Casey Affleck

First Name: Casey
Last Name: Affleck
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: August 12, 1975
Birth Place: Falmouth, Massachusetts
Description: You may not have recognized him with his blonde locks in Drowning Mona, but that's Casey Affleck who got away with murder. He is an aspiring young actor with a broad trail blazed for him by big brother, but with all of his own talent. See for yourself, watch Casey in Committed, available on video now.

Casey Affleck Movies

War d748492d

10 Film Western Collection

Street Date:  10/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  John Wayne | Dean Martin | Ricky Nelson | Angie Dickinson | Robert Redford | Will Geer | Stefan Gierasch | Allyn Ann McLerie | Clint Eastwood | Michael Moriarty | Carrie Snodgress | Christopher Penn | Brad Pitt | Casey Affleck | Sam Shepard | Sam Rockwell


A collection of ten Warner Bros. Western films.

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Par br59208212

Light of My Life

Theatrical Release Date:  08/09/2019

Street Date:  10/08/2019

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck | Anna Pniowsky | Elisabeth Moss | Tom Bower | Timothy Webber | Hrothgar Mathews | Jesse James Pierce | Lloyd Cunningham | Kory Grim | Thelonius Serrell-Freed | Patrick Keating | Tommy Clarke | Sydnee Parker Anderson

Director:  Casey Affleck

A father must protect his daughter after a plague.

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Mca d61191677d

London Has Fallen / Triple 9 / Killer Elite

Street Date:  02/06/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Gerard Butler | Jason Statham | Casey Affleck | Aaron Eckhart | Clive Owen

Director:  Gary McKendry , Babak Najafi , John Hillcoat

Includes Killer Elite, London Has Fallen and Triple 9.

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Fox br2359508

The Old Man And The Gun

Theatrical Release Date:  09/28/2018

Street Date:  01/15/2019

Box Office:  $7.2 Million

Cast:  Robert Redford | Casey Affleck | Sissy Spacek | Danny Glover | Tom Waits | Tika Sumpte | Keith Carradine | Elisabeth Moss | John David Washington | Isiah Whitlock Jr. | Gene Jones | Augustine Frizzell | Denise Barone | Robert Longstreet | Barlow Jacobs

Director:  David Lowery

True story of a 70-year-old's escape from San Quentin.

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Lge br52803

A Ghost Story

Theatrical Release Date:  07/07/2017

Street Date:  10/03/2017

Box Office:  $1.5 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck | Rooney Mara | Brea Grant | Will Oldham | Liz Franke | Rob Zabrecky | Augustine Frizzell | Sonia Acevedo

Director:  David Lowery

A white-sheeted ghost returns to his suburban home.

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Mca br55179078

Triple 9

Theatrical Release Date:  02/26/2016

Street Date:  05/31/2016

Box Office:  $12.6 Million

Cast:  Kate Winslet | Aaron Paul | Gal Gadot | Woody Harrelson | Norman Reedus | Casey Affleck | Anthony Mackie | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Clifton Collins Jr. | Luis Da Silva Jr. | Michelle Ang | E. Roger Mitchell

Director:  John Hillcoat

A botched robbery leads to another more dangerous job.

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Dis br134193

The Finest Hours

Theatrical Release Date:  01/29/2016

Street Date:  05/24/2016

Box Office:  $27.6 Million

Cast:  Chris Pine | Casey Affleck | Eric Bana | Holliday Grainger | Ben Foster | John Ortiz

Director:  Craig Gillespie

True story of an epic small boat Coast Guard rescue.

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Lge br51567

Manchester by the Sea

Theatrical Release Date:  11/18/2016

Street Date:  02/21/2017

Box Office:  $43.9 Million

Cast:  Michelle Williams | Kyle Chandler | Casey Affleck | Gretchen Mol | Kara Hayward | Tate Donovan | Heather Burns | Erica McDermott | Lucas Hedges | Susan Pourfar | Chaunty Spillane | Stephanie Ann Saunders | Missy Yager | Ruibo Qian | Danae Nason

Director:  Kenneth Lonergan

Boston janitor returns home to take care of his nephew.

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Par br59194925


Theatrical Release Date:  11/07/2014

Street Date:  03/31/2015

Box Office:  $188.0 Million

Cast:  Matthew McConaughey [Cooper] | Anne Hathaway [Amelia Brand] | Michael Caine [Dr. Brand] | Jessica Chastain [Murph] | Casey Affleck [Tom] | John Lithgow [Donald] | Ellen Burstyn [Old Murph] | David Gyasi [Romilly] | Mackenzie Foy [Young Murph] | Bill Irwin (voice) [TARS] | Timothee Chalamet [Young Tom] | Topher Grace | Wes Bentley [Doyle] | David Oyelowo [Principal] | Collette Wolfe [Ms. Kelly] | Elyes Gabel | Leah Cairns [Lois] | William Devane | Liam Dickinson [Coop] | Matt Damon [Dr. Mann]

Director:  Christopher Nolan

Astronauts must travel through wormhole to save Earth.

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Mpi difc9894d

Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Theatrical Release Date:  08/16/2013

Street Date:  12/17/2013

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Rooney Mara | Casey Affleck | Ben Foster | Keith Carradine | Nate Parker | Rami Malek | Kennadie Smith | Jacklynn Smith | Robert Longstreet | Charles Baker | Augustine Frizzell | Kentucker Audley | David Zellner

Director:  David Lowery

Three people are caught in crosshairs in '70s Texas.

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Missing art medium

Out of the Furnace

Theatrical Release Date:  12/04/2013

Street Date:  03/11/2014

Box Office:  $11.3 Million

Cast:  Christian Bale [Russell Baze] | Zoe Saldana [Lena Taylor] | Woody Harrelson [Harlan DeGroat] | Casey Affleck [Rodney Baze Jr.] | Willem Dafoe [John Petty] | Forest Whitaker [Chief Wesley Barnes] | Sam Shepard [Gerald 'Red' Baze] | Dendrie Taylor [DeGroat's Date] | Tom Bower [Dan Dugan] | Bingo O'Malley [Rodney Baze Sr.] | Bobby Wolfe [Dwight Van Dunk] | Charles David Richards [Chaplain] | Jack Erdie [Meth Guy] | Nancy Mosser [Woman at Drive In] | Carl Ciarfalio [Man at Drive In] | Gordon Michaels [Bergen County Officer] | Boyd Holbrook [Tattooed Guy] | Efka Kvaraciejus | Aaron Toney

Director:  Scott Cooper

Steel worker must fight to save father and brother.

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Mca d62190045d


Theatrical Release Date:  08/17/2012

Street Date:  11/27/2012

Box Office:  $56.0 Million

Cast:  Kodi Smit-McPhee (voice) [Norman] | Casey Affleck (voice) [Mitch] | Tempestt Bledsoe (voice) [Sheriff Hooper] | Jeff Garlin (voice) [Perry Babcock] | John Goodman (voice) [Mr. Prenderghast] | Jodelle Ferland (voice) [Aggie] | Bernard Hill (voice) [The Judge] | Anna Kendrick (voice) [Courtney] | Leslie Mann (voice) [Sandra Babcock] | Christopher Mintz-Plasse (voice) [Alvin] | Elaine Stritch (voice) [Grandma] | Tucker Albrizzi (voice) [Neil] | Alex Borstein (voice) [Mrs. Henscher]

Director:  Sam Fell , Chris Butler

Local boy must save town besievged by zombies.

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Mca br61201102

Tower Heist

Theatrical Release Date:  11/04/2011

Street Date:  02/21/2012

Box Office:  $78.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller | Eddie Murphy | Matthew Broderick | Gabourey Sidibe | Casey Affleck | Michael Pena | Tea Leoni | Alan Alda | Judd Hirsch | Nina Arianda | Marcia Jean Kurtz | Danielle McKee | Aprella | John Cenatiempo | Rock Kohli

Director:  Brett Ratner

Working stiffs plan a caper to get back money stole by boss.

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Mpi brifc1855

The Killer Inside Me

Theatrical Release Date:  06/18/2010

Street Date:  09/28/2010

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck [Lou Ford] | Jessica Alba [Joyce Lakeland] | Kate Hudson [Amy Stanton] | Elias Koteas [Joe Rothman] | Bill Pullman [Billy Boy Walker] | Simon Baker [Howard Hendricks] | Ned Beatty [Chester Conway] | Liam Aiken [Johnnie Pappas] | Jay R. Ferguson [Elmer Conway] | Brent Briscoe | Rose Pasquarella | Tom Bower | Jay R. Ferguson

Director:  Michael Winterbottom

Sheriff's deputy has trouble juggling his life.

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Mag br10353

I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix

Theatrical Release Date:  09/10/2010

Street Date:  11/23/2010

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Joaquin Phoenix

Director:  Casey Affleck

Actor Joaquin Phoenix's alleged career transition to rapper.

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Missing art medium

The Kind One

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck

Director:  Ridley Scott

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War hd113923

Ocean's Thirteen

Theatrical Release Date:  06/08/2007

Street Date:  11/13/2007

Box Office:  $117.1 Million

Cast:  George Clooney [Danny Ocean] | Brad Pitt [Rusty Ryan] | Matt Damon [Linus Caldwell] | Don Cheadle [Basher Tarr] | Andy Garcia [Terry Benedict] | Ellen Barkin | Casey Affleck [Virgil Malloy] | Elliott Gould [Reuben Tishkoff] | Bernie Mac [Frank Catton] | Scott Caan [Turk Malloy] | Carl Reiner [Saul Bloom] | Eddie Jemison [Livingston Dell]

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Danny Ocean and his gang return for another con job.

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Lge d30041d

Gone Baby Gone

Theatrical Release Date:  10/19/2007

Street Date:  02/12/2008

Box Office:  $20.3 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck [Patrick Kenzie] | Michelle Monaghan [Angie Gennaro] | Amy Ryan [Helene McCready] | Morgan Freeman [Capt. Jack Doyle] | Ed Harris [Det. Remy Bressant] | Amy Madigan [Bea McCready] | John Ashton [Det. Nick Poole] | Titus Welliver [Lionel McCready] | Michael Kenneth Williams [Devin] | Edie Gathegi [Cheese] | Mark Margolis [Leon Treet] | Madeline O'Brien [Amanda McCready] | Slaine [Bubba Rogowski] | Trudi Goodman [Roberta Trett] | Matthew Maher [Corwin Earle]

Director:  Ben Affleck

Two private detectives are hired to find a kidnapped girl.

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War hd113762

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Theatrical Release Date:  09/21/2007

Street Date:  02/05/2008

Box Office:  $3.8 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Jesse James] | Casey Affleck [Robert Ford] | Sam Shepard [Frank James] | Sam Rockwell [Charley Ford] | Paul Schneider [Dick Liddil] | Mary-Louise Parker [Zee James] | Zooey Deschanel [Dorothy Evans] | Garret Dillahunt [Ed Miller] | Brooklynn Proulx [Mary James] | Jeremy Renner [Wood Hite] | Dustin Bollinger [Tim James] | Alison Elliott [Martha Bolton] | Pat Healy [Wilbur Ford] | Jesse Frechette [Albert Ford] | Michael Parks [Henry Craig] | Ted Levine [Sheriff Timberlake] | James Carville [Governor Crittenden] | Nick Cave [Bowery Saloon Singer]

Director:  Andrew Dominik

Jesse James' gang member becomes resentful of his leader.

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Gep d79554d

Lonesome Jim

Theatrical Release Date:  03/24/2006

Street Date:  08/29/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck | Liv Tyler | Mary Kay Place | Seymour Cassel | Kevin Corrigan | Jack Rovello | Rachel Strouse | Sarah Strouse

Director:  Steve Buscemi

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Par br59191860

The Last Kiss

Theatrical Release Date:  09/15/2006

Street Date:  12/26/2006

Box Office:  $11.5 Million

Cast:  Zach Braff | Rachel Bilson | Casey Affleck | Blythe Danner | Marley Shelton | Tom Wilkinson | Jacinda Barrett | Eric Christian Olsen | Lauren Lee Smith | Cindy Sampson

Director:  Tony Goldwyn

A man comes to grip with life after turning 30.

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War br239514

Ocean's Twelve

Theatrical Release Date:  12/10/2004

Street Date:  04/12/2005

Box Office:  $125.4 Million

Cast:  George Clooney [Danny Ocean] | Brad Pitt [Rusty Ryan] | Matt Damon [Linus Caldwell] | Don Cheadle [Basher Tarr] | Julia Roberts [Tess Ocean] | Andy Garcia [Terry Benedict] | Vincent Cassel [Dinner Jacket] | Catherine Zeta-Jones [Isabel Lahiri] | Casey Affleck [Virgil Malloy] | Elliott Gould [Reuben Tishkoff] | Bernie Mac [Frank Catton] | Scott Caan [Turk Malloy] | Carl Reiner [Saul Bloom] | Robbie Coltrane [Matsui] | Eddie Izzard [Roman Nagle] | Nikki Taylor Melton [Girl in Park] | Scott L. Schwartz [Bruiser] | Eddie Jemison [Livingston Dell] | Shaobo Qin [Yen] | Bruce Willis | Jared Harris | Cherry Jones | Topher Grace | Albert Finney

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Terry Benedict goes after Danny Ocean and his crew.

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Cin brsf20494


Theatrical Release Date:  02/14/2003

Street Date:  11/11/2003

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Casey Affleck

Director:  Gus Van Sant

Two guys, each named Gerry, are lost in the desert.

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Missing art medium

Soul Survivors

Theatrical Release Date:  09/07/2001

Street Date:  02/26/2002

Box Office:  $2.6 Million

Cast:  Eliza Dushku | Wes Bentley | Casey Affleck | Luke Wilson | Melissa Sagemiller | Angela Featherstone

Director:  Stephen Carpenter

A college student is stuck between life and death.

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Mca br61194896

American Pie 2

Theatrical Release Date:  08/10/2001

Street Date:  01/15/2002

Box Office:  $144.2 Million

Cast:  Jason Biggs | Seann William Scott | Alyson Hannigan | Chris Klein | Shannon Elizabeth | Tara Reid | Eddie Kaye Thomas | Thomas Ian Nicholas | Eugene Levy | Natasha Lyonne | Mena Suvari | Jennifer Coolidge | Chris Owen | Molly Cheek | Casey Affleck | Denise Faye | John Cho | Justin Isfeld | Eli Marienthal | Joelle Carter | Tsianina Joelson | Lisa Gould | Adam Brody

Director:  J.B. Rogers

The gang is back partying and still not getting their pie.

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War hd19415

Ocean's Eleven

Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2001

Street Date:  05/07/2002

Box Office:  $181.4 Million

Cast:  George Clooney | Brad Pitt | Julia Roberts | Matt Damon | Andy Garcia | Don Cheadle | Scott Caan | Casey Affleck | Topher Grace | Bernie Mac | Carl Reiner | Barry Watson | Brandon Keener | Elliott Gould | Holly Marie Combs | Nick Massi Jr. | Lennox Lewis | Joshua Jackson

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Eleven criminals plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos.

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Plt br03591


Theatrical Release Date:  04/28/2000

Street Date:  10/10/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Heather Graham | Luke Wilson | Goran Visnjic | Casey Affleck | Patricia Velasquez | Mark Ruffalo |

Director:  Lisa Krueger

Woman treks cross-country to find her boyfriend who left her

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Col d05056d

Drowning Mona

Theatrical Release Date:  03/03/2000

Street Date:  07/25/2000

Box Office:  $15.4 Million

Cast:  Bette Midler | Danny DeVito | Jamie Lee Curtis | Casey Affleck |

Director:  Nick Gomez

A dark comedy about an unpopular woman and her death.

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Avm dm303763d

Attention Shoppers

Street Date:  11/14/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Lillian Adams | Casey Affleck | Cara Buono | Nestor Carbonell | Vito D'Ambrosio | Luke Perry | Martin Mull | Kathy Najimy | Michael Lerner | Mary Pat Green

Director:  Philip Charles MacKenzie

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War dp375859d

200 Cigarettes

Street Date:  08/31/1999

Box Office:  $6.8 Million

Cast:  Paul Rudd | Courtney Love | Christina Ricci | Kate Hudson | Ben Affleck | Martha Plimpton | Jay Mohr | Casey Affleck | Janeane Garofalo | Gaby Hoffmann | Dave Chappelle | Elvis Costello | Guillermo Diaz | Angela Featherstone | Patrick Frederic | David Johansen | Catherine Kellner | Kiran Merchant | Brian McCardie | Jennifer Albano | Jenny Blong | Morgan Brown | Caleb Carr

Director:  Risa Bramon Garcia

People in their 20s seek a big party on New Year's Eve.

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Mca d61169356d

American Pie

Street Date:  12/21/1999

Box Office:  $101.3 Million

Cast:  Jason Biggs | Thomas Ian Nicholas | Chris Klein | Mena Suvari | Tara Reid | Natasha Lyonne | Eugene Levy | Eddie Kaye Thomas | Seann William Scott | Shannon Elizabeth | Alyson Hannigan | Molly Cheek | Jennifer Coolidge | Chris Owen | Casey Affleck | Tara Subkoff | Lawrence Pressman | James DeBello | Christina Milian

Director:  Paul Weitz

Teens struggle with sexual relations en route to the prom.

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Col d04389d

Desert Blue

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brendan Sexton III | Kate Hudson | Christina Ricci | John Heard | Lucinda Jenney | Casey Affleck | Sara Gilbert | Isidra Vega | Ethan Suplee | Michael Ironside | Aunjanue Ellis | Peter Sarsgaard

Director:  Morgan J. Freeman

Young man wants to finish dead father's project.

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Lge br46542

Good Will Hunting

Theatrical Release Date:  12/05/1997

Street Date:  07/07/1998

Box Office:  $138.4 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon [Will Hunting] | Robin Williams [Sean Maguire] | Ben Affleck [Chuckie Sullivan] | Minnie Driver [Skylar] | Stellan Skarsgard [Gerald Lambeau] | Casey Affleck [Morgan O'Mally] | Cole Hauser [Billy McBride] | Colleen McCauley [Cathy] | Scott William Winters [Clark] | George Plimpton [Henry Lipkin] | Rachel Majorowski [Krystyn] | John Mighton [Tom, Lambeau's Teaching Assistant] | Jennifer Deathe [Lydia] | Jessica Morton [Maurine] | Rob Lyons [Carmine Scarpaglia]

Director:  Gus Van Sant

Therapist counsels janitor with genius IQ.

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Lge d30428d

Chasing Amy

Theatrical Release Date:  04/04/1997

Street Date:  04/18/2000

Box Office:  $12.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Holden McNeil] | Joey Lauren Adams [Alyssa Jones] | Jason Lee [Banky Edwards] | Dwight Ewell [Hooper LaMont] | Jason Mewes [Jay] | Kevin Smith [Silent Bob] | Casey Affleck [Little Kid] | Matt Damon [Executive Shawn Oran] | Ethan Suplee [Fan] | Brian O'Halloran [Executive Jim Hicks] | Scott Mosier [Collector] | Carmen Lee [Kim] | Vincent Pereira [Pinball Player]

Director:  Kevin Smith

A straight comic book artist falls for a lesbian colleague.

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Col d07755d

Race The Sun

Street Date:  04/30/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Halle Berry | James Belushi | Casey Affleck | Eliza Dushku | Kevin Tighe | Anthony Ruiviar | J. Moki Cho | Dion Basco | Sara Tanaka | Nadja Pionilla | Steve Zahn | Bill Hunter

Director:  Charles T. Kanganis

Teacher inspires students to build solar-powered go-cart.

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Ime br7534

To Die For

Street Date:  10/27/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicole Kidman| Matt Dillon| Joaquin Phoenix| Casey Affleck| Illeana Douglas| Alison Folland| Dan Hedaya| Wayne Knight| Kurtwood Smith| Holland Taylor| Maria Tucci| Susan Traylor| Buck Henry

Director:  Gus Van Sant

A bartender's wife is charged with his murder.

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