David Gordon Green

First Name: David Gordon
Last Name: Green
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: April 09, 1975
Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas

David Gordon Green Movies

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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Theatrical Release Date:  04/22/2022

Street Date:  06/21/2022

Box Office:  $20.3 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Pedro Pascal | Tiffany Haddish | Sharon Horgan | Paco Leon | Neil Patrick Harris | Lily Mo Sheen | Alessandra Mastronardi | Jacob Scipio | Katrin Vankova | Demi Moore | Anna MacDonald | David Gordon Green | Ike Barinholtz | Luke McQueen | Joanna Bobin | Enrique Martinez | Manuel Tallafe | Laszlo Szivos | Ricard Balada | Jaime Ordonez | Rebecca Finch

Director:  Tom Gormican

Nicolas Cage stars as... Nick Cage.

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Mca br822544

Halloween Ends

Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/2022

Street Date:  12/27/2022

Box Office:  $64.0 Million

Cast:  Jamie Lee Curtis | James Jude Courtney | Nick Castle | Andi Matichak | Judy Greer | Kyle Richards | Rohan Campbell | Michael O'Leary | Omar J. Dorsey | Emily Brinks | Will Patton

Director:  David Gordon Green

Laurie Strode faces off with Michael Myers one last time.

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Wrc brm805853

Bones and All

Theatrical Release Date:  11/18/2022

Box Office:  $7.3 Million

Cast:  Kendle Coffey | Taylor Russell | Andre Holland | Ellie Parker | Madeleine Hall | Christine Dye | Mark Rylance | Timothee Chalamet | Sean Bridgers | Anna Cobb | David Gordon Green | Michael Stuhlbarg | Jake Horowitz | Marshall Jackson | Marcia Dangerfield | Jessica Harper | Burgess Byrd | Chloe Sevigny | Max Soliz

Director:  Luca Guadagnino

A story of first love between two disenfranchised people.

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Mca d817515d

Halloween Kills

Theatrical Release Date:  10/15/2021

Street Date:  01/11/2022

Box Office:  $91.9 Million

Cast:  Jamie Lee Curtis | Judy Greer | Andi Matichak | James Jude Courtney | Nick Castle | Airon Armstrong | Will Patton | Thomas Mann | Jim Cummings | Dylan Arnold | Robert Longstreet | Anthony Michael Hall | Charles Cyphers | Scott MacArthur | Michael McDonald | Ross Bacon | Kyle Richards

Director:  David Gordon Green

Halloween night continues after Michael escapes.

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Mca d817514d


Theatrical Release Date:  10/19/2018

Street Date:  01/15/2019

Box Office:  $156.8 Million

Cast:  Judy Greer | Jamie Lee Curtis | Virginia Gardner | Nick Castle | Will Patton | Toby Huss | Miles Robbins | Jefferson Hall | Andi Matichak | Dylan Arnold | Haluk Bilginer | Omar J. Dorsey

Director:  David Gordon Green

Laurie Strode must confront Michael Myers one last time.

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Lge br53460


Theatrical Release Date:  09/22/2017

Street Date:  12/19/2017

Box Office:  $4.1 Million

Cast:  Jake Gyllenhaal | Tatiana Maslany | Miranda Richardson | Clancy Brown | Frankie Shaw | Maggie Castle | Acei Martin | Olivia Filleti | Michelle Romano | Owen Burke | Lexie Roth

Director:  David Gordon Green

Working-class man loses both of his legs in Boston bombing.

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Par d59181077d


Theatrical Release Date:  09/23/2016

Street Date:  12/20/2016

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  James Franco | Nick Jonas | Ben Schnetzer | Virginia Gardner | Austin Lyon | Danny Flaherty | Jake Picking | Brock Yurich | Kevin Crowley | Gus Halper | Trent Rowland | Jenny Marie Mitchell | Chase Crawford

Director:  Andrew Neel

College freshman rushes his brother's frat.

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Mpi brifc1953


Theatrical Release Date:  06/19/2015

Street Date:  10/06/2015

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Al Pacino | Holly Hunter | Chris Messina | Harmony Korine | Natalie Wilemon | June Griffin Garcia | Lara Shah | Jenee Amore | Elizabeth Lestina | Sierra Scott | Rebecca Franchione | Edrick Browne | Kristin Miller White

Director:  David Gordon Green

Small town locksmith finally opens up after a tragic loss.

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Missing art medium

Our Brand is Crisis

Theatrical Release Date:  10/30/2015

Street Date:  02/02/2016

Box Office:  $6.8 Million

Cast:  Sandra Bullock | Billy Bob Thornton | Anthony Mackie | Zoe Kazan | Scoot McNairy | Ann Dowd | Joaquim de Almeida | Carmela Zumbado | Dominic Flores | Starlette Miariaunii

Director:  David Gordon Green

American spin doctors help Bolivian presidential candidate.

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Hot Sugar's Cold World

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nick Koenig | Martin Starr | Kool AD | Rachel Trachtenburg | Jim Jarmusch | Neil deGrasse Tyson | Shelby Fero

Director:  Adam Bhala Lough

Hot Sugar’s Cold World is a fly-on-the-wall look into t...

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Lge d60351d


Theatrical Release Date:  04/11/2014

Street Date:  06/17/2014

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Tye Sheridan | Ronnie Gene Blevins | Sue Rock | Heather Kafka | Aaron Spivey-Sorrells | Adriene Mishler | Erin Elizabeth Reed | Ulysses Lopez | Brenda Isaacs Booth | Dana Freitag | Robert J. Johnson

Director:  David Gordon Green

Ex-con and hard-luck kid are brought together.

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Mag br10614

Prince Avalanche

Theatrical Release Date:  08/09/2013

Street Date:  11/12/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Emile Hirsch [Lance] | Paul Rudd [Alvin] | Lance LeGault [Truck Driver] | Joyce Payne [Lady] | Gina Grande [Madison] | Lynn Shelton (voice) [Madison] | Larry Kretschmar [Lumberjack] | Enoch Moon [Lumberjack] | David L. Osborne Jr. [Lumberjack] | Danni Wolcott [Lumberjack]

Director:  David Gordon Green

Driven by striking performances from Rudd and Hirsch, PRI...

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Missing art medium

Todd Rohal's Untitled Comedy

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Johnny Knoxville | Patton Oswalt | Maura Tierney | Rob Riggle | Patrice O'Neal

Director:  Todd Rohal

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Fox br2327366

The Sitter

Theatrical Release Date:  12/09/2011

Street Date:  03/20/2012

Box Office:  $30.4 Million

Cast:  Jonah Hill [Noah Griffith] | Max Records [Slater] | Landry Bender [Blithe] | Kevin Hernandez [Rodrigo] | Ari Graynor [Marisa Lewis] | JB Smoove [Julio] | Sam Rockwell [Karl] | Jessica Hecht [Sandy Griffith] | Cliff 'Method Man' Smith [Jacolby] | Bruce Altman [Jim Griffith] | Erin Daniels [Mrs. Pedulla] | D.W. Moffett [Dr. Pedulla] | Alex Wolff [Clayton] | Kylie Bunbury [Roxanne] | Nicky Katt [Officer Petite] | Nick Sandow [Officer Frank] | Lou Carbonneau [Maitre' D]

Director:  David Gordon Green

Babysitter takes kids through streets of NYC to score.

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The Catechism Cataclysm

Theatrical Release Date:  10/19/2011

Street Date:  02/28/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Steve Little | Robert Longstreet | Wally Dalton

Director:  Todd Rohal

Storytelling in all its forms is skewered in THE CATECHIS...

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Dss br63503

Your Highness

Theatrical Release Date:  04/08/2011

Street Date:  08/09/2011

Box Office:  $21.6 Million

Cast:  Danny McBride [Thadeous] | James Franco [Fabious] | Natalie Portman [Isabel] | Zooey Deschanel [Belladonna] | Justin Theroux [Leezar] | Toby Jones | Damian Lewis | Charles Dance | Noah Huntley

Director:  David Gordon Green

Two brothers set off on quest to rescue damsel in distress.

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Col br47041

Pineapple Express

Theatrical Release Date:  08/06/2008

Street Date:  01/06/2009

Box Office:  $87.3 Million

Cast:  James Franco [Saul Silver] | Seth Rogen [Dale Denton] | Danny R. McBride [Red] | Amber Heard [Angie Anderson] | James Remar [General Brat] | Bill Hader [Private Miller] | Rosie Perez | Gary Cole | Peter Lewis [Peter] | Adam Crosby [Ack] | Ken Jeong [Ken] | Craig Robinson [Matheson] | Mandy Henderson [Neighbor Girl] | Jonathan Walker Spencer [Scientist] | Stormy [Jessica Green] | Nora Dunn [Shannon] | Arthur Napiontek [Clark] | Robert Longstreet [Dr. Terrence] | Jeanetta Arnette [Sandra Derby] | Sam Carson [Xerox Secretary]

Director:  David Gordon Green

Stoner is sought by criminals after witnessing a murder.

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War d027222d

Snow Angels

Theatrical Release Date:  03/07/2008

Street Date:  09/16/2008

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Kate Beckinsale | Sam Rockwell | Michael Angarano | Griffin Dunne | Amy Sedaris | Olivia Thirlby | Jeanetta Arnette

Director:  David Gordon Green

"Snow Angels," adapted from the novel of the same title b...

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Oli brof1183


Theatrical Release Date:  10/22/2004

Street Date:  04/26/2005

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Jamie Bell [Chris Munn] | Devon Alan [Tim Munn] | Josh Lucas [Deel Munn] | Dermot Mulroney [John Munn] | Kristen Stewart [Lila] | Shiri Appleby [Violet] | Robert Longstreet [Bern Losholder] | Eddie Rouse [Wadsworth Pela] | Patrice Johnson [Amica Pela] | Pat Healy [Grant] | Leigh Hill [Muriel] | Mark Darby Robinson [Conway]

Director:  David Gordon Green

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Col d00237d

All The Real Girls

Theatrical Release Date:  02/14/2003

Street Date:  08/19/2003

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Zooey Deschanel | Paul Schneider | Patricia Clarkson | Benjamin Mouton | Shea Whigham | Danny R. McBride | Heather McComb | Matt Chapman

Director:  David Gordon Green

Two young lovers discover the power of passion.

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Cri br3271

George Washington

Street Date:  03/19/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Candace Evanofski | Donald Holden | Damien Jewan Lee | Curtis Cotton III | Paul Schneider

Director:  David Gordon Green

Over the course of one hot summer, a group of children in...

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