Willem Dafoe

First Name: Willem
Last Name: Dafoe
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: July 22, 1955
Birth Place: Appleton, Wisconsin
Description: It's ironic that Willem Dafoe play a detective in American Psycho since it is usually he who plays the eccentric role. That eccentricity has been played to perfection in movies like Speed 2 and his defining film, Platoon, which earned him an Academy Award nomination. Willem is one of today's finest actors. He'll definitely be in Hollywood for the long haul.

Willem Dafoe Movies

Missing art medium

The Last Thing He Wanted

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Anne Hathaway | Willem Dafoe | Toby Jones | Rosie Perez | Edi Gathegi | Mel Rodriguez | Carlos Leal | Laura Niemi | Onata Aprile | David Vadim | Jene | TeriEnna Blanco | Bill Kelly

Director:  Dee Rees

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War d743531d

DC 3-Film Collection: Aquaman / Justice League / Wonder Woman

Street Date:  06/04/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Dolph Lundgren | Nicole Kidman | Patrick Wilson | Randall Park | Willem Dafoe | Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck | Gal Gadot | Amy Adams | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | Chris Pine | Connie Nielsen | Robin Wright | Ewen Bremner | Elena Anaya | David Thewlis

Director:  James Wan

Contains Wonder Woman, Justice League and Aquaman.

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Lge d56151d

John Wick / John Wick: Chapter Two

Street Date:  04/30/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Keanu Reeves | Adrianne Palicki | Willem Dafoe | Ian McShane | Riccardo Scamarcio | Ruby Rose | Jason Isaacs | Bridget Moynahan | Alfie Allen | Dean Winters | Lance Reddick | Kevin Nash | Common | Claudia Gerini | Laurence Fishburne | Tobias Segal | John Leguizamo


A collection containing the first two John Wick films.

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Plt d52824d

Williem Dafoe Collection

Street Date:  02/26/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Ray Liotta | Michelle Rodriguez | Giada Colagrande


A double feature of Willem Dafoe films.

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Mca d61201185d

Inside Man 2 Movie Collection

Street Date:  09/24/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Denzel Washington | Clive Owen | Jodie Foster | Willem Dafoe | Aml Ameen | Rhea Seehorn | Roxanne McKee | Urs Rechn

Director:  Spike Lee , MJ Bassett

Includes Inside Man and Inside Man: Most Wanted.

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War br745787

DC 7 Film Collection: Shazam/Aquaman/Wonder Woman/Suicide Squad/Batman v Superman/Man of Steel/Justice League

Street Date:  10/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck | Gal Gadot | Amy Adams | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris | Will Smith | Jared Leto | Margot Robbie | Joel Kinnaman | Viola Davis | Jai Courtney | Cara Delevingne | Jesse Eisenberg | Jay Hernandez | Adam Beach


Includes the first seven DC films.

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Lge br57430

The Lighthouse

Theatrical Release Date:  10/18/2019

Street Date:  01/07/2020

Box Office:  $10.8 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Robert Pattinson | Valeriia Karaman

Director:  Robert Eggers

A tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote island.

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War br739969

Motherless Brooklyn

Theatrical Release Date:  11/01/2019

Street Date:  01/28/2020

Box Office:  $7.4 Million

Cast:  Bruce Willis | Willem Dafoe | Edward Norton | Leslie Mann | Gugu Mbatha-Raw | Bobby Cannavale | Ethan Suplee | Alec Baldwin | Dallas Roberts | Michael Kenneth Williams | Fisher Stevens | Cherry Jones | Josh Pais | Robert Wisdom | Joseph Siravo

Director:  Edward Norton

A private detective tries to solve the murder of his mentor.

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War br9648627

DC 5-Film Collection

Street Date:  05/29/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck | Gal Gadot | Amy Adams | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris | Will Smith | Jared Leto | Margot Robbie | Joel Kinnaman | Viola Davis | Jai Courtney | Cara Delevingne | Jesse Eisenberg | Jay Hernandez | Adam Beach


Includes the first five DC films.

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Mpi brgre2212


Theatrical Release Date:  05/11/2018

Street Date:  09/25/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe

Director:  Jennifer Peedom

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War d748505d


Theatrical Release Date:  12/21/2018

Street Date:  03/26/2019

Box Office:  $331.4 Million

Cast:  Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Dolph Lundgren | Nicole Kidman | Patrick Wilson | Randall Park | Willem Dafoe | Graham McTavish | Djimon Hounsou | Temuera Morrison | Yahya Abdul-Mateen II | Leigh Whannell | Sophia Forrest | Michael Beach | Ludi Lin

Director:  James Wan

An origin story of the hero Aquaman.

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Grv dgrv07318d

Brothers in Arms

Street Date:  11/13/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Johnny Depp | Charlie Sheen | Willem Dafoe | Tom Berenger | Kevin Dillon

Director:  Paul Sanchez

The unauthorized Platoon documentary.

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Mca br36202394

Vox Lux

Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2018

Street Date:  03/05/2019

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Natalie Portman | Jude Law | Christopher Abbott | Willem Dafoe | Jennifer Ehle | Raffey Cassidy | Stacy Martin | Maria Dizzia | Erik King | Matt Servitto | Natasha Romanova | Daniel London | Fred Hechinger | Sahr Ngaujah | Christopher Dylan White

Director:  Brady Corbet

A pop star deals with an act of terrifying violence.

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Lge br55786

At Eternity's Gate

Theatrical Release Date:  11/16/2018

Street Date:  02/12/2019

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Rupert Friend | Oscar Isaac | Mads Mikkelsen | Mathieu Amalric | Emmanuelle Seigner | Niels Arestrup | Alan Aubert | Amira Casar | Lolita Chammah | Patrick Chesnais | Vladimir Consigny | Vincent Grass | Didier Jarre | Alexis Michalik

Director:  Julian Schnabel

A journey inside the mind of Vincent van Gogh.

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War br744273

Justice League

Theatrical Release Date:  11/17/2017

Street Date:  03/13/2018

Box Office:  $227.7 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill [Clark Kent/Superman] | Ben Affleck [Bruce Wayne/Batman] | Gal Gadot [Diana Prince/Wonder Woman] | Amy Adams | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris

Director:  Zack Snyder

Bruce Wayne assembles the Justice League to fight evil.

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Fox br2347006

Murder on the Orient Express

Theatrical Release Date:  11/10/2017

Street Date:  02/27/2018

Box Office:  $102.3 Million

Cast:  Daisy Ridley | Johnny Depp | Michael Pena | Olivia Colman | Lucy Boynton | Michelle Pfeiffer | Penélope Cruz | Josh Gad | Willem Dafoe | Kenneth Branagh | Judi Dench | Leslie Odom Jr. | Miranda Raison | Derek Jacobi | Tom Bateman

Director:  Kenneth Branagh

A train ride through Europe turns into a murder-mystery.

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Mca br61207949

The Great Wall

Theatrical Release Date:  02/17/2017

Street Date:  05/23/2017

Box Office:  $43.8 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Pedro Pascal | Tian Jing | Willem Dafoe | Hanyu Zhang | Han Lu | Eddie Peng | Lin Gengxin | Zheng Kai | Wang Zhenkai | Huang Xuan | Chen Xuedong | Andy Lau

Director:  Zhang Yimou

The story of the most iconic structure ever built.

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Lge d52462d

A Family Man

Theatrical Release Date:  07/28/2017

Street Date:  08/29/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Alison Brie | Gerard Butler | Willem Dafoe | Alfred Molina | Gretchen Mol | Dustin Milligan | Kathleen Munroe | Julia Butters | Anupam Kher | Cyndy Day | Stephen Bogaert | Samuel Faraci | Max Jenkins

Director:  Mark Williams

Man is forced to choose between work and sick son.

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Eon brcmg8389

Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait

Street Date:  11/07/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julian Schnabel | Al Pacino | Willem Dafoe | Bono | Emmanuelle Seigner

Director:  Pappi Corsicato

A look at the life and career of filmmaker Julian Schnabel.

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Lge br53586

The Florida Project

Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2017

Street Date:  02/20/2018

Box Office:  $5.6 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Brooklynn Prince | Valeria Cotto | Bria Vinaite | Christopher Rivera | Caleb Landry Jones | Macon Blair | Karren Karagulian | Sandy Kane | Jason Blackwater | Carl Bradfield | Jim Coleman | Jim R. Coleman | Kelly Fitzgerald | Sabina Friedman-Seitz

Director:  Sean Baker

A group of kids spend a wonderful summer at a budget motel.

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Ime brded10075

Dog Eat Dog

Theatrical Release Date:  11/11/2016

Street Date:  12/27/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Willem Dafoe | Magi Avila | Paul Schrader | Melissa Bolona | Louisa Krause | Johanna McGinley | Omar J. Dorsey | Reynaldo Gallegos | Chelsea Mee | Kayla Perkins | John Patrick Jordan | Christopher Matthew Cook

Director:  Paul Schrader

Ex-cons are hired to kidnap a baby for a large ransom.

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Fox br2356545

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Theatrical Release Date:  03/07/2014

Street Date:  06/17/2014

Box Office:  $59.0 Million

Cast:  Ralph Fiennes [M. Gustave] | Tony Revolori [Zero Moustafa] | Saoirse Ronan | Edward Norton | Willem Dafoe | Jude Law | Owen Wilson | Lea Seydoux | Bill Murray | Adrien Brody | Tilda Swinton [Madame D.] | Jeff Goldblum | Jason Schwartzman | F. Murray Abraham | Mathieu Amalric | Tom Wilkinson | Harvey Keitel | Paul Schlase [Igor]

Director:  Wes Anderson

The adventures of a hotel concierge and his lobby boy.

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Col br43144

Bad Country

Street Date:  04/29/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Matt Dillon | Willem Dafoe | Amy Smart | Neal McDonough | Chris Marquette | Tom Berenger | Bill Duke | J.D. Evermore | Kevin Chapman | Frederick Weller | Alex Solowitz | Christopher Denham | Ritchie Montgomery

Director:  Chris Brinker

Detective and informant team up to take down crime boss.

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Mag br10691

Nymphomaniac Volume I

Theatrical Release Date:  03/21/2014

Street Date:  07/08/2014

Box Office:  $0.6 Million

Cast:  Charlotte Gainsbourg | Shia LaBeouf | Willem Dafoe | Stellan Skarsgard | Christian Slater | Jamie Bell | Uma Thurman | Stacy Martin | Connie Nielsen | Mia Goth | Sophie Kennedy Clark | Udo Kier | Michael Pas

Director:  Lars von Trier

Story of a nymphomaniac's life from birth to age 50.

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Ime dtot7653d

Odd Thomas

Theatrical Release Date:  02/28/2014

Street Date:  03/25/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Anton Yelchin | Addison Timlin | Willem Dafoe | Patton Oswalt | Gugu Mbatha-Raw | Arnold Vosloo | Melissa Ordway | Leonor Varela | Maisha Diatta | Nico Tortorella | Matthew Daniel Page

Director:  Stephen Sommers

Man who sees dead people finds himself in epic battle.

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Fox br2356553

The Fault in Our Stars

Theatrical Release Date:  06/06/2014

Street Date:  09/16/2014

Box Office:  $124.7 Million

Cast:  Shailene Woodley [Hazel Grace Lancaster] | Ansel Elgort [Agustus 'Gus' Waters] | Laura Dern [Frannie] | Sam Trammell [Michael] | Nat Wolff [Isaac] | Willem Dafoe [Peter Van Houten] | Lotte Verbeek [Lidewij] | Mike Birbiglia [Patrick] | Emily Peachey [Monica] | Milica Govich [Gus' Mom] | David Whalen [Gus' Dad] | Jean Brassard [Waiter] | Ana Dela Cruz [Dr. Maria] | Randy Kovitz [Dr. Simmons] | Emily Bach [Monica's Mom] | Tim Hartman [Minister] | Lily Kenna [Young Hazel]

Director:  Josh Boone

Two teens meet & fall in love in a cancer support group.

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Lge br46149

A Most Wanted Man

Theatrical Release Date:  07/25/2014

Street Date:  11/04/2014

Box Office:  $17.1 Million

Cast:  Philip Seymour Hoffman | Rachel McAdams | Willem Dafoe | Robin Wright | Daniel Bruhl | Martin Wuttke | Nina Hoss | Rainer Bock | Kostja Ullmann

Director:  Anton Corbijn

Young man seeks his father's ill-gotten fortune.

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Mag br10692

Nymphomaniac Volume II

Theatrical Release Date:  04/04/2014

Street Date:  07/08/2014

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Charlotte Gainsbourg | Shia LaBeouf | Willem Dafoe | Uma Thurman | Christian Slater | Stellan Skarsgard | Jamie Bell

Director:  Lars von Trier

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Mag br10794

Nymphomaniac: Volume I and Volume II

Street Date:  07/08/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Charlotte Gainsbourg | Shia LaBeouf | Willem Dafoe | Stellan Skarsgard | Christian Slater | Uma Thurman | Sophie Kennedy Clark | Connie Nielsen | Udo Kier | Jamie Bell | Willem Dafoe | Mia Goth | Jean-Marc Barr

Director:  Lars Von Trier

A collection of the Nymphonaniac films.

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Lge br51651

John Wick

Theatrical Release Date:  10/24/2014

Street Date:  02/03/2015

Box Office:  $43.0 Million

Cast:  Keanu Reeves [John Wick] | Adrianne Palicki | Willem Dafoe | Ian McShane | Jason Isaacs | Bridget Moynahan | Alfie Allen [Iosef Tarasov] | Dean Winters | Lance Reddick | Kevin Nash | David Patrick Kelly | Michael Nyqvist [Viggo Tarasov] | Daniel Bernhardt | Tait Fletcher | Keith Jardine

Director:  David Leitch , Chad Stahelski

Brutal assassin is reawakened and seeks revenge.

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Kic dk23978d


Street Date:  09/17/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ninetto Davoli | Riccardo Scamarcio | Willem Dafoe

Director:  Abel Ferrara

The final days of artist Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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Ime debe8518d

Tomorrow You're Gone

Theatrical Release Date:  04/05/2013

Street Date:  05/14/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Stephen Dorff | Michelle Monaghan | Willem Dafoe | Tara Buck | Robert LaSardo | Kerry Rossall

Director:  David Jacobson

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Missing art medium

Out of the Furnace

Theatrical Release Date:  12/04/2013

Street Date:  03/11/2014

Box Office:  $11.3 Million

Cast:  Christian Bale [Russell Baze] | Zoe Saldana [Lena Taylor] | Woody Harrelson [Harlan DeGroat] | Casey Affleck [Rodney Baze Jr.] | Willem Dafoe [John Petty] | Forest Whitaker [Chief Wesley Barnes] | Sam Shepard [Gerald 'Red' Baze] | Dendrie Taylor [DeGroat's Date] | Tom Bower [Dan Dugan] | Bingo O'Malley [Rodney Baze Sr.] | Bobby Wolfe [Dwight Van Dunk] | Charles David Richards [Chaplain] | Jack Erdie [Meth Guy] | Nancy Mosser [Woman at Drive In] | Carl Ciarfalio [Man at Drive In] | Gordon Michaels [Bergen County Officer] | Boyd Holbrook [Tattooed Guy] | Efka Kvaraciejus | Aaron Toney

Director:  Scott Cooper

Steel worker must fight to save father and brother.

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Dis br108383

John Carter

Theatrical Release Date:  03/09/2012

Street Date:  06/05/2012

Box Office:  $73.1 Million

Cast:  Taylor Kitsch [John Carter] | Lynn Collins [Dejah Thoris] | Willem Dafoe [Tars Tarkas] | Mark Strong [Matai Shang] | Samantha Morton [Sola] | Ciaran Hinds [Tardos Mors] | Dominic West [Sab Than] | James Purefoy [Kantos Kahn] | Daryl Sabara [Edgar Rice Burroughs] | Polly Walker [Sarkoja] | Bryan Cranston [Powell] | Thomas Haden Church [Tal Hajus] | Don Stark [Dix] | Amanda Clayton [Carter's Wife] | Bridgett Riley [Zodangan Soldier] | Rupert Frazer [Thompson] | Kyle Agnew [Apache Stable Boy]

Director:  Andrew Stanton

Former Civil War captain is transported to Mars to fight.

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Mpi brifc1890

4:44 Last Day on Earth

Theatrical Release Date:  03/23/2012

Street Date:  07/17/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Paz de la Huerta | Natasha Lyonne | Shanyn Leigh | Paul Hipp | Selena Mars | Anthony Perullo | Thomas Michael Sullivan

Director:  Abel Ferrara

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Mag br10470

The Hunter

Theatrical Release Date:  04/06/2012

Street Date:  07/03/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Sam Neill | Frances O'Connor | Sullivan Stapleton | Dan Wyllie | Jacek Koman | Callan Mulvey | Maia Thomas | Jamie Timony | Finn Woodlock | John Brumpton | Dan Spielman

Director:  Daniel Nettheim

Mercenary hunts a tiger long believed to be extinct.

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Anb brwc23243


Theatrical Release Date:  03/25/2011

Street Date:  07/12/2011

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Freida Pinto [Miral] | Willem Dafoe [Eddie] | Vanessa Redgrave | Alexander Siddig | Hiam Abbass

Director:  Julian Schnabel

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Col d30797d

Fireflies in the Garden

Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/2011

Street Date:  02/07/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Roberts [Lisa Waechter] | Ryan Reynolds [Michael Waechter] | Willem Dafoe [Charles Waechter] | Emily Watson [Jane Lawrence] | Hayden Panettiere [Young Jane Lawrence] | Cayden Boyd [Young Michael Waechter] | Carrie-Anne Moss [Kelly Hanson] | Ioan Gruffudd [Addison] | Shanon Lucio [Ryne Waechter] | George Newbern [Jimmy Lawrence] | Brooklynn Proulx [Leslie Lawrence] | Chase Ellison [Christopher Lawrence] | Molly McCann [Ryne's Best Friend]

Director:  Dennis Lee

Serious accident shakes Midwestern family's foundations.

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Lge br56575


Theatrical Release Date:  01/08/2010

Street Date:  05/11/2010

Box Office:  $30.0 Million

Cast:  Ethan Hawke [Edward Dalton] | Willem Dafoe | Sam Neill | Vince Colosimo | Isabel Lucas | Claudia Karvan | Jay Laga'aia

Director:  Peter Spierig , Michael Spierig

Vampires face extinction of human race in the future.

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Missing art medium

The Wild Bunch

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Abigail Breslin (voice) | Willem Dafoe (voice) | Elizabeth Hurley (voice) | Chris Klein (voice) | Willie Nelson (voice)

Director:  Douglas Wood

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Cin brsf18164

Tales from Earthsea

Theatrical Release Date:  08/13/2010

Street Date:  03/08/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe (voice) [Cob] | Timothy Dalton (voice) [Ged/Sparrowhawk] | Mariska Hargitay (voice) [Tenar] | Cheech Marin (voice) [Hare] | Matt Levin (voice) [Prince Arren] | Kevin Michael Richardson (voice) | Jess Harnell (voice)

Director:  Goro Miyazaki

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Flp d13209d

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

Street Date:  09/14/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Chloe Sevigny | Michael Shannon | Brad Dourif | Michael Pena | Loretta Devine | Irma P. Hall | Udo Kier | Grace Zabriskie | Braden Lynch | Candice Coke

Director:  Werner Herzog

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And d04129d

A Woman

Street Date:  06/30/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Jess Weixler | Stefania Rocca

Director:  Giada Colagrande

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Missing art medium

Go Go Tales

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Bob Hoskins | Asia Argento | Matthew Modine | Lou Doillon | Roy Dotrice | Frankie Cee | Burt Young

Director:  Abel Ferrara

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Ime dcc1938d


Theatrical Release Date:  10/23/2009

Street Date:  11/09/2010

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe [He] | Charlotte Gainsbourg [She]

Director:  Lars von Trier

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Ime br6287

Adam Resurrected

Street Date:  09/22/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jeff Goldblum | Willem Dafoe | Derek Jacobi | Ayelet Zurer

Director:  Paul Schrader

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Mca br61106483

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Theatrical Release Date:  10/23/2009

Street Date:  02/23/2010

Box Office:  $13.8 Million

Cast:  John C. Reilly [Larten Crepsley] | Chris Massoglia [Darren Shan] | Josh Hutcherson [Steve] | Salma Hayek [Madame Truska] | Willem Dafoe [Gavner Purl] | Ken Watanabe [Mr. Tall] | Jane Krakowski [Cormac Limbs] | Patrick Fugit [Evra Von] | Ray Stevenson [Murlough] | Kristen Schaal [Gertha Teeth] | Frankie Faison [Rhamus Twobellies] | Orlando Jones [Alexander Ribs] | Michael Cerveris [Mr. Destiny] | Brandon Molale [Vampaneze] | Don McManus [Mr. Shan] | Daniel Newman [Pete] | Tom Woodruff Jr. [Wolfman] | Morgan Saylor [Annie] | Shawn Knowles [Mr. Kersey] | Jessica Carlson [Rebecca] | Jonathan Nosan [Hans Hands]

Director:  Paul Weitz

Two boys visit freak show and face life-altering decision.

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Cri dcc2989ddv

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Theatrical Release Date:  11/13/2009

Street Date:  03/23/2010

Box Office:  $20.8 Million

Cast:  George Clooney (voice) [Mr. Fox] | Bill Murray (voice) [Badger] | Jason Schwartzman (voice) [Ash] | Meryl Streep (voice) [Mrs. Fox] | Eric Anderson (voice) [Kristofferson] | Wally Wolodarsky (voice) [Kylie] | Michael Gambon (voice) [Franklin Bean] | Willem Dafoe (voice) [Rat] | Owen Wilson (voice) [Coach Skip] | Wes Anderson (voice) [Weasel] | Karen Duffy (voice) [Linda Otter] | Helen McCrory (voice) [Mrs. Bean] | Jarvis Cocker (voice) [Petey] | Brian Cox (voice) [Action 12 Reporter] | Garth Jennings (voice) [Bean's Son] | Roman Coppola (voice) [Squirrel Contractor] | Adrien Brody (voice) [Field Mouse] | Mario Batali (voice) [Rabbit]

Director:  Wes Anderson

Mr. Fox plots the greatest heist ever in the animal kingdom.

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Gep d81483d


Theatrical Release Date:  04/18/2008

Street Date:  12/09/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Scott Speedman | Peter Stormare | Clea DuVall | Amy Carlson | Yul Vazquez | James Rebhorn | Deborah Harry | Mick Foley

Director:  Henry Miller

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Avm bru91494

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Theatrical Release Date:  08/24/2007

Street Date:  11/27/2007

Box Office:  $32.6 Million

Cast:  Rowan Atkinson | Emma de Caunes | Jean Rochefort | Antoine de Caunes | Willem Dafoe

Director:  Robin Driscoll , Hamish McColl

Bean takes a wacky holiday to the south of France.

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Flp d11622d

Paris, Je T'aime

Theatrical Release Date:  05/04/2007

Street Date:  11/13/2007

Box Office:  $4.9 Million

Cast:  Natalie Portman | Maggie Gyllenhaal | Fanny Ardant | Elijah Wood | Nick Nolte | Bob Hoskins | Juliette Binoche | Emily Mortimer | Catalina Sandino Moreno | Rufus Sewell | Barbet Schroeder | Olga Kurylenko | Ludivine Sagnier | Gena Rowlands | Miranda Richardson | Steve Buscemi | Willem Dafoe | Leonor Watling | Alexander Payne | Gerard Depardieu | Ben Gazzara | Wes Craven

Director:  Olivier Assayas , Frederic Auburtin , Emmanuel Benbihy , Gurinder Chadha , Sylvain Chomet , Ethan Coen , Joel Coen , Isabel Coixet , Wes Craven , Alfonso Cuaron , Gerard Depardieu , Christopher Doyle , Richard LaGravene

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Flp d12079d

The Black Widow

Street Date:  08/14/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Giada Colagrande | Seymour Cassel | Claudio Botosso | Isaach De Bankole

Director:  Giada Colagrande

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Thk d55725d

The Walker

Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2007

Street Date:  05/27/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Woody Harrelson [Carter Page] | Kristin Scott Thomas [Lynn Lockner] | Lauren Bacall [Natalie Van Miter] | Willem Dafoe [Senator Larry Lockner] | Lily Tomlin [Abigail Delorean] | Ned Beatty [Jack Delorean] | Mary Beth Hurt [Chrissie Morgan] | William Hope [Mungo Tenant] | Geff Francis [Detective Dixon] | Steven Hartley [Robbie Kononsberg] | Garrick Hagon [John Krebs]

Director:  Paul Schrader

Man who covers for friend becomes chief suspect in crime.

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Mca br61119211

Inside Man

Theatrical Release Date:  03/24/2006

Street Date:  08/08/2006

Box Office:  $88.4 Million

Cast:  Denzel Washington | Clive Owen | Jodie Foster | Willem Dafoe | Christopher Plummer | Peter Gerety | Darryl "Chill" Mitchell | Peter Frechette | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Ashlie Atkinson | Jason Manual Olazabal

Director:  Spike Lee

A mastermind thief plots a flawless bank robbery.

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Gep d79509d


Theatrical Release Date:  01/27/2006

Street Date:  08/08/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bryce Dallas Howard | Isaach De Bankole | Danny Glover | Willem Dafoe | Jeremy Davies | Lauren Bacall | Chloe Sevigny | Udo Kier | Jean-Marc Barr | Suzette Llewellyn

Director:  Lars von Trier

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Avm bru91609

American Dreamz

Theatrical Release Date:  04/21/2006

Street Date:  10/17/2006

Box Office:  $7.2 Million

Cast:  Hugh Grant | Dennis Quaid | Marcia Gay Harden | Chris Klein | Jennifer Coolidge | Willem Dafoe | Judy Greer | Shohreh Aghdashloo | Seth Meyers | Mandy Moore | John Griffin | Sarita Michelle

Director:  Paul Weitz

President judges a reality TV singing competition.

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Scn dsm900227d

Bull Fighter

Street Date:  01/04/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Oliver Martinez | Michelle Forbes | Donnie Wahlberg | Robert Rodrigez | Willem Dafoe


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Col br26379

XXX: State of the Union

Theatrical Release Date:  04/29/2005

Street Date:  07/26/2005

Box Office:  $26.1 Million

Cast:  Ice Cube [Darius Stone] | Samuel L. Jackson [Augustus Gibbons] | Scott Speedman [Kyle Steele] | Willem Dafoe [George Deckert] | Xzibit [Zeke] | Michael Roof | Nona Gaye [Lola] | Brian David [Washington Elite] | Sunny Mabrey [Charlie] | Peter Strauss [Sandord] | Masuimi Max | Bryan Holly

Director:  Lee Tamahori

Agent and his protege must halt stop radical military group.

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Wrc dh406274d

The Hitchhiker

Street Date:  03/16/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Peter Coyote | Margot Kidder | Joe Pantoliano | Willem Dafoe | Michael O'Keefe | Gary Busey | Kirstie Alley | James Remar | Helen Hunt | Greg Evigan


From HBO's acclaimed thriller series from the '80s.

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Wrc dp466143d

The Reckoning

Theatrical Release Date:  03/05/2004

Street Date:  08/03/2004

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Paul Bettany [Nicholas] | Willem Dafoe [Martin] | Gina McKee [Sarah] | Brian Cox [Tobias] | Simon McBurney [Stephen] | Tom Hardy [Straw] | Ewen Bremner [Simon Damian] | Vincent Cassel | Jared Harris

Director:  Paul McGuigan

Actors re-create crime in a play in an effort to solve it.

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War d037230d

The Aviator

Theatrical Release Date:  12/17/2004

Street Date:  05/24/2005

Box Office:  $102.6 Million

Cast:  Leonardo DiCaprio [Howard Hughes] | Kate Beckinsale [Ava Gardner] | Cate Blanchett [Katharine Hepburn] | Gwen Stefani [Jean Harlow] | Adam Scott [Johnny Meyer] | Iam Holm [Professor Fitz] | Kelli Garner [Faith Domergue] | Alan Alda [Ralph Owen Brewster] | Alec Baldwin | Willem Dafoe | John C. Reilly | Sam Hennings | Frances Conroy | Matt Ross | Rufus Wainwright | Josie Maran

Director:  Martin Scorsese

The story of eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes.

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Anb d60979d

The Clearing

Theatrical Release Date:  07/02/2004

Street Date:  11/09/2004

Box Office:  $5.7 Million

Cast:  Robert Redford [Wayne Hayes] | Willem Dafoe [Arnold Mack] | Helen Mirren [Eileen Hayes] | Matt Craven [Agent Fuller] | Alessandro Nivola [Tim Hayes] | Melissa Sagemiller [Jill Hayes] | Wendy Crewson | Peter Gannon

Director:  Pieter Jan Brugge

A kidnapping brings the lives of a couple under scrutiny.

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Vel dtf53185d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/10/2004

Street Date:  06/28/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Troy Duffy | Jeffrey Baxter | Billy Connolly | Willem Dafoe

Director:  Tony Montana , Mark Brian Smith

Documentary of filmmaker who wrote The Boondock Saints.

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Col d10093d


Street Date:  02/15/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ray Liotta | Kathleen Robertson | Stewart Alexander | Brooke Allen | Nick Brimble | Willem Dafoe | Ivan Kaye | Mark Letheren | Mac McDonald | Mark Pickard | Stephen Rea | Michelle Rodriguez | Jonas Talkington | Raicho Vasilev | Polly Walker | Glenn Wrage


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Cri brcc2350

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Theatrical Release Date:  12/10/2004

Street Date:  05/10/2005

Box Office:  $23.9 Million

Cast:  Bill Murray [Steve Zissou] | Anjelica Huston [Eleanor Zissou] | Owen Wilson [Ned Plimpton] | Willem Dafoe [Klaus Daimler] | Michael Gambon [Drakoulias] | Jeff Goldblum [Hennessey] | Noah Taylor [Wolodarsky] | Bud Cort [Bill Ubell]

Director:  Wes Anderson

The life and adventures of oceanographer Steve Zissou.

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Col br22732

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Theatrical Release Date:  09/12/2003

Street Date:  01/20/2004

Box Office:  $55.7 Million

Cast:  Antonio Banderas [El Mariachi] | Salma Hayek [Carolina] | Mickey Rourke [Billy] | Willem Dafoe [Barrillo] | Johnny Depp [Sands] | Eva Mendes [Ajedrez] | Ruben Blades | Enrique Iglesias | Cheech Marin | Danny Trejo

Director:  Robert Rodriguez

El Mariachi protects Mexican president from coup plans.

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Dis br154879

Finding Nemo

Theatrical Release Date:  05/30/2003

Street Date:  11/04/2003

Box Office:  $380.7 Million

Cast:  Albert Brooks (voice) [Marlin] | Willem Dafoe (voice) [Gill] | Ellen DeGeneres (voice) [Dory] | Alexander Gould (voice) [Nemo] | Allison Janney (voice) [Peach] | Brad Garrett (voice) [Bloat] | Erica Beck (voice) [Pearl] | Geoffrey Rush (voice) [Nigel] | Richard Kind (voice) [Bloat] | John Ratzengerger (voice) [Moonfish] | Erik Per Sullivan (voice) [Sheldon] | Stephen Root (voice) [Bubbles]

Director:  Andrew Stanton

A father and son clown fish become separated.

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Col sp10385v

Auto Focus

Theatrical Release Date:  10/18/2002

Street Date:  03/18/2003

Box Office:  $2.0 Million

Cast:  Greg Kinnear | Willem Dafoe | Maria Bello | Rita Wilson | Ron Leibman | Marieh Delfino | Kurt Fuller | Katie Lohmann

Director:  Paul Schrader

Bob Crane's Hollywood life and death.

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Col br42610


Theatrical Release Date:  05/03/2002

Street Date:  11/01/2002

Box Office:  $403.7 Million

Cast:  Tobey Maguire | Kirsten Dunst | Willem Dafoe | James Franco | J.K. Simmons | Michael Papajohn | Randy Poffo | Joe Manganiello | Rosemary Harris | Ted Raimi | Cliff Robertson | Bill Nunn | Bruce Campbell | Stan Lee | Macy Gray | Elizabeth Banks | Sara Ramirez

Director:  Sam Raimi

A teen is bitten by a spider and gains superhero powers.

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Mca d21263d

Pavilion Of Women

Street Date:  01/15/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Luo Yan


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Plt d77249d

Edges of the Lord

Street Date:  01/04/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Haley Joel Osment | Willem Dafoe | Liam Hess | Richard Banel

Director:  Yurek Bogayevicz

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Lge br54779

American Psycho

Theatrical Release Date:  04/14/2000

Street Date:  09/05/2000

Box Office:  $15.1 Million

Cast:  Christian Bale | Reese Witherspoon | Willem Dafoe | Samantha Mathis | Jared Leto | Chloe Sevigny | Guinevere Turner | Josh Lucas | Matt Ross | William Sage | Cara Seymour | Justin Theroux |

Director:  Mary Herron

Wall Street man kills for no reason at all.

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Missing art medium

Shadow Of The Vampire

Theatrical Release Date:  12/29/2000

Street Date:  05/29/2001

Box Office:  $7.9 Million

Cast:  John Malkovich | Willem Dafoe | Cary Elwes | Eddie Izzard | Udo Kier | Catherine McCormack | Ronan Vibert

Director:  E. Elias Merhige

A look at the making of 1922's Nosferatu and its lead actor.

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Mvd brav115

Animal Factory

Street Date:  01/09/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem DaFoe | Edward Furlong | Seymour Cassel | Mickey Rourke | Steve Buscemi | Danny Trejo

Director:  Steve Buscemi

Older inmate takes new young inmate under his wing.

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Lge d48939d


Street Date:  10/19/1999

Box Office:  $2.8 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Jason Leigh | Jude Law [Ted Pikul] | Willem Dafoe | Ian Holm | Don McKellar | Callum Keith Rennie | Sarah Polley | Christopher Eccleston | Kirsten Johnson

Director:  David Cronenberg

Security guard protects a futuristic game's creator.

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Fox d2326867d

The Boondock Saints

Street Date:  12/18/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Sean Patrick Flanery | Norman Reedus | Billy Connolly | David Della Rocco | David Ferry | Brian Mahoney | Bob Marley | Layton Morrison | Ron Jeremy

Director:  Troy Duffy

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Pmi dfis060d

Fishing with John

Street Date:  04/27/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Dennis Hopper | Jim Jarmusch | Tom Waits | John Lurie | Matt Dillon

Director:  John Lurie

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Vmm d7188d

Lulu On The Bridge

Street Date:  09/21/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harvey Keitel | Mira Sorvino | Willem Dafoe | Gina Gershon | Mandy Patinkin | Vanessa Redgrave | Victor Argo | Don Byron | Richard Edson | Kevin Corrigan

Director:  Paul Auster

A musician and an aspiring actress fall in love.

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Missing art medium

New Rose Hotel

Street Date:  12/07/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Christopher Walken | Willem Dafoe | Asia Argento | Yoshitaka Amano | Annabella Sciorra | Gretchen Mol | John Lurie | Ryuichi Sakamoto

Director:  Abel Ferrara

Corporate raiders use a woman to lure a genius.

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Fox br2289379

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Street Date:  10/20/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sandra Bullock | Jason Patric | Willem Dafoe | Temuera Morrison | Brian McCardie | Christine Firkins | Michael G. Hagerty | Colleen Camp | Enrique Murciano Jr. | Kimmy Robertson | Bo Svenson | Tamia | Tim Conway

Director:  Jan de Bont

A couple intervene when a madman hijacks their ship.

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Missing art medium


Street Date:  07/06/1999

Box Office:  $6.3 Million

Cast:  Nick Nolte | Sissy Spacek | James Coburn | Willem Dafoe | Mary Beth Hurt | Jim True | Marian Seldes | Homes Osborne | Brigid Tierney | Sean McCann | Wayne Robson

Director:  Paul Schrader

A small-town sheriff becomes unhinged.

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Plt d78239d


Street Date:  09/03/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jeffrey Wright| Michael Wincott| Benicio Del Toro| Claire Forlani| David Bowie| Dennis Hopper| Gary Oldman| Christopher Walken| Willem Dafoe| Parker Posey| Elina Lowensohn| Paul Bartel| Tatum O'Neal| Chuck Pfeiffer| Courtney Love

Director:  Julian Schnabel

The life and death of N.Y. artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

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Lge br31804

The English Patient

Street Date:  03/24/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ralph Fiennes | Juliette Binoche | Willem Dafoe | Kristin Scott Thomas | Naveen Andrews | Colin Firth | Julian Wadham | Jurgen Prochnow | Kevin Whately | Clive Merrison | Nino Castelnuovo | Hichem Rostom | Peter Ruhring

Director:  Anthony Minghella

Count's fling with a British newlywed leads to tragedy.

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Missing art medium


Street Date:  11/19/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Sam Neill | Irene Jacob | Rufus Sewell | Jean Yanne | Ho Yi | Bill Paterson | Irm Hermann | Simon Callow

Director:  Mark Peploe

A recluse defends his island home from intruders.

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Par br7913045

Clear And Present Danger

Street Date:  10/20/1998

Box Office:  $122.0 Million

Cast:  Harrison Ford | Willem Dafoe | Anne Archer | Joaquim de Almeida | Henry Czerny | Harris Yulin | Donald Moffat | Miguel Sandoval | Benjamin Bratt | Raymond Cruz | Dean Jones | Thora Birch | Ann Magnuson | Hope Lange | Tom Tammi | Tim Grimm | Belita Moreno | James Earl Jones

Director:  Philip Noyce

CIA chief combats Colombian drug cartels.

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Dis d28662d

The Night And The Moment

Street Date:  02/04/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe| Lena Olin| Miranda Richardson| Jean-Claude Carriere| Carole Richert| Christine Sireyzol| Guy Verame| Ivan Bacciocchi

Director:  Anna Maria Tato

A libertine reminisces to one he hopes to seduce.

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Plt d78089d

Tom & Viv

Street Date:  04/08/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe| Miranda Richardson| Rosemary Harris| Tim Dutton| Nickolas Grace| Philip Locke

Director:  Brian Gilbert

Broken marriage of poet T.S. Eliot and wife.

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Col d79969d

Faraway, So Close

Street Date:  09/12/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Otto Sander| Peter Falk| Horst Buchholz| Nastassja Kinski| Lou Reed| Bruno Ganz| Solveig Dommartin| Willem Dafoe

Director:  Wim Wenders

Angel becomes human to save child in Berlin.

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Ive d12527d

Light Sleeper

Street Date:  03/26/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe| Susan Sarandon| Dana Delany| David Clennon| Mary Beth Hurt| Victor Garber| Jane Adams

Director:  Paul Schrader

Meditative drug dealer tries to change his life.

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Smd brs55756

White Sands

Street Date:  06/06/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio | Mickey Rourke | Samuel L. Jackson | M. Emmet Walsh | James Rebhorn | Maura Tierney | Beth Grant | Mimi Rogers | John P. Ryan | Fred Dalton Thompson

Director:  Roger Donaldson

Feds, heiress and gunrunner squeeze New Mexico sheriff.

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Cin brsf18094

Body Of Evidence

Street Date:  12/03/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Madonna | Willem Dafoe | Joe Mantegna | Anne Archer | Julianne Moore | Frank Langella | Stan Shaw | Charles Hallahan | Lillian Lehman | Mark Rolston | Jeff Perry | Richard Riehle

Director:  Uli Edel

Lawyer defends gold digger for murder by sex.

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Par d59191727d

Flight Of The Intruder

Street Date:  07/01/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Danny Glover | Willem Dafoe | Brad Johnson | Rosanna Arquette | Tom Sizemore | J. Kenneth Campbell | Jared Chandler | Dann Florek | Madison Mason | Ving Rhames | Christopher Rich | Douglas Roberts

Director:  John Milius

Navy pilots hatch rogue scheme to bomb Hanoi.

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Cin brsf17937

Wild At Heart

Street Date:  12/07/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Laura Dern| Diane Ladd| Willem Dafoe| Isabella Rossellini| Harry Dean Stanton| Crispin Glover| Grace Zabriskie| J.E. Freeman| Morgan Shephard

Director:  David Lynch

Lovers Sailor and Lula head for Oz via hell.

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Mca br62201024

Born On The Fourth Of July

Street Date:  04/13/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Cruise| Willem Dafoe| Kyra Sedgwick| Raymond J. Barry| Caroline Kava| Bryan Larkin| Jerry Levine| Josh Evans| Jamie Talisman| Anne Bobby| Frank Whaley| John Getz| David Warshofsky| Corkey Ford| Rocky Carroll| Cordelia Gonzalez| Tony Frank| Jayne Haynes

Director:  Oliver Stone

Ron Kovic : from Vietnam Marine to activist in wheelchair.

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Missing art medium

Triumph Of The Spirit

Street Date:  04/16/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe| Edward James Olmos| Robert Loggia| Wendy Gazelle| Kelly Wolf| Costas Mandylor| Kario Salem| Edward Zentara| Hartmut Becker

Director:  Robert M. Young

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Kic brk23773

Mississippi Burning

Street Date:  05/08/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Gene Hackman | Willem Dafoe | Frances McDormand | Brad Dourif | R. Lee Ermey | Gailard Sartain | Stephen Tobolowsky | Michael Rooker | Pruitt Taylor Vince | Park Overall

Director:  Alan Parker

FBI agents probe 1964 slaying of civil-rights workers.

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Anb d12968d

Off Limits

Street Date:  01/25/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe| Gregory Hines| Fred Ward| Amanda Pays| Scott Glenn| Kay Tong Lim| David Alan Grier| Keith David| Raymond O'Connor| Richard Brooks

Director:  Christopher Crowe

Army detectives hunt killer officer in 1968 Saigon.

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Mca d62120127d

The Last Temptation Of Christ

Street Date:  03/21/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Harvey Keitel | Barbara Hershey | Paul Greco | David Bowie

Director:  Martin Scorsese

Jesus as a troubled man, torn between spirit and flesh.

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Cin brsf18053


Street Date:  09/01/1998

Box Office:  $138.0 Million

Cast:  Charlie Sheen | Tom Berenger | Willem Dafoe | Forest Whitaker | Francesco Quinn | John C. McGinley | Richard Edson | Kevin Dillon | Reggie Johnson | Keith David | Johnny Depp

Director:  Oliver Stone

Sergeants and private lost in war along Cambodian border.

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Cin brsf17171

To Live And Die In L.A.

Street Date:  12/02/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  William L. Petersen| Willem Dafoe| John Pankow

Director:  William Friedkin

Lawless Secret Service man hunts artist/counterfeiter.

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Missing art medium

Roadhouse 66

Street Date:  02/03/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe| Judge Reinhold| Kaaren Lee| Kate Vernon| Stephen Elliott| Alan Autry| Kevyn Major Howard| Peter Van Norden| Erica Yohn

Director:  John Mark Robinson

Ivy Leaguer and hitchhiker stuck in Arizona town.

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Cin brsf17538

Streets Of Fire

Street Date:  07/07/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael Pare| Diane Lane| Rick Moranis| Amy Madigan| Willem Dafoe| Deborah Van Valkenburgh| Richard Lawson| Rick Rossovich| Bill Paxton| Lee Ving| Stoney Jackson| Grand Bush| Robert Townsend| Mykel T. Williamson| Elizabeth Daily| Lynne Thigpen| Marine Jahan| Ed Begley Jr.

Director:  Walter Hill

Hero rescues kidnapped rock star from gang in strange city.

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Wrc br574976

The Hunger

Street Date:  10/05/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Catherine Deneuve| David Bowie| Susan Sarandon| Cliff De Young| Beth Ehlers| Dan Hedaya| Rufus Collins| Suzanne Bertish| James Aubrey| Ann Magnuson| Shane Rimmer| Douglas Lambert| Bessie Love| John Pankow| Willem Dafoe| Sophie Ward| Philip Sayer| Lise Hilboldt

Director:  Tony Scott

Kinky couple satisfy their vampire thirst.

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Mvd brav207

The Loveless

Street Date:  11/16/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  J. Don Ferguson | Willem Dafoe | Robert Gordon

Director:  Kathryn Bigelow , Monty Montgomery

A motorcycle gang causes trouble in a Southern town.

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