Dave Franco

First Name: Dave
Last Name: Franco
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: June 12, 1985
Birth Place: Palo Alto, California
Height: 5 Feet 7.0 Inches

Dave Franco Movies

War br9572168

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Theatrical Release Date:  09/22/2017

Street Date:  12/19/2017

Box Office:  $59.3 Million

Cast:  Olivia Munn | Michael Pena | Justin Theroux | Dave Franco | Jackie Chan | Zach Woods | Fred Armisen | Kumail Nanjiani | Abbi Jacobson

Director:  Charlie Bean , Paul Fisher

Green Ninja and friends must defeat evil warlord Garmadon.

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Lge br53895

The Disaster Artist

Theatrical Release Date:  12/08/2017

Street Date:  03/13/2018

Box Office:  $20.7 Million

Cast:  James Franco | Zac Efron | Zoey Deutch | Dylan Minnette | Alison Brie | Lizzy Caplan | Bryan Cranston | Kristen Bell | Sharon Stone | Dave Franco | Sugar Lyn Beard | Josh Hutcherson | Seth Rogen | Megan Mullally | Adam Scott

Director:  James Franco

The making of the cult classic film The Room.

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Avm brgs19277

The Little Hours

Theatrical Release Date:  06/30/2017

Street Date:  09/26/2017

Box Office:  $1.5 Million

Cast:  Alison Brie | Dave Franco | Kate Micucci | Aubrey Plaza | John C. Reilly | Molly Shannon | Fred Armisen | Jemima Kirke | Nick Offerman | Jon Gabrus | Adam Pally | Lauren Weedman | Paul Weitz | Paul Reiser

Director:  Jeff Baena

Medieval nuns are tempted by a virile young servant.

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Mca br61170551

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Theatrical Release Date:  05/20/2016

Street Date:  09/20/2016

Box Office:  $55.3 Million

Cast:  Seth Rogen | Rose Byrne | Chloe Grace Moretz | Zac Efron | Ike Barinholtz | Carla Gallo | Kiersey Clemons | Beanie Feldstein | Dave Franco | Christopher Mintz-Plasse | Selena Gomez | Lisa Kudrow | Nora Lum

Director:  Nicholas Stoller

A sorority jeopardizes the pending house sale next door.

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Lge br50343


Theatrical Release Date:  07/27/2016

Street Date:  10/25/2016

Box Office:  $38.6 Million

Cast:  Emma Roberts | Dave Franco | Emily Meade | Miles Heizer | Juliette Lewis | Colson Baker | Kimiko Glenn

Director:  Henry Joost , Ariel Schulman

High school senior is coaxed into joining an online game.

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Lge br50303

Now You See Me 2

Theatrical Release Date:  06/10/2016

Street Date:  09/06/2016

Box Office:  $65.0 Million

Cast:  Mark Ruffalo | Woody Harrelson | Jesse Eisenberg | Dave Franco | Lizzy Caplan | Daniel Radcliffe | Morgan Freeman | Michael Caine | Sanaa Lathan | Henry Lloyd-Hughes | Justine Wachsberger | Jay Chou

Director:  John Chu

The Four Horsemen return for a new adventure.

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Fox br2356555

Unfinished Business

Theatrical Release Date:  03/06/2015

Street Date:  06/16/2015

Box Office:  $10.2 Million

Cast:  Vince Vaughn | Tom Wilkinson | Dave Franco | Sienna Miller | James Marsden | Nick Frost | June Diane Raphael | Ella Anderson

Director:  Ken Scott

Business associates travel to Europe for a massive deal.

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Mca br61202446


Theatrical Release Date:  05/09/2014

Street Date:  09/23/2014

Box Office:  $150.1 Million

Cast:  Seth Rogen [Mac Radner] | Rose Byrne [Kelly Radner] | Zac Efron [Teddy Sanders] | Dave Franco [Pete] | Jake Johnson | Christopher Mintz-Plasse | Lisa Kudrow [Carol Gladstone] | Ike Barinholtz [Jimmy] | Craig Roberts [Assjuice] | Carla Gallo [Paula] | Chasty Ballesteros [Alecia] | Ali Cobrin [Whitney] | Jason Mantzoukas [Dr. Theodorakis] | Cassandra Starr [Sorority Girl] | Jerrod Carmichael [Garf]

Director:  Nick Stoller

Young couple feuds with their fraternity neighbors.

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Col d43967d

22 Jump Street

Theatrical Release Date:  06/13/2014

Street Date:  11/18/2014

Box Office:  $191.7 Million

Cast:  Jonah Hill | Channing Tatum | Ice Cube | Nick Offerman | Dave Franco | Peter Stormare | Sal Longobardo | Wyatt Russell | Richard Grieco | Amber Stevens | Rob Riggle | Jillian Bell | Libby Blanton | Dax Flame | Jimmy Tatro

Director:  Chris Miller , Phil Lord

Young cops go undercover at a local college.

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Mhv d7972d

The Sound and the Fury

Street Date:  12/11/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  James Franco | Dave Franco | Seth Rogen | Joey King | Jon Hamm | Ahna O'Reilly | Keegan Allen | Tim Blake Nelson | Scott Haze | Loretta Devine | Janet Jones | Val Lauren | Anna Ross

Director:  James Franco

The decline and fall of a once proud Southern family.

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Lge br52827

Warm Bodies

Theatrical Release Date:  02/01/2013

Street Date:  06/04/2013

Box Office:  $66.4 Million

Cast:  Nicholas Hoult [R] | Teresa Palmer [Julie] | Rob Corddry [M] | John Malkovich [General Grigio] | Dave Franco [Perry Kelvin] | Analeigh Tipton [Nora] | Dawn Ford [Dr. Burke] | Cory Hardrict [Kevin]

Director:  Jonathan Levine

Zombie saves girl from death and romance blossoms.

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Lge br49707

Now You See Me

Theatrical Release Date:  05/31/2013

Street Date:  09/03/2013

Box Office:  $117.7 Million

Cast:  Jesse Eisenberg | Isla Fisher | Morgan Freeman | Woody Harrelson | Mark Ruffalo | Michael Caine | Dave Franco | Melanie Laurent | Jessica Lindsey | Michael Kelly

Director:  Louis Leterrier

World's greatest illusionists pull bank heists during shows.

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Col br39977

21 Jump Street

Theatrical Release Date:  03/16/2012

Street Date:  06/26/2012

Box Office:  $138.4 Million

Cast:  Jonah Hill | Channing Tatum | Ice Cube | Brie Larson | Rob Riggle | Johnny Simmons | Dave Franco | Ellie Kemper | Dakota Johnson | DeRay Davis | Valerie Tian | Joe Chrest | Holly Robinson Peete

Director:  Phil Lord , Christopher Miller

Two young cops join secret unit to infiltrate high school.

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Dis br108452

Fright Night

Theatrical Release Date:  08/19/2011

Street Date:  12/13/2011

Box Office:  $18.2 Million

Cast:  Anton Yelchin [Charley Brewster] | Colin Farrell [Jerry Dandrige] | Christopher Mintz-Plasse [Ed] | Imogen Poots [Amy] | Toni Collette [Jane Brewster] | David Tennant [Peter Vincent] | Dave Franco [Mark] | Emily Montague [Doris] | Sandra Vergara [Ginger] | Reid Ewing [Ben] | Will Denton [Adam] | Chris Sarandon [Jay Dee] | Grace Phhipps [Bee] | Lisa Loeb [Victoria] | Chelsea Tavares [Cara] | Marya Beauvais [Mrs. Grenada]

Director:  Craig Gillespie

Vampire moves next door to popular high school senior.

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Kch deoe7169d

The Broken Tower

Street Date:  03/27/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  James Franco [Hart Frane] | Michael Shannon [Emile] | Stacey Miller [Peggy Cowley] | Betsy Franco | Dave Franco | Vince Jolivette

Director:  James Franco

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Mca d62112185d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/19/2010

Street Date:  07/13/2010

Box Office:  $4.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller [Roger Greenberg] | Greta Gerwig [Florence] | Rhys Ifans | Jennifer Jason Leigh | Mark Duplass | Brie Larson | Juno Temple | Dave Franco | Max Hoffman | Chris Messina

Director:  Noah Baumbach

Fortyish man attempts to restart his life.

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Mca d61176084d

Charlie St. Cloud

Theatrical Release Date:  07/30/2010

Street Date:  11/09/2010

Box Office:  $31.1 Million

Cast:  Zac Efron [Charlie St. Cloud] | Kim Basinger [Louise St. Cloud] | Amanda Crew [Tess Carroll] | Donal Logue [Tink Weatherbee] | Tegan Moss [Cindy] | Dave Franco [Sully] | Charlie Tahan [Sam St. Cloud] | Augustus Prew [Alistair Wooley]

Director:  Burr Steers

Accomplished sailor must deal with tragedy.

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Anb br21853

The Shortcut

Street Date:  09/29/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Katrina Bowden [Christy] | Andrew Seeley [Derek] | Shannon Woodward [Lisa] | Dave Franco | Nicholas Elia | Lindsey Landers | Josh Emerson | Scott Lyster | Shannon Jardine]

Director:  Nicholaus Goossen

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