Josh Trank

First Name: Josh
Last Name: Trank
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: February 19, 1985
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Josh Trank Movies

Lge br58330


Street Date:  07/21/2020

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Hardy | Linda Cardellini | Jack Lowden | Noel Fisher | Kyle MacLachlan | Matt Dillon

Director:  Josh Trank

A look at gangster Al Capone's final years.

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Fox br2356572

Fantastic Four

Theatrical Release Date:  08/07/2015

Street Date:  12/15/2015

Box Office:  $56.1 Million

Cast:  Miles Teller [Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic] | Michael B. Jordan [Johnny Storm/Human Torch] | Kate Mara [Sue Storm/Invisible Woman] | Jamie Bell [Ben Grimm/The Thing] | Toby Kebbell [Victor Domashev] | Tim Blake Nelson [Harvey Elder] | Reg E. Cathey [Dr. Franklin Storm] | Chet Hanks [Jimmy Grimm] | Owen Judge [Young Reed Richards]

Director:  Josh Trank

Four young people travel to alternate universe, gain powers.

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Fox br2356531


Theatrical Release Date:  02/03/2012

Street Date:  05/15/2012

Box Office:  $64.4 Million

Cast:  Dane DeHaan | Michael B. Jordan | Alex Russell | Michael Kelly | Ashley Hinshaw | Anna Wood | Joe Vaz | Nicole Bailey | Armand Aucamp | Grant Powell | Bo Petersen

Director:  Josh Trank

Three teenagers develop uncanny powers.

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