Jada Pinkett Smith

First Name: Jada
Last Name: Pinkett Smith
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: September 18, 1971
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland
Description: Sweet and sassy, Jada inkett Smith makes it clear she is one take-charge kind of lady. Being PWill Smith's wife may have brought her more fame than her resume, but surely she doesn't mind. As they say, behind any good man is a good woman! She gets to love her man on the big screen this week in Ali, on video now.

Jada Pinkett Smith Movies

Avm brfr84270


Street Date:  10/22/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Dale Elliott | Shantol Jackson | Kadeem Wilson | Dennis Titus | Bryshere Y.Gray | Lorraine Toussaint | David Alan Grier

Director:  Storm Saulter

A Jamaican teen seeks to reunite with his mother.

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Dos brmv63397

Reservation Road / Return to Paradise

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Joaquin Phoenix | Mark Ruffalo | Jennifer Connelly | Vince Vaughn | Anne Heche | Jada Pinkett Smith | Vera Farmiga | Elle Fanning

Director:  Terry George

A double feature of suspense films.

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Mca br46212949

Dreamworks 10-Movie Collection

Street Date:  09/29/2020

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mike Myers | Cameron Diaz | Eddie Murphy | John Lithgow | Matt Damon | James Cromwell | Daniel Studi | Chopper Bernet | Ben Stiller | Chris Rock | Jada Pinkett Smith | David Schwimmer | Jack Black | Jackie Chan | Dustin Hoffman | Lucy Liu | Jay Baruchel | Gerard Butler | America Ferrera | Craig Ferguson | Rihanna | Jim Parsons | Steve Martin | Jennifer Lopez | Emma Stone | Nicolas Cage | Ryan Reynolds | Catherine Keener | Anna Kendrick | Justin Timberlake | Russell Brand | James Corden | Alec Baldwin | Lisa Kudrow | Steve Buscemi | Jimmy Kimmel | Albert Tsai | Sarah Paulson | Chloe Bennet | Tenzing Norgay Trainor


A collection of 10 animated DreamWorks films.

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Lge br56925

Angel Has Fallen

Theatrical Release Date:  08/23/2019

Street Date:  11/26/2019

Box Office:  $68.3 Million

Cast:  Gerard Butler | Piper Perabo | Morgan Freeman | Lance Reddick | Jada Pinkett Smith | Danny Huston | Tim Blake Nelson | Nick Nolte | Sapir Azulay | Sophia Del Pizzo | Chris Browning | Michael Landes | Sarah-Stephanie | Joseph Millson | Mark Arnold

Director:  Ric Roman Waugh

A Secret Service Agent is falsely accused.

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Mca br46207769

Madagascar: The Ultimate Collection

Street Date:  10/15/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller | Chris Rock | Jada Pinkett Smith | David Schwimmer


A collection of Madagascar films.

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Mca d64195869d

Bad Moms: Party Like a Mother

Street Date:  02/06/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mila Kunis | Kristen Bell | Kathryn Hahn | Jada Pinkett Smith | Christine Baranski


The first two Bad Moms films.

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Mca d46198100d

Madagascar / Merry Madagascar

Street Date:  10/02/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller | Chris Rock | Jada Pinkett Smith | David Schwimmer


A collection that contains Madagascar and Merry Madagascar.

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Mca br61212258

Girls Trip

Theatrical Release Date:  07/21/2017

Street Date:  10/17/2017

Box Office:  $115.1 Million

Cast:  Jada Pinkett Smith | Queen Latifah | Regina Hall | Larenz Tate | Tiffany Haddish | Juan Gaspard | Deborah Ayorinde | Kofi Siriboe | Lara Grice | Robert Miano | Wanetah Walmsley | Matthew McClain | Tonea Stewart | Nick Mundy | Rebecca Chulew

Director:  Malcolm D. Lee

Four friends travel to New Orleans for some wild fun.

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Mca br64212923

Bad Moms

Theatrical Release Date:  07/29/2016

Street Date:  11/01/2016

Box Office:  $113.2 Million

Cast:  Mila Kunis | Kristen Bell | Kathryn Hahn | Jada Pinkett Smith | Christina Applegate | Emjay Anthony | Annie Mumolo | Eugenia Kuzmina | Christina DeRosa | Jay Jablonski | Billy Slaughter | Mike R. Moreau

Director:  Jon Lucas , Scott Moore

Good mom reaches her breaking point and goes bad.

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War d695838d

Magic Mike XXL

Theatrical Release Date:  07/01/2015

Street Date:  10/06/2015

Box Office:  $66.0 Million

Cast:  Channing Tatum | Matt Bomer | Joe Manganiello | Kevin Nash | Adam Rodriguez | Gabriel Iglesias | Elizabeth Banks | Donald Glover | Amber Heard | Andie MacDowell | Jada Pinkett Smith | Michael Strahan

Director:  Gregory Jacobs

Mike and the Kings of Tampa dance for one final show.

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War d618466d

Gotham: The Complete First Season

Street Date:  01/19/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben McKenzie | Donal Logue | Sean Pertwee | Jada Pinkett Smith | David Mazouz | Clare Foley | Zabryna Guevara | Claes Malmberg | Grayson McCouch | Cory Michael Smith | Robin Taylor | Brette Taylor | Victoria Cartagena | Camren Bicondova


The complete first season of the TV series Gotham.

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Col br44000


Theatrical Release Date:  12/19/2014

Street Date:  03/17/2015

Box Office:  $85.9 Million

Cast:  Quvenzhane Wallis [Annie] | Jamie Foxx [Will Stacks] | Cameron Diaz [Miss Hannigan] | Rose Byrne [Grace] | Bobby Cannavale [Guy] | Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje | David Zayas | Nicolette Pierini [Mia] | Eden Duncan-Smith [Isabella] | Zoe Margaret Colletti [Zoe Margaret] | Amanda Troya [Pepper]

Director:  Will Gluck

Rich tycoon gives a bright future to an orphan.

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Lge d43643d

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

Theatrical Release Date:  04/05/2013

Street Date:  08/20/2013

Box Office:  $0.1 Million


Director:  Shola Lynch

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Par d7913842d

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Theatrical Release Date:  06/08/2012

Street Date:  10/16/2012

Box Office:  $216.4 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) [Alex] | Chris Rock (voice) [Marty] | David Schwimmer (voice) [Melman] | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) [Gloria] | Jessica Chastain (voice) [Gia] | Martin Short (voice) [Stefano] | Bryan Cranston (voice) [Vitaly] | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice) | Cedric The Entertainer (voice) | Andy Richter (voice) | Frances McDormand (voice)

Director:  Eric Darnell , Conrad Vernon

The zoo animals travel through Europe as part of a circus.

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Col d38896d

Hawthorne: The Complete Final Season

Street Date:  03/06/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jada Pinkett Smith | Suleka Mathew | Adam Rayner | Hannah Hodson | Vanessa Lengies | Marc Anthony | Michael Vartan


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Col d36649d

Hawthorne: The Complete Second Season

Street Date:  06/07/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jada Pinkett Smith | Michael Vartan | Christina Moore | Vanessa Lengies | Vanessa Bell Calloweay | Suleka Mathew | Adam Rayner | Noureen DeWulf


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Col d34613d

Hawthorne: The Complete First Season

Street Date:  06/15/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jada Pinkett Smith | David Julian Hirsh | Christina Moore | Suleka Mathew | Hannah Hodson | Michael Vartan | Vanessa Lengies | Aisha Hinds | James Morrison


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Col br42609

The Karate Kid

Theatrical Release Date:  06/11/2010

Street Date:  10/05/2010

Box Office:  $176.6 Million

Cast:  Jaden Smith [Dre Parker] | Jackie Chan [Mr. Han] | Taraji P. Henson [Sherry Parker] | Wenwen Han [Meiying] | Rongguang Yu [Master Li] | Zhensu Wu [Meiying's Dad] | Zhiheng Wang [Meiying's Mom] | Zhenwei Wang [Cheng] | Jared Minns [Dre's Detroit Friend] | Shijia Lu [Liang] | Luke Carberry [Harry] | Bo Zhang [Song] | Cameron Hillman [Mark] | Ghye Samuel Brown [Oz] | Rocky Shi [Ur Dang] | Ji Wang [Mrs. Po]

Director:  Harald Zwart

Displaced American boy learns kung fu in China.

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Col d30505d

The Human Contract

Street Date:  06/30/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jason Clarke [Julian Wright] | Paz Vega [Michael] | Idris Elba [Larry] | Jada Pinkett Smith [Rita] | Ted Danson [E.J. Winters] | Joanna Cassidy [Rose] | T.J. Thyne [Greg] | Tava Smiley [Brenda] | Anne Ramsay [Cheryl]

Director:  Jada Pinkett Smith

Businessman encounters seductive stranger.

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Trn brn122411

The Women

Theatrical Release Date:  09/12/2008

Street Date:  12/19/2008

Box Office:  $26.8 Million

Cast:  Meg Ryan | Eva Mendes | Annette Bening | Jada Pinkett Smith | Debra Messing | Bette Midler | Candice Bergen | Carrie Fisher | Cloris Leachman | Lynn Whitfield | Joanna Gleason | Debi Mazar | Ana Gasteyer

Director:  Diane English

Relation between friends is tested when life gets tough.

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Mca d46196995d

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Theatrical Release Date:  11/07/2008

Street Date:  02/06/2009

Box Office:  $180.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) [Alex the Lion] | Chris Rock (voice) [Marty the Zebra] | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) [Gloria the Hippo] | David Schwimmer (voice) [Melman the Giraffe] | Alec Baldwin (voice) | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice) [King Julien] | Cedric the Entertainer (voice) [Maurice] | Andy Richter (voice) | Bernie Mac (voice) | Will.i.am (voice) | Sherri Shepherd (voice)

Director:  Eric Darnell , Tom McGrath

The zoo escapees hatch plan to get off Madagascar.

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Col d19481d

Reign Over Me

Theatrical Release Date:  03/23/2007

Street Date:  10/09/2007

Box Office:  $19.7 Million

Cast:  Adam Sandler [Charlie Fineman] | Don Cheadle [Alan Johnson] | Jada Pinkett Smith | Donald Sutherland | Liv Tyler | Saffron Burrows | Mike Binder | Cicely Tyson | Robert Klein | Melinda Dillon | Ted Raimi | Camille LaChe Smith | Paul Butler | Imani Hakim | Paula Newsome | Rae Allen

Director:  Mike Binder

Man affected by 9-11 loses touch with reality.

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Mca d46210205d


Theatrical Release Date:  05/27/2005

Street Date:  11/15/2005

Box Office:  $193.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Stiller (voice) [Alex] | Chris Rock (voice) [Marty] | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) [Gloria] | David Schwimmer (voice) [Melman] | Andy Richter (voice) | Cedric The Entertainer (voice) | Sacha Baron Cohen (voice)

Director:  Eric Darnell , Tom McGrath

Four zoo animals are shipwrecked in Madagascar.

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Par br59214000


Theatrical Release Date:  08/06/2004

Street Date:  12/14/2004

Box Office:  $100.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Cruise [Vincent] | Jamie Foxx [Max] | Jada Pinkett Smith [Annie] | Mark Ruffalo [Fanning] | Peter Berg | Javier Bardem [Felix] | Bruce McGill [Pedrosa] | Irma P. Hall [Ida] | Richard T. Jones [Traffic Cop] | Barry Shabaka Henley [Daniel] | Debi Mazar | Jason Statham | Steven Kozlowski | Emilio Rivera | Jamie McBride | Bodhi Elfman

Director:  Michael Mann

Cab driver and a hitman spend a night in LA killing people.

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War br702505

The Matrix Revolutions

Theatrical Release Date:  11/05/2003

Street Date:  04/06/2004

Box Office:  $139.3 Million

Cast:  Keanu Reeves | Laurence Fishburne | Carrie-Anne Moss | Monica Bellucci | Daniel Bernhardt | Jada Pinkett Smith | Hugo Weaving | Clayton Watson

Director:  Andy Wachowski , Larry Wachowski

The war between the machines and humans escalates.

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War d571736d

The Matrix: Reloaded

Theatrical Release Date:  05/15/2003

Street Date:  10/14/2003

Box Office:  $281.5 Million

Cast:  Keanu Reeves [Neo] | Laurence Fishburne [Morpheus] | Carrie-Anne Moss [Trinity] | Jada Pinkett Smith [Niobe] | Monica Bellucci [Persephone] | Hugo Weaving [Agent Smith] | Anthony Wong [Ghost] | Matt McColm [Agent Thompson] | Lambert Wilson [Merovingian] | Harold Perrineau [Link] | Harry Lennix [Lock] | Clayton Watson [The Kid] | Daniel Bernhardt [Agent Johnson] | Christine Anu [Lazarus] | Andy Arness [Police Officer #2] | Steve Bastoni [Captain Sorren] | Nona M. Gaye [Zee] | Lachy Hulme [Sparks] | Roy Jones Jr. [Captain Ballard] | Randall Duk Kim [The Keymaker] | Nathaniel Lees [Mifune] | Hugh Mason [Reveller/Paramedic] | Sing Ngai [Seraph] | Adrian Rayment [Twin One] | Neil Rayment [Twin Two] | Helmut Bakaitis [The Architect] | David A. Kilde [Agent Jackson] | Gloria Foster [The Oracle] | The Matrix Reloaded

Director:  Larry Wachowski , Andy Wachowski

The machines locate Zion and battle for their existence.

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Fox d2280507d

Kingdom Come

Theatrical Release Date:  04/11/2001

Street Date:  09/25/2001

Box Office:  $22.6 Million

Cast:  LL Cool J | Jada Pinkett Smith | Vivica A. Fox | Loretta Devine | Anthony Anderson | Toni Braxton | Cedric The Entertainer | Darius McCrary | Whoopi Goldberg

Director:  Doug McHenry

Family and friends come together to celebrate death.

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Col br49281


Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2001

Street Date:  04/30/2002

Box Office:  $57.9 Million

Cast:  Will Smith | Jamie Foxx | Jon Voight | Mario Van Peebles | Ron Silver | Jeffrey Wright | Mykelti Williamson | Vincent De Paul | Paul Rodriguez | Jada Pinkett Smith | LaVar Burton | Martha Edgerton | Giancarlo Esposito | Nona Gaye

Director:  Michael Mann

A chronicle of the early fighting days of Cassius Clay.

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Cri br3121


Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2000

Street Date:  04/17/2001

Box Office:  $1.9 Million

Cast:  Damon Wayans | Savion Glover | Jada Pinkett Smith | Tommy Davidson | Michael Rapaport | Thomas Jefferson Byrd | Paul Mooney | Tyheesha Collins | Susan Batson | Al Sharpton | Johnnie Cochran | Matthew Modine | Mira Sorvino

Director:  Spike Lee

Dark comedy about writer who creates his own minstrel show.

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Mca br86213387

Princess Mononoke

Street Date:  08/29/2000

Box Office:  $2.3 Million

Cast:  Gillian Anderson (voice) | Billy Crudup (voice) | Claire Daines (voice) | Minnie Driver (voice) | Jada Pinkett Smith (voice) | Billy Bob Thornton (voice)


Boy's journey to find a cure for a curse.

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Trn dn6936d


Street Date:  01/13/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jada Pinkett Smith | Tommy Davidson | Duane Martin | Michael Ralph | Darrel M. Heath | Orlando Jones | Dave Chappelle | Paula Jai Parker | LL Cool J | Aida Turturro | Lance Slaughter | Dartanyan Edmonds | Foxy Brown | Sam Moses | Tiffany Hall | Girlina | Billy Dee Williams

Director:  Daisy von Scherler Mayer

Friends arrange a blind date for a mismatched couple.

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Mca d22800d

Return to Paradise

Street Date:  01/19/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Vince Vaughn | Anne Heche | Joaquin Phoenix | David Conrad | Vera Farmiga | Nick Sandow | Jada Pinkett Smith

Director:  Joseph Ruben

Two men can save a friend's life by going to jail.

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Lge d30223d

Scream 2

Street Date:  06/09/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Neve Campbell | David Arquette | Courteney Cox | Jamie Kennedy | Laurie Metcalf | Elise Neal | Jerry O'Connell | Timothy Olyphant | Jada Pinkett | Liev Schreiber | Lewis Arquette | Duane Martin | Omar Epps | David Warner | Sarah Michelle Gellar | Rebecca Gayheart | Luke Wilson | Marisol Nichols

Director:  Wes Craven

A masked killer pursues a student and her friends.

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Trn dn042990d

Set It Off

Street Date:  08/10/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jada Pinkett | Queen Latifah | Vivica A. Fox | Blair Underwood | John C. McGinley | Kimberly Elise | Vincent and Van Baum | Chaz Lamar Shepard

Director:  F. Gary Gray

Injustice and desperation make four women rob banks.

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Wrc dh400505d

If These Walls Could Talk

Street Date:  02/08/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Demi Moore | Cher | Sissy Spacek | Anne Heche | Eileen Brennan | Lindsay Crouse | Joanna Gleason | Catherine Keener | Shirley Knight | Jason London | Craig T. Nelson | Jada Pinkett | CCH Pounder | Diana Scarwid | Rita Wilson | Robin Gammell | Xander Berkeley | Lorraine Toussaint | Phyllis Lyons | Hedy Burress

Director:  Nancy Savoca , Cher

Women cope with unplanned pregnancies, '50s to present.

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Mca d61178330d

The Nutty Professor

Street Date:  01/20/1998

Box Office:  $128.8 Million

Cast:  Eddie Murphy | Jada Pinkett | James Coburn | Larry Miller | Dave Chappelle | John Ales

Director:  Tom Shadyac

Potion turns shy, obese Professor Klump into Buddy Love.

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Cin brsf16284

Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight

Street Date:  10/07/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Billy Zane | William Sadler | Jada Pinkett | Brenda Bakke | CCH Pounder | Dick Miller | Thomas Haden Church | John Schuck | Gary Farmer | Charles Fleischer | John Kassir | Traci Bingham

Director:  Ernest Dickerson

Demons descend upon boarding house.

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Dis d29199d

A Low Down Dirty Shame

Street Date:  03/04/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Keenen Ivory Wayans| Charles S. Dutton| Jada Pinkett| Salli Richardson| Andrew Divoff| Corwin Hawkins| Gary Cervantes| Gregory Sierra

Director:  Keenen Ivory Wayans

L.A. ex-policeman works case with DEA agent.

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Mgm dm130670d

Jason's Lyric

Street Date:  01/18/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Allen Payne | Jada Pinkett | Bokeem Woodbine | Treach | Lisa Carson | Suzzanne Douglas | Forest Whitaker

Director:  Doug McHenry

Family tragedy shadows inner-city Houston brothers.

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Kic brk23202

The Inkwell

Street Date:  04/08/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Larenz Tate| Joe Morton| Suzzanne Douglas| Glynn Turman| Vanessa Bell Calloway| Adrienne-Joi Johnson| Morris Chestnut| Jada Pinkett| Duane Martin| Mary Alice| Phyllis Yvonne Stickney

Director:  Matty Rich

Ex-Black Panther's son matures on Martha's Vineyard.

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Trn dn043025d

Menace II Society

Street Date:  10/21/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tyrin Turner | Jada Pinkett | Vonte Sweet | Larenz Tate | MC Eiht | Ryan Williams | Too Short | Samuel L. Jackson | Charles Dutton | Glenn Plummer | Bill Duke | Khandi Alexander

Director:  Albert Hughes , Allen Hughes

Saga of a ghetto teen in Los Angeles.

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