriam]

Director:  Alfonso Cuaron

Humanity faces extinction when women become infertile.

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Drw d91964d

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

Theatrical Release Date:  09/30/2005

Street Date:  03/14/2006

Box Office:  $0.6 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Evelyn Ryan] | Woody Harrelson [Leo "Kelly" Ryan] | Laura Dern [Dortha Schaefer] | Trevor Morgan [Bruce] | Jordan Todosey [Terry Ryan] | Frank Chiesurin

Director:  Jane Anderson

A woman supports her family by writing product jingles.

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Trn spn7254v

Laws Of Attraction

Theatrical Release Date:  04/30/2004

Street Date:  08/24/2004

Box Office:  $17.8 Million

Cast:  Pierce Brosnan [Daniel Rafferty] | Julianne Moore [Audrey] | Parker Posey [Serena] | Michael Sheen [Thorne Jamison] | Nora Dunn [Judge Abramovitz] | Sarah Gilbert [Gary Gadget's Assistant] | Frances Fisher [Sara Miller] | Vincent Marzello [Lyman Hersh]

Director:  Peter Howitt

Two New York divorce attorneys fall in love and get married.

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Col d10078d

The Forgotten

Theatrical Release Date:  09/24/2004

Street Date:  01/18/2005

Box Office:  $66.6 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Telly Paretta] | Anthony Edwards [Jim Paretta] | Gary Sinise [Dr. Munce] | Dominic West [Ash Corell] | Alfre Woodard [Detective Anne Pope] | Linus Roache | Ken Abraham | Christopher Kovaleski | Lee Tergesen | Kathryn Faughnan | Tim Kang | Kathrina Miccio

Director:  Joseph Ruben

A woman mourns the loss of a son who may never have existed.

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Wei d1000160d

Marie and Bruce

Street Date:  03/10/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore [Marie] | Matthew Broderick [Bruce] | Griffin Dunne | Campbell Scott | Bob Balaban | Marshall Efron | David Aaron Baker

Director:  Tom Cairns

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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore

Director:  Bart Freundlich

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Col sp00152v

World Traveler

Street Date:  01/21/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Billy Crudup | Julianne Moore | Mary McCormack | David Keith | Karen Allen | Cleavant Derricks | James LeGros

Director:  Bart Freundlich

A man comes to realize the importance of family.

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Par d59191821d

The Hours

Theatrical Release Date:  12/27/2002

Street Date:  06/24/2003

Box Office:  $41.5 Million

Cast:  Nicole Kidman | Julianne Moore | Meryl Streep | Allison Janney | Ed Harris | Claire Danes | Toni Collette | Eileen Atkins | Stephen Dillane | John C. Reilly |

Director:  Stephen Daldry

Three women in different eras all affected by one novel.

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Kic brk23393

Far From Heaven

Theatrical Release Date:  11/08/2002

Street Date:  04/01/2003

Box Office:  $15.8 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Dennis Quaid | Dennis Haysbert | Patricia Clarkson | Viola Davis | Barbara Garrick | James Rebhorn | Celia Weston | Olivia Birkelund | Jordan Puryear | Lindsay Andretta | Ryan Ward | Matt Malloy

Director:  Todd Haynes

Housewife has a taboo affair as her husband thinks he's gay.

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Kic brk23342


Theatrical Release Date:  02/09/2001

Street Date:  08/21/2001

Box Office:  $163.9 Million

Cast:  Anthony Hopkins | Julianne Moore | Giancarlo Giannini | Francesca Neri | Alex Corrado | Spike Jonze | Ray Liotta | Gary Oldman | Boyd Kestner | Frankie Faison | Diane Baker | Ajay Naidu

Director:  Ridley Scott

Hannibal the Cannibal and Clarice Starling do battle again.

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Par d59191356d


Theatrical Release Date:  06/08/2001

Street Date:  12/26/2001

Box Office:  $37.1 Million

Cast:  David Duchovny | Orlando Jones | Julianne Moore | Seann William Scott | Sarah Silverman | Dan Aykroyd | Ethan Suplee | Ty Burrell | Ted Levine

Director:  Ivan Reitman

A research team prepares for combat against aliens.

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Lge br47274

The Shipping News

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2001

Street Date:  06/18/2002

Box Office:  $10.2 Million

Cast:  Kevin Spacey | Julianne Moore | Judi Dench | Cate Blanchett | Scott Glenn | Rhys Ifans | Pete Postlethwaite | Jason Behr | Gordon Pinsent

Director:  Lasse Hallstrom

A man moves to Newfoundland to get a fresh start on life.

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Par d59159981d

The Ladies Man

Theatrical Release Date:  10/13/2000

Street Date:  04/17/2001

Box Office:  $13.6 Million

Cast:  Tim Meadows | Tiffani-Amber Thiessen | Karyn Parsons | Billy Dee Williams | Lee Evans | Will Ferrell | John Witherspoon | Julianne Moore | Tamala Jones | Eugene Levy | Kevin McDonald | Sofia Milos | Jill Talley | |

Director:  Reginald Hudlin

Based on a SNL skit where a man can't meet women.

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Missing art medium

Cookie's Fortune

Street Date:  09/14/1999

Box Office:  $10.9 Million

Cast:  Glenn Close | Julianne Moore | Liv Tyler | Chris O'Donnell | Charles S. Dutton | Patricia Neal | Ned Beatty | Courtney B. Vance | Donald Moffat | Lyle Lovett | Danny Darst | Matt Malloy | Randle Mell | Niecy Nash | Rufus Thomas | Ruby Wilson | Preston Strobel

Director:  Robert Altman

Deceased woman's relatives try to avoid scandal.

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Plt d78519d

An Ideal Husband

Street Date:  01/18/2000

Box Office:  $18.5 Million

Cast:  Rupert Everett | Julianne Moore | Jeremy Northam | Cate Blanchett | Minnie Driver | John Wood | Lindsay Duncan | Peter Vaughan | Jeroen Krabbe | Benjamin Pullen | Michael Culkin | Marsha Fitzalan

Director:  Oliver Parker

A womanizer is tricked into accepting a vow of marriage.

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Trn brn094733


Street Date:  07/25/2000

Box Office:  $22.4 Million

Cast:  Tom Cruise | Pat Healy | Genevieve Zweig | Melinda Dillon | Mark Flannagan | Neil Flynn | Rod McLachlan | Philip Baker Hall | Allan Graf | Philip Seymour Hoffman | William H. Macy | Jason Robards | Julianne Moore | John C. Reilly | Orlando Jones | Thomas Jane | Melora Walters

Director:  Paul Thomas Anderson

Friends and lovers intermingle in LA during one day.

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Col d04745d

The End Of The Affair

Theatrical Release Date:  12/03/1999

Street Date:  05/16/2000

Box Office:  $10.7 Million

Cast:  Ralph Fiennes | Julianne Moore | Stephen Rea | Ian Hart | Sam Bould | Jason Isaacs | James Bolam | Deborah Findlay

Director:  Neil Jordan

A woman is torn between her true love and her family.

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Missing art medium

A Map Of The World

Street Date:  09/19/2000

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Sigourney Weaver | Julianne Moore | David Strathaim | Ron Lea | Arliss Howard | Chloe Sevigny |

Director:  Scott Elliott

Accusations of child abuse change a nurse's life.

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Mvd dlib 4002d

Chicago Cab

Street Date:  03/15/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Paul Dillon| Michael Ironside| Laurie Metcalf| John C. Reilly| Gillian Anderson| John Cusack| Julianne Moore| Moira Harris| April Grace| Harry Lennix


Passenger interactions make a cabby's shift grueling.

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Missing art medium


Street Date:  05/25/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Gillian Anderson | John Cusack | Laurie Metcalf | Julianne Moore


Cabbie picks up strange people all day long.

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Cin brsf17548


Street Date:  06/08/1999

Box Office:  $21.4 Million

Cast:  Vince Vaughn | Anne Heche | Julianne Moore | Viggo Mortensen | William H. Macy | Robert Forster | Philip Baker Hall | Anne Haney | Chad Everett | Rance Howard | Rita Wilson | James Remar | James LeGros

Director:  Gus Van Sant

Woman steals cash and stays at a madman's motel.

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Mca br61198756

The Big Lebowski

Street Date:  08/11/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jeff Bridges [Jeffrey 'The Dude' Lebowski] | John Goodman [Walter Sobchak] | Steve Buscemi [Theodore Donald 'Donny' Kerabatsos] | Julianne Moore [Maude Lebowski] | John Turturro [Jesus Quintana] | David Huddleston [Jeffrey 'The Big Lebowski' Lebowski] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Brand] | Leon Russom [Malibu Police Chief] | Sam Elliott [The Stranger] | Tara Reid [Bunny Lebowski] | David Thewlis [Knox Harrington] | Ben Gazzara [Jackie Treehorn] | Jon Polito [Da Fino] | Peter Stormare [Nihilist #1/Karl Hungus] | Flea [Nihilist #2] | Torsten Voges [Nihilist #3] | Jerry Haleva [Saddam Hussein] | Jimmie Dale Gilmore [Smokey] | Mark Pellegrino [Blond Treehorn Thug] | Philip Moon [Woo the Treehorn Thug] | Dom Irrera [Tony the Chauffeur]

Director:  Joel Coen

Bowling buddies try to help a multimillionaire.

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Mca d61197575d

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Street Date:  10/10/2000

Box Office:  $229.1 Million

Cast:  Jeff Goldblum | Julianne Moore | Pete Postlethwaite | Arliss Howard | Richard Attenborough | Vince Vaughn | Vanessa Lee Chester | Peter Stormare | Harvey Jason | Richard Schiff | Thomas F. Duffy | Joseph Mazzello | Ariana Richards

Director:  Steven Spielberg

Men confront dinosaurs on a Costa Rican island.

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Col d04750d

The Myth Of Fingerprints

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Arija Bareikis | Blythe Danner | Hope Davis | Laurel Holloman | Brian Kerwin | James LeGros | Julianne Moore | Roy Scheider | Michael Vartan | Noah Wyle

Director:  Bart Freundlich

Grown siblings visit their parents at Thanksgiving.

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Trn dn572599d

Boogie Nights

Street Date:  04/07/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mark Wahlberg | Burt Reynolds | Julianne Moore | John C. Reilly | Don Cheadle | Heather Graham | Luis Guzman | Philip Seymour Hoffman | William H. Macy | Alfred Molina | Philip Baker Hall | Robert Ridgely | Thomas Jane

Director:  Paul Thomas Anderson

A porn star's ego leads to his downfall.

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Wrc d180005d

Surviving Picasso

Street Date:  06/20/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Anthony Hopkins | Natascha McElhone | Julianne Moore | Joss Ackland | Peter Eyre | Jane Lapotaire | Joseph Maher | Bob Peck | Diane Venora | Joan Plowright

Director:  James Ivory

A mistress stands up to the forceful artist.

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War br195835


Street Date:  09/30/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sylvester Stallone | Antonio Banderas | Julianne Moore | Anatoli Davydov | Kelly Rowan | Steve Kahan | Muse Watson | Reed Diamond | Kai Wulff | Kerry Skaisky

Director:  Richard Donner

Veteran hitman on his final assignment.

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Anb br24360

Nine Months

Street Date:  04/17/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Hugh Grant | Julianne Moore | Tom Arnold | Joan Cusack | Jeff Goldblum | Robin Williams | Joey Simmrin | Ashley Johnson | Mia Cottet

Director:  Chris Columbus

Girlfriend's pregnancy panics yuppie.

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Kic brk23088


Street Date:  05/06/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Peter Falk| D.B. Sweeney| Julianne Moore| Jan Rubes| Frankie Faison| Noah Fleiss| Joyce Reehling| Ernie Sabella| David Tom| John Cunningham| Ellen Burstyn

Director:  Peter Yates

Ohio surgeon shares roof with his granddad.

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Cri brcc2423


Street Date:  12/09/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore| Peter Friedman| Xander Berkeley| Susan Norman| Kate McGregor Stewart| Mary Carver| Steven Gilborn| April Grace| Peter Crombie| Ronnie Farer| Janel Moloney| Lorna Scott| James LeGros

Director:  Todd Haynes

New Age guru treats wife with environmental illness.

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Ime brcc2103

Vanya On 42nd Street

Street Date:  02/28/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Wallace Shawn | Julianne Moore | Brooke Smith | Larry Pine | George Gaynes | Lynn Cohen | Phoebe Brand | Jerry Mayer | Madhur Jaffrey | Andre Gregory

Director:  Louis Malle

Actors rehearse for play; from Chekhov's

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Mgm brm130560

Benny & Joon

Street Date:  01/09/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Johnny Depp| Mary Stuart Masterson| Aidan Quinn| Julianne Moore| Oliver Platt| CCH Pounder| Dan Hedaya| Joe Grifasi| William H. Macy| Eileen Ryan

Director:  Jeremiah Chechik

Eccentric upsets lives of brother and sister.

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Cri brcc2688

Short Cuts

Street Date:  11/16/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Andie MacDowell | Bruce Davison | Julianne Moore | Matthew Modine | Lily Tomlin | Tom Waits | Robert Downey Jr. | Christopher Penn | Jennifer Jason Leigh | Lyle Lovett | Huey Lewis | Buck Henry | Fred Ward | Anne Archer | Tim Robbins | Madeleine Stowe | Peter Gallagher | Lori Singer | Frances McDormand | Annie Ross

Director:  Robert Altman

Based on Raymond Carver tales of people and fate.

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War br394403

The Fugitive

Street Date:  03/06/1997

Box Office:  $183.9 Million

Cast:  Harrison Ford | Tommy Lee Jones | Sela Ward | Julianne Moore | Joe Pantoliano | Jeroen Krabbe | Andreas Katsulas | Daniel Roebuck | L. Scott Caldwell

Director:  Andrew Davis

U.S. marshal hunts doctor for murder of his wife.

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Cin brsf18094

Body Of Evidence

Street Date:  12/03/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Madonna | Willem Dafoe | Joe Mantegna | Anne Archer | Julianne Moore | Frank Langella | Stan Shaw | Charles Hallahan | Lillian Lehman | Mark Rolston | Jeff Perry | Richard Riehle

Director:  Uli Edel

Lawyer defends gold digger for murder by sex.

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Kic brk23560

The Gun In Betty Lou's Handbag

Street Date:  09/02/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Penelope Ann Miller | Eric Thal | Alfre Woodard | Julianne Moore | Andy Romano | Ray McKinnon | William Forsythe | Xander Berkeley | Michael O'Neill | Christopher John Fields | Cathy Moriarty

Director:  Allan Moyle

Mousy librarian finds murder weapon and confesses.

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Dis br109963

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Street Date:  12/08/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Annabella Sciorra| Rebecca De Mornay| Matt McCoy| Ernie Hudson| Julianne Moore| Madeline Zima| John deLancie| Kevin Skousen

Director:  Curtis Hanson

Unhinged woman becomes a Seattle couple's nanny.

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Hbo 90619v

Cast A Deadly Spell

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Fred Ward| David Warner| Julianne Moore

Director:  Martin Campbell

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Par d59190274d

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie

Street Date:  09/25/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Deborah Harry| Christian Slater| David Johansen| William Hickey| James Remar| Rae Dawn Chong| Robert Klein| Steve Buscemi| Matthew Lawrence| Robert Sedgwick| Julianne Moore| Michael Deak

Director:  John Harrison

Spooky "Lot 249," "Cat From Hell," "Lover's Vow."

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