James Rebhorn

First Name: James
Last Name: Rebhorn
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: September 01, 1948
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 6 Feet 3.0 Inches

James Rebhorn Movies

Fox d2356479d

White Collar: The Con-plete Collection

Street Date:  05/05/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Matt Bomer | Tiffani Thiessen | Tim DeKay | Marsha Thomason | Willie Garson | Sharif Atkins | Mekhi Phifer | Tiffani Thiessen | Mia Maestro | Gregg Henry | James Rebhorn |


Catch all six seasons of one of the most seductive crime ...

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Fox d2283511d

White Collar: The Complete Fourth Season

Street Date:  10/08/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Matt Bomer | Tim DeKay | Marsha Thomason | Willie Garson | Sharif Atkins | Mekhi Phifer | Tiffani Thiessen | Mia Maestro | Gregg Henry | James Rebhorn | Judith Ivey | Laurie Williams | Michael Weston | Brett Cullen | Nicholas Turturro | Hilarie Burton | Treat Williams


Matt Bomer excels again as charming con man Neal Caffrey ...

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Wlf d5102d

The Perfect Wedding

Street Date:  12/03/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jason T. Gaffney | Eric Aragon | Apolonia Davalos | Brendan Griffin | Sal Rendino | Kristine Sutherland | James Rebhorn

Director:  Scott Gabriel

Co-written by married screenwriting team of New York Time...

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Dis br108153

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Theatrical Release Date:  08/15/2012

Street Date:  12/04/2012

Box Office:  $51.7 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Garner [Cindy Green] | Joel Edgerton [Jim Green] | CJ Adams [Timothy Green] | Dianne Wiest | Rosemarie DeWitt | Common | Ron Livingston | David Morse | M. Emmet Walsh | Lois Smith | Odeya Rush | Lois Smith | Michael Arden | Shohreh Aghdashloo | Michael Arden | Sharon Morris | James Rebhorn | Lin-Manuel Miranda | Rhoda Griffis

Director:  Peter Hedges

A young couple take in a special child left on their stoop.

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Mpi brifc1900

Sleepwalk with Me

Theatrical Release Date:  08/24/2012

Street Date:  12/18/2012

Box Office:  $2.1 Million

Cast:  Mike Birbiglia | Lauren Ambrose [Abby] | James Rebhorn [Frank Pandamiglio] | Carol Kane [Linda Pandamiglio] | Cristin Milioti | Aya Cash

Director:  Mike Birbiglia

Stand-up comdedian deals with severe sleepwalking.

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Col d40213d


Street Date:  10/30/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Lauren Ambrose | Steven Pasquale | Geena Davis | James Woods | Ellen Burstyn | Richard Dreyfuss | James Rebhorn | Joe Morton | Michael Weston | Joseph Mazello

Director:  Mikael Salomon

A healthy patient suddenly falls into a coma. It’s not ...

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Dis br109014

Real Steel

Theatrical Release Date:  10/07/2011

Street Date:  01/24/2012

Box Office:  $85.4 Million

Cast:  Hugh Jackman [Charlie Kenton] | Evangeline Lilly | Dakota Goyo [Max Kenton] | Anthony Mackie | Kevin Durand | Hope Davis | Phil LaMarr | James Rebhorn | Olga Fonda | Karl Yune | Jahnel Curfman | David Alan Basche | Ricky Wayne | Peter Carey

Director:  Shawn Levy

Aging boxer trains robot in futuristic fighting sport.

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Ime br64728

Don McKay

Theatrical Release Date:  04/02/2010

Street Date:  06/29/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Thomas Haden Church [Don McKay] | Elisabeth Shue [Sonny] | Melissa Leo [Marie] | M. Emmet Walsh [Samuel] | Keith David [Otis Kent] | James Rebhorn [Dr. Lance Pryce] | Pruitt Taylor Vince [Mel]

Director:  Jake Goldberger

Man returns to town he fled 25 years earlier.

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Fox br2267491

White Collar: The Complete First Season

Street Date:  07/13/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Matthew Bomer | Tiffani Thiessen | Tim DeKay | Willie Garson | James Rebhorn | Natalie Morales | Sharif Atkins


In this clever and thrilling new TV series, charming con ...

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Scn d68109463d

Spinning Into Butter

Theatrical Release Date:  03/27/2009

Street Date:  06/09/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sarah Jessica Parker [Sarah Daniels] | Miranda Richardson [Catherine Kenney] | Mykelti Williamson [Aaron Carmichael] | Beau Bridges [Burton Strauss] | Victor Rasuk [Patrick Chibas] | James Rebhorn [President Winston Garvey] | Becky Ann Baker [Ruby] | Jake M. Smith [Jason] | Richard Riehle [Paul Meyers] | Daniel Eric Gold [Nathan]

Director:  Mark Brokaw

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War d042684d

The Box

Theatrical Release Date:  11/06/2009

Street Date:  02/23/2010

Box Office:  $15.0 Million

Cast:  Cameron Diaz [Norma Lewis] | James Marsden [Arthur Lewis] | Frank Langella [Arlington Steward] | Gillian Jacobs [Dana Steward] | Michele Durrett [Rebecca Matheson] | Lisa K. Wyatt [Rhonda Martin] | James Rebhorn | Basil Hoffman [Don Poates] | Jenna Lamia [Diane Carnes] | Michael Zegen [Garcin] | Kevin DeCoste [Malcolm] | Evelina Oboza [Deborah Burns]

Director:  Richard Kelly

Young couple is face with an ethical decision over money.

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Scn d68109905d

An American Affair

Theatrical Release Date:  02/27/2009

Street Date:  07/28/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Gretchen Mol [Catherine Caswell] | Noah Wyle [Mike Stafford] | James Rebhorn [Lucian Carver] | Cameron Bright [Adam Stafford] | Mark Pellegrino [Graham Caswell] | Perrey Reeves [Adrienne Stafford]

Director:  William Olsson

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Col d23904d

The International

Theatrical Release Date:  02/13/2009

Street Date:  06/09/2009

Box Office:  $25.5 Million

Cast:  Clive Owen [Louis Salinger] | Naomi Watts [Eleanor Whitman] | Armin Mueller-Stahl [Wilhelm Wexler] | Brian F. O'Byrne [The Consultant] | Ulrich Thomsen [Jonas Skarssen] | Michel Voletti [Viktor Haas] | Patrick Baladi [Martin White] | Jay Villiers [Francis Ehames] | James Rebhorn [New York D.A.] | Remy Auberjonois [Sam Purvitz] | Felix Solis [Detective Iggy Ornelas] | Jack McGee [Detective Bernie Ward] | Nilaja Sun [Detective Gloria Hubbard]

Director:  Tom Tykwer

Two people go to war with a powerful international bank.

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Gep d81483d


Theatrical Release Date:  04/18/2008

Street Date:  12/09/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Scott Speedman | Peter Stormare | Clea DuVall | Amy Carlson | Yul Vazquez | James Rebhorn | Deborah Harry | Mick Foley

Director:  Henry Miller

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Trn dn10553d

How to Eat Fried Worms

Theatrical Release Date:  08/25/2006

Street Date:  12/05/2006

Box Office:  $13.0 Million

Cast:  Luke Benwald [Billy] | Tom Cavanaugh | Kimberly Williams | Hallie Kate Eisenberg [Erika] | James Rebhorn | Adam Hicks | Andrew Gillingham | Alexander Gould

Director:  Bob Dolman

Kid makes a bet to eat 10 worms in one day.

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Hsp dsc0206d

Scotland, PA

Street Date:  10/22/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  James LeGros | Maura Tierney | Christopher Walken | Kevin Corrigan | James Rebhorn | Tom Guiry | Andy Dick | Amy Smart | Timothy "Speed" Levitch

Director:  Billy Morrissette

A 1970's white-trash version of MacBeth.

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Kic brk23393

Far From Heaven

Theatrical Release Date:  11/08/2002

Street Date:  04/01/2003

Box Office:  $15.8 Million

Cast:  Julianne Moore | Dennis Quaid | Dennis Haysbert | Patricia Clarkson | Viola Davis | Barbara Garrick | James Rebhorn | Celia Weston | Olivia Birkelund | Jordan Puryear | Lindsay Andretta | Ryan Ward | Matt Malloy

Director:  Todd Haynes

Housewife has a taboo affair as her husband thinks he's gay.

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Avm bru53058

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Theatrical Release Date:  06/30/2000

Street Date:  02/13/2001

Box Office:  $9.5 Million

Cast:  Robert De Niro | Jason Alexander | Rene Russo | Randy Quaid | Janeane Garofalo | Piper Perabo | Carl Reiner | James Rebhorn | Kenan Thompson | Kel Mitchell

Director:  Des McAnuff

The duo must stop Fearless Leader.

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Avm du124921d

Meet The Parents

Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2000

Street Date:  03/06/2001

Box Office:  $166.2 Million

Cast:  Robert De Niro | Ben Stiller | Blythe Danner | Teri Polo | Owen Wilson | John Abrahams | Nicole DeHuff | Thomas McCarthy | Phyllis George | James Rebhorn | Kali Rocha | Bernie Sheredy | Judah Friedlander | Peter Bartlett | John Elsen | Mark Hammer | Amy Hohn | William Severs | John Fiore | Marilyn Dobrin | Russell Hornsby | Patricia Cook | Cody Arens | Cole Hawkins | Spencer Breslin | Ian Rosenthal | Kim Rideout | Kresimir Novakovic | John Joseph Gallagher | G.A. Aguilar | Lynn Ann Castle

Director:  Jay Roach

Man meets his to-be in-laws on a bad weekend.

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Par br59191493

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/1999

Street Date:  06/27/2000

Box Office:  $81.3 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Gwyneth Paltrow | Jude Law | Cate Blanchett | Philip Seymour Hoffman | Jack Davenport | James Rebhorn | Sergio Rubini | Philip Baker Hall | Celia Weston | Rosario Fiorello | Stephania Rocca | Ivano Marescotti | Anna Longhi | Alessandro Fabrizi | Lisa Eichhorn

Director:  Anthony Minghella

A young man is sent to Europe to retrieve a rich boy.

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Cin brsf19787

Snow Falling On Cedars

Theatrical Release Date:  12/24/1999

Street Date:  05/30/2000

Box Office:  $14.4 Million

Cast:  Ethan Hawke | James Cromwell | Richard Jenkins | James Rebhorn | Sam Shepard | Eric Thal | Zeljko Ivanek | Max von Sydow | Youki Kudoh | Rick Yune | Jan Rubes | Celia Weston | Gareth Williams

Director:  Scott Hicks

Life and love in a small town rocked by a local murder.

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Wrc dh293958d

A Bright Shining Lie

Street Date:  12/22/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bill Paxton| Amy Madigan| Vivian Wu| Donal Logue| Eric Bogosian| Kurtwood Smith| Robert John Burke| James Rebhorn| Ed Lauter| Harve Presnell| Pichariva Narakbunchai| Les J.N. Mau| Kay Tong Lim

Director:  Terry George

A U.S. adviser's views on the Vietnam War change.

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Missing art medium

All Of It

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Alanna Ulbach| Lesley Ann Warren| James Rebhorn| Nancy Banks| Michael Silver| Ed Nahat| Trudy Mason

Director:  Jody Podolsky

Painful issues surface during a woman's family visit.

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Mca br61127530

The Game

Street Date:  01/20/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael Douglas | Sean Penn | Deborah Kara Unger | James Rebhorn | Peter Donat | Carroll Baker | Anna Katarina | Armin Mueller-Stahl | Tommy Flanagan

Director:  David Fincher

A mysterious game invades a man's ordered life.

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Missing art medium

If Lucy Fell

Street Date:  01/30/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sarah Jessica Parker | Eric Schaeffer | Ben Stiller | Elle Macpherson | James Rebhorn | Dominic Luchese

Director:  Eric Schaeffer

New Yorkers agree to suicide if they don't find mates by 30.

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Wrc dh303335d


Street Date:  08/30/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bill Pullman| Robert Loggia| Blair Underwood| Jon Seda| James Rebhorn| Leo Burmester| Casey Siemaszko| Josef Sommer| Roma Maffia| Miriam Colon| Kate Burton

Director:  Heywood Gould

Cop takes court hostage after jury acquits cop killer.

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Wrc d617791d

My Fellow Americans

Street Date:  06/17/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jack Lemmon | James Garner | Dan Aykroyd | John Heard | Sela Ward | Wilford Brimley | Everett McGill | Bradley Whitford | Lauren Bacall | James Rebhorn | Esther Rolle | Conchata Ferrell | Jack Kehler | Connie Ray | Tom Everett | Mark Lowenthal | Jeff Yagher | Michael Pena

Director:  Peter Segal

Scandal unites two ex-presidents who hate each other.

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Dis 7892v

Up Close And Personal

Street Date:  09/07/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Robert Redford | Michelle Pfeiffer | Stockard Channing | Joe Mantegna | Kate Nelligan | Glenn Plummer | James Rebhorn | Scott Bryce | Raymond Cruz | Dedee Pfeiffer | Miguel Sandoval | Noble Willingham | James Karen

Director:  Jon Avnet

An employer mentors a pretty young reporter.

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Trn dn4783d

8 Seconds

Street Date:  12/14/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Luke Perry | Stephen Baldwin | James Rebhorn | Cynthia Geary | Carrie Snodgrass | Red Mitchell | Ronnie Claire Edwards | Linden Ashby

Director:  John G. Avildsen

Oklahoma youth becomes rodeo champ in 1987.

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Dis d29105d

Blank Check

Street Date:  03/04/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brian Bonsall| Karen Duffy| Miguel Ferrer| James Rebhorn| Tone Loc| Jayne Atkinson| Rick Ducommun| Debbie Allen| Chris Demetral| Michael Faustino| Alex Zuckerman| Michael Lerner

Director:  Rupert Wainwright

Boy cashes crook's check for $1 million.

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Col d78709d

Guarding Tess

Street Date:  04/14/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Shirley MacLaine| Nicolas Cage| Austin Pendleton| Edward Albert| James Rebhorn| Richard Griffiths| John Roselius| David Graf| Dale Dye| James Handy| Susan Blommaert

Director:  Hugh Wilson

Secret Service agent protects former first lady in Ohio.

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Dis d17494d

I Love Trouble

Street Date:  07/27/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Julia Roberts| Nick Nolte| Saul Rubinek| James Rebhorn| Robert Loggia| Kelly Rutherford| Olympia Dukakis| Marsha Mason| Eugene Levy

Director:  Charles Shyer

Rival Chicago reporters chase story together.

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Mca br804075

Carlito's Way

Street Date:  05/26/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Al Pacino | Sean Penn | Penelope Ann Miller | Luis Guzman | John Leguizamo | Ingrid Rogers | James Rebhorn | Joseph Siravo | Viggo Mortensen | Richard Foronjy | Jorge Porcel | Adrian Pasdar | Marc Anthony

Director:  Brian De Palma

Ex-con is torn between love and loyalty in 1975.

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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Glenn Close| Christopher Walken| Margaret Sophie Stein| Lexi Randall| Christopher Bell| Jon DeVries| Lee Richardson| Tresa Hughes| Elizabeth Wilson| Lois Smith| James Rebhorn| Woody Watson| Michael McGraw| Max Graham| Betty Laird

Director:  Joseph Sargent

1912 Kansas drought sends farmer's bride back to Maine.

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Kic brk24811

Lorenzo's Oil

Street Date:  04/06/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nick Nolte| Susan Sarandon| Peter Ustinov| Kathleen Wilhoite| Gerry Bamman| Margo Martindale| James Rebhorn| Ann Hearn| Maduka Steady| Zack O Greenberg| Mary Wakio| Don Suddaby

Director:  George Miller

Intellectual parents seek and find a way to save their so...

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Mca br61115282

Scent Of A Woman

Street Date:  04/28/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Al Pacino| Chris O'Donnell| James Rebhorn| Gabrielle Anwar| Philip S. Hoffman| Richard Venture| Bradley Whitford| Ron Eldard| Frances Conroy| Sally Murphy| Nicholas Sadler| Gene Canfield

Director:  Martin Brest

Blind ex-colonel takes his preppie guide to New York.

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Smd brs55756

White Sands

Street Date:  06/06/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Willem Dafoe | Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio | Mickey Rourke | Samuel L. Jackson | M. Emmet Walsh | James Rebhorn | Maura Tierney | Beth Grant | Mimi Rogers | John P. Ryan | Fred Dalton Thompson

Director:  Roger Donaldson

Feds, heiress and gunrunner squeeze New Mexico sheriff.

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Missing art medium

Dead And Alive

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tony Danza| Dan Lauria| Ted Levine| William Cameron| Caroline Aaron| James Rebhorn| Nicholas Turturro| Frank Vincent| Sam Coppolla| Joe Lisi| Samuel L. Jackson

Director:  Peter Markle

Feds, police and mob hunt N.Y. hood for 1989 slaying.

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Missing art medium

In The Line Of Duty: Mob Justice

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tony Danza| Ted Levine| Dan Lauria| William Cameron| Caroline Aaron| James Rebhorn| Nicholas Turturro| Frank Vincent| Sam Coppolla| Joe Lisi| Samuel L. Jackson

Director:  Peter Markle

Feds, police and mob hunt N.Y. hood for 1989 slaying.

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Missing art medium

A Deadly Business

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Alan Arkin| Armand Assante| Michael Learned| Jon Polito| George Morfogen| James Rebhorn

Director:  John Korty

Ex-con helps FBI get mobster for toxic waste.

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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Valerie Bertinelli| Rachel Ticotin| Ray Baker| Jason Alexander| Roderick Cook| Jo Henderson| Dick Latessa| Jonathan Raskin| James Rebhorn| Lynne Thigpen

Director:  Richard Michaels

Newswoman helps mother of baby kidnapped for black market.

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Missing art medium

Kane & Abel

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Peter Strauss | Sam Neill | Ron Siler | Fred Gwynne | David Dukes | Jill Eikenberry | Alberta Watson | Kate McNeil | Lisa Banes | Sheree J. Wilson | Melissa Joan Hart | James Rebhorn


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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Veronica Hamel| Jeffrey DeMunn| Jill Eikenberry| David Marshall Grant| George Coe| Doris Belack| Henderson Forsythe| Jo Jo Henderson| Deborah Hedwall| Ann Lange| Tracy Pollan| Heather Denna| Lenny Von Dohlen| James Rebhorn

Director:  Richard Pearce

Career woman/mother has secret life as icy call girl.

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Kic brk21516


Street Date:  10/07/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Meryl Streep | Kurt Russell | Cher | Craig T. Nelson | Diana Scarwid | Fred Ward | Ron Silver | Charles Hallahan | Josef Sommer | Sudie Bond | Henderson Forsythe | Katherine Kerr | Bruce McGill | David Strathairn | Richard Hamilton | M. Emmet Walsh | Graham Jarvis | James Rebhorn | Ray Baker

Director:  Mike Nichols

Karen Silkwood blows the whistle on hazards and a cover-u...

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Mca br86513130

He Knows You're Alone

Street Date:  10/05/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Don Scardino | Caitlin O'Heaney | Elizabeth Kemp | Tom Rolfing | Lewis Arlt | Patsy Pease | James Rebhorn | Tom Hanks | Dana Barron | Joe Leon | Paul Gleason | Jim Carroll | Brian Byers | Curtis Hostetter | Robin Lamont | Robin Tilghman | Peter Gumeny | John Bottoms

Director:  Armand Mastroianni

Bride's ex-boyfriend has showdown with slasher.

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