Nicolas Cage

First Name: Nicolas
Last Name: Cage
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: January 07, 1964
Birth Place: Long Beach, California
Height: 6 Feet 0.0 Inches
Description: He fit the part of an angel perfectly in City Of Angels. Tall, dark and handsome, Nicolas Cage always comes to the rescue. He's the guy you want to be, or be with. Nic knows exactly what Elvis meant when he sang 'Love Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Rent it today!

Nicolas Cage Movies

Eon breoe8440

Looking Glass

Theatrical Release Date:  02/16/2018

Street Date:  04/03/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Robin Tunney | Marc Blucas | Ernie Lively | Jacque Gray | Bill Bolender | Barry Jay Minoff | Jason K. Wixom | Kassia Conway | Kimmy Hittelman | Sila Agavale | Rebecca Beckham

Director:  Tim Hunter

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Plt br06801

The Humanity Bureau

Street Date:  06/12/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Sarah Lind | Jakob Davies | Hugh Dillon | Vicellous Shannon | Kurt Max Runte | Destee Klyne | Nikolas Filipovic | Jett Klyne | David Lovgren | Leo Fafard | Mel Tuck | Sheldon Bergstrom

Director:  Rob W. King

The government exiles unproductive members of society.

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Eon breoe8446


Street Date:  07/10/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Sophie Skelton | Michael Rainey Jr. | Dwayne Cameron | Weston Cage | Cory Hardrict | Ori Pfeffer | Mark Basnight | Amanda Cerny | Michael Bellisario | Raymond Steers | Derek Horse | Fedi Bashur | Jason Francis | Nick Donadio

Director:  York Alec Shackleton

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Ime dxyz10221d


Street Date:  10/30/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Andrea Riseborough | Linus Roache | Richard Brake | Bill Duke | Ned Dennehy | Olwen Fouere | Clement Baronnet | Alexis Julemont | Line Pillet

Director:  Panos Cosmatos

A couple fights back when a cult invades their paradise.

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Plt br07291

Nicolas Cage Triple Feature

Street Date:  10/16/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


A collection of Nicolas Cage films.

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Lge br55813

Between Worlds

Street Date:  02/26/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Penelope Mitchell | Franka Potente | Garrett Clayton | Lydia Hearst | Brit Shaw | David Lee Smith | Hopper Penn | Philip Fornah | Thom Williams | Paris Bravo | Cameron James McIntyre | Brett Murray | Brannon Cross | Gwendolyn Mulamba

Director:  Maria Pulera

A truck driver is haunted by the memory of his dead family.

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Col br53888

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Theatrical Release Date:  12/14/2018

Street Date:  03/19/2019

Box Office:  $188.8 Million

Cast:  Shameik Moore | Jake Johnson | Hailee Steinfeld | Mahershala Ali | Brian Tyree Henry | Lily Tomlin | Luna Lauren Velez | Zoe Kravitz | John Mulaney | Kimiko Glenn | Nicolas Cage | Kathryn Hahn | Liev Schreiber | Chris Pine | Natalie Morales

Director:  Bob Persichetti , Peter Ramsey

Miles Morales gets limitless possibilities as Spider-Man.

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Lge d51806d

Nicolas Cage 6-Film Collection

Street Date:  02/07/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


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Lge br51751


Street Date:  03/28/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Johnathon Schaech | Adrian Grenier | Nicolas Cage | John Cusack


Guy must save his kidnapped brother from a crime boss.

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Lge br52346


Street Date:  08/29/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Gina Gershon | Nicky Whelan | Faye Dunaway | Natalie Eva Marie | Tyler Jon Olson | Leah Huebner | James Van Patten | Ele Bardha | Jonathan Baker | Pernille Trojgaard | William Willet | Dylan Keith Adams

Director:  Jonathan Baker

A woman hires a nanny and asks her to become her surrogate.

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Mvd br2029

Vengeance: A Love Story

Theatrical Release Date:  09/15/2017

Street Date:  10/23/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Anna Hutchison | Talitha Eliana Bateman | Deborah Kara Unger | Don Johnson | Joshua Mikel | Rocco Nugent | Joe Ochterbeck | Carter Burch | Charlene Tilton | Dikran Tulaine | Kara Flowers | Jimmy Gonzales | Cory Scott Allen | Mike Pniewski

Director:  Johnny Martin

Gulf War vet plots revenge on rapists for a single mother.

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Eon breoe8436

Mom & Dad

Street Date:  02/20/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Selma Blair | Anne Winters | Joseph D. Reitman | Olivia Crocicchia | Theresa Cook | Zackary Arthur | Lorena Diaz | Angie Willmott | Brionne Davis | Bishop Stevens | Michael Yurchak | Dale Miller | Michelle Poole | Tyler Sopland

Director:  Brian Taylor

Teen and her brother must survive suddenly violent parents.

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Anb br64459

Army of One

Street Date:  11/15/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Wendi McLendon-Covey | Rainn Wilson | Russell Brand | Denis O'Hare | Fiona Vroom | Adrian Martinez | Will Sasso | Paul Scheer | Hilary Jardine | Mark Brandon | Toby Hargrave | Graeme Duffy

Director:  Larry Charles

A handyman from Colorado receives a vision from God.

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Ime did00521d

Rage / Pay The Ghost

Street Date:  08/30/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


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Lge br49934

The Trust

Theatrical Release Date:  05/13/2016

Street Date:  08/02/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Elijah Wood | Jerry Lewis | Kevin Weisman | Steven Williams | Sky Ferreirai | Jeff Howardi | Christie Berani | Tommie Vegasi | Phillip Allen Hall III

Director:  Alex Brewer , Benjamin Brewer

A pair of cops stumble upon a mysterious bank vault.

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Mca br55176941


Theatrical Release Date:  09/16/2016

Street Date:  12/27/2016

Box Office:  $21.6 Million

Cast:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt [Edward Snowden] | Zachary Quinto | Tom Wilkinson | Scott Eastwood | Shailene Woodley | Melissa Leo | Rhys Ifans | Nicolas Cage | Joely Richardson | Timothy Olyphant | Lakeith Lee Stanfield | Christy Meyer | Jaymes Butler | Robert Firth | Rachel Handshaw

Director:  Oliver Stone

The true story of Edward Snowden's exposure of the NSA.

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Ime brded10075

Dog Eat Dog

Theatrical Release Date:  11/11/2016

Street Date:  12/27/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Willem Dafoe | Magi Avila | Paul Schrader | Melissa Bolona | Louisa Krause | Johanna McGinley | Omar J. Dorsey | Reynaldo Gallegos | Chelsea Mee | Kayla Perkins | John Patrick Jordan | Christopher Matthew Cook

Director:  Paul Schrader

Ex-cons are hired to kidnap a baby for a large ransom.

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Lge br51365

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

Street Date:  01/24/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Tom Sizemore | Thomas Jane | Matt Lanter | Weronika Rosati | Cody Walker | Brian Presley | Emily Tennant | Callard Harris | Emily Marie Palmer

Director:  Mario Van Peebles

The true story of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

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Missing art medium

Nicolas Cage Triple Feature: Caged In

Street Date:  02/10/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


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Trh brp4f64021


Theatrical Release Date:  02/06/2015

Street Date:  03/31/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Hayden Christensen | Andy On | Anoja Dias Bolt | Byron Lawson | Tomer Oz | Jawed El Berni

Director:  Nick Powell

A young prince must fight to regain his throne.

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Alc da 16149d

The Runner

Theatrical Release Date:  08/07/2015

Street Date:  08/25/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Connie Nielsen | Sarah Paulson | Wendell Pierce | Peter Fonda | Bryan Batt | Fredric Lehne | Wanetah Walmsley | Christopher Berry | Ciera Payton | James Moses Black | Kerry Cahill

Director:  Austin Stark

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Ime dvlt00291d

Pay the Ghost

Street Date:  11/10/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Sarah Wayne Callies | Jack Fulton | Lyriq Bent | Veronica Ferres | Erin Boyes | Ho Chow | Sofia Wells | Alex Mallari Jr. | Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux | Juan Carlos Velis

Director:  Uli Edel

One man’s desperate search for his missing child.

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Ime brhat7660


Theatrical Release Date:  07/11/2014

Street Date:  08/12/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Paul Maguire] | Rachel Nichols | Danny Glover | Peter Stormare | Aubrey Peeples | Elena Sanchez | Weston Cage | Max Ryan

Director:  Paco Cabezas

Father seeks vengeance after his daughter is kidnapped.

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Missing art medium

National Treasure 3

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Ben Gates]


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Lge br45436


Theatrical Release Date:  04/11/2014

Street Date:  06/17/2014

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Tye Sheridan | Ronnie Gene Blevins | Sue Rock | Heather Kafka | Aaron Spivey-Sorrells | Adriene Mishler | Erin Elizabeth Reed | Ulysses Lopez | Brenda Isaacs Booth | Dana Freitag | Robert J. Johnson

Director:  David Gordon Green

Ex-con and hard-luck kid are brought together.

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Kch breoe7771

Left Behind

Theatrical Release Date:  10/03/2014

Street Date:  01/06/2015

Box Office:  $14.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Cassi Thomson | Nicky Whelan | Jordin Sparks | Chad Michael Murray | Lea Thompson | Quinton Aaron | William Ragsdale | Martin Klebba | Stephanie Honore

Director:  Vic Armstrong

In the blink of an eye, the biblical Rapture strikes.

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Lge br46747

Dying of the Light

Theatrical Release Date:  12/05/2014

Street Date:  02/17/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Anton Yelchin | Alexander Karim | Irene Jacob | Aymen Hamdouchi | Claudius Peters | Adetomiwa Edun | Robert G. Slade | Derek Ezenagu | Geff Francis | Tim Silano | Silas Carson | Serban Celea | David Lipper | Arsha Aghdasi

Director:  Paul Schrader

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Ime did8119sph

Adaptation / Red Rock West

Street Date:  05/14/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


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Mca br46201502

The Croods

Theatrical Release Date:  03/22/2013

Street Date:  10/01/2013

Box Office:  $187.1 Million

Cast:  Emma Stone (voice) [Eep] | Nicolas Cage (voice) [Grug] | Ryan Reynolds (voice) [Guy] | Catherine Keener (voice) [Ugga] | Clark Duke (voice) [Thunk] | Cloris Leachman (voice) [Gran] | Chris Sanders (voice) [Belt] | Randy Thom (voice) [Sandy]

Director:  Chris Sanders

Prehistoric family discovers a new world around them.

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Lge br43873

The Frozen Ground

Theatrical Release Date:  08/23/2013

Street Date:  10/01/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Vanessa Hudgens | John Cusack | Radha Mitchell | Jodi Lyn O'Keefe | Dean Norris | Katherine LaNasa | Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson | Ryan O'Nan | Kurt Fuller | Matt Gerald | Kevin Dunn | Gia Mantegna | Michael McGrady | Brad William Henke

Director:  Scott Walker

True story of Alaskan cop who hunts local serial killer.

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Par br59191174

A Thousand Words

Theatrical Release Date:  03/09/2012

Street Date:  06/26/2012

Box Office:  $18.4 Million

Cast:  Eddie Murphy [Jack McCall] | Clark Duke | Kerry Washington | Cliff Curtis [Dr. Sinja] | Allison Janney | Ariel Winter | John Witherspoon | Rossie Cottrell | Justina Machado | Jordan-Claire Green | Darcy Rose Byrnes | Matt Winston | Steve Little | Terence Bernie Hines

Director:  Brian Robbins

Fast-talking literary agent only has 1,000 words left.

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Anb br24900

Seeking Justice

Theatrical Release Date:  03/16/2012

Street Date:  06/19/2012

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Will Gerard] | January Jones [Laura Gerard] | Guy Pearce [Simon] | Jennifer Carpenter | Harold Perrineau | Xander Berkeley | IronE Singleton | Joe Chrest | Mike Pniewski | Monica Acosta | David Jensen | J.D. Evermore | Jason Davis | Cullen Moss | Donna DuPlantier

Director:  Roger Donaldson

Man agrees to vigilante justice for his wife after attack.

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Col br40025

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Theatrical Release Date:  02/17/2012

Street Date:  06/12/2012

Box Office:  $51.8 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Ciaran Hinds | Violante Placido | Idris Elba | Johnny Whitworth | Christopher Lambert

Director:  Mark Neveldine , Brian Taylor

The devil's bounty hunter risks everything to save boy.

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Flp dme13849d


Theatrical Release Date:  09/14/2012

Street Date:  01/08/2013

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Malin Akerman | Josh Lucas | Danny Huston | Mark Valley | M.C. Gainey | Sami Gayle | Marcus Lyle Brown | Mustafa Harris | Tanc Sade | J.D. Evermore | Edrick Browne | Felder Charbonnet | Glen Warner | Matt Nolan

Director:  Simon West

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Wgu d01849d

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

Street Date:  11/06/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Stan Lee | Nicolas Cage | Kirsten Dunst | Sean Astin | Patrick Stewart | Samuel L. Jackson | Kevin Smith | Eva Mendes

Director:  Terry Dougas , Nikki Frakes , William Lawrence Hess

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Sum br66118600

Drive Angry

Theatrical Release Date:  02/25/2011

Street Date:  05/31/2011

Box Office:  $10.7 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Amber Heard | David Morse | William Fichtner | Christa Campbell | Katy Mixon | Billy Burke | Christa Campbell | Pruitt Taylor Vince | Charlotte Ross | Bryan Massey

Director:  Patrick Lussier

Undead felon breaks out of hell to avenge his murdered girl.

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Missing art medium

Season of the Witch

Theatrical Release Date:  01/07/2011

Street Date:  06/28/2011

Box Office:  $24.7 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Behmen] | Ron Perlman [Felson] | Claire Foy [The Girl] | Stephen Campbell Moore [Debelzaq] | Robbie Sheehan [Kay] | Christopher Lee [Cardinal D'Ambroise] | Stephen Graham [Hagamar] | Ulrich Thomsen [Eckhart] | Rebekah Kennedy [Peasant Turk Girl]

Director:  Dominic Sena

Medieval knight must defeat devious witch to save world.

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Missing art medium


Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/2011

Street Date:  11/01/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Kyle Miller] | Nicole Kidman [Sarah Miller] | Cam Gigandet [Jonah] | Liana Liberato [Avery Miller] | Ben Mendelsohn [Elias] | Nico Tortorella | Jordana Spiro | Dash Mihok | Tina Parker | Grant Case

Director:  Joel Schumacher

Man must confront losing it all after home invasion.

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War dp382582d

Nicolas Cage Collection

Street Date:  09/11/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


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Lge br52060


Theatrical Release Date:  04/16/2010

Street Date:  08/03/2010

Box Office:  $48.0 Million

Cast:  Aaron Johnson [Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass] | Nicolas Cage [Big Daddy] | Mark Strong [Frank D'Amico] | Chloe Grace Moretz [Hit Girl] | Christopher Mintz-Plasse [Red Mist] | Clark Duke | Lyndsy Fonseca | Xander Berkeley | Tamer Hassan | Evan Peters | Omari Hardwick | Michael Rispoli | Garret M. Brown

Director:  Matthew Vaughn

Average teenager aspires to become real-life superhero.

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Dis br105671

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Theatrical Release Date:  07/14/2010

Street Date:  11/30/2010

Box Office:  $63.1 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Balthazar Blake] | Jay Baruchel [Dave Stutler] | Teresa Palmer | Alfred Molina [Maxim Horvath] | Monica Bellucci | Toby Kebbell | Omar Benson Miller | Peyton List* | Jake Cherry | Nicole Ehinger | Gregory Woo

Director:  Jon Turteltaub

Master sorcerer must recruit an apprentice.

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Missing art medium

The Vanished

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage

Director:  Hany Abu-Assad

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Dis br108189


Theatrical Release Date:  07/24/2009

Street Date:  12/15/2009

Box Office:  $119.4 Million

Cast:  Bill Nighy [Leonard Saber] | Will Arnett [Kip Killian] | Kelli Garner [Marcie] | Gabriel Casseus [Carter] | Zach Galifianakis [Ben] | Penelope Cruz (voice) [Juarez] | Nicolas Cage (voice) [Speckles] | Steve Buscemi (voice) [Bucky] | Tracy Morgan (voice) [Blaster] | Jon Favreau (voice) [Hurley] | Jack Conley [Agent Carter] | Tyler Patrick Jones [Connor] | Justin Mentell [Terrell] | Niecy Nash [Rosalita] | Loudon Wainwright III [Grandpa Goodman] | Piper Mackenzie Harris [Penny] | Jasmine Dustin [Model]

Director:  Hoyt Yeatman

A team of covert guinea pigs save the world.

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Sum br66113409

Astro Boy

Theatrical Release Date:  10/23/2009

Street Date:  03/16/2010

Box Office:  $19.5 Million

Cast:  Freddie Highmore (voice) [Astro Boy] | Kristen Bell (voice) [Cora] | Nicolas Cage (voice) [Dr. Tenma] | Bill Nighy (voice) [Dr. Elefun] | Donald Sutherland (voice) [President Stone] | Nathan Lane (voice) [Ham Egg] | Eugene Levy (voice) [Orrin] | Matt Lucas (voice) [Sparx] | Moises Arias (voice) [Zane] | Ryan Stiles (voice) [Mr. Pistachio] | Charlize Theron (voice) ['Our Friends' Narrator] | Sterling Beaumon (voice) [Sludge] | Samuel L. Jackson (voice) [Zog] | Tony Matthews (voice) [Cora's Dad] | Victor Bonavida (voice) [Sam] | Madeline Carroll (voice) [Widget/Grace]

Director:  David Bowers

Young robot sets off on a quest to rid the world of evil.

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Flp br12966

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Theatrical Release Date:  11/20/2009

Street Date:  04/06/2010

Box Office:  $1.6 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Terence McDonagh] | Eva Mendes [Frankie Donnenfeld] | Val Kilmer [Stevie Pruit] | Fairuza Balk [Heidi] | Vondie Curtis Hall [James Brasser] | Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner [Big Fate] | Shawn Hatosy [Armand Benoit] | Jennnifer Coolidge [Genevieve] | Denzel Whitaker [Daryl] | Irma P. Hall [Binnie Rogers] | Tom Bower [Pat McDonough] | Brad Dourif [Ned Schoenholtz] | Shea Whigham [Justin] | Michael Shannon [Mundt] | J.D. Evermore [Rick Fitzsimon]

Director:  Werner Herzog

Detective and prostitute live in post-Katrina New Orleans.

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Lge br54135


Theatrical Release Date:  03/20/2009

Street Date:  07/07/2009

Box Office:  $79.9 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [John Koestler] | Rose Byrne [Diana Wayland] | Chandler Canterbury [Caleb] | Ben Mendelsohn [Phil Bergman] | Nadia Townsend [Grace Koestler] | Adrienne Pickering [Allison] | Danielle Carter [Miss Taylor] | Terry Camilleri [Cashier] | Liam Hemsworth [Spencer]

Director:  Alex Proyas

Professor discovers a pattern in notes from time capsule.

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Lge d24749d

Bangkok Dangerous

Theatrical Release Date:  09/05/2008

Street Date:  01/06/2009

Box Office:  $15.2 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Joe] | Charlie Young [Fon] | Shahkrit Yamnarm [Kong] | James With [Chicago] | Panward Hemmanee [Aom] | Dom Hetrakul [Aran] | Steve Baldocchi [Michigan] | Chris Heebink [USC] | Philip Waley

Director:  Danny Pang , Oxide Pang

World-class assassin comes wanted man in Bangkok.

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Par d59191132d


Theatrical Release Date:  04/27/2007

Street Date:  09/25/2007

Box Office:  $18.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Cris Johnson] | Julianne Moore [Agent Callie Ferris] | Jessica Biel [Elizabeth 'Liz' Cooper] | Thomas Kretschmann [Mr. Smith] | Peter Falk [Irv] | Tory Kittles [Agent Cavanaugh] | Jose Zuniga [Security Chief Roybal] | Jim Beaver [JTTF Director Eric Wisdom] | Jason Butler Harner [Jeff Baines] | Michael Trucco [Kendal] | Patricia Prata [Showgirl]

Director:  Lee Tamahori

Las Vegas magician can see a few minutes into the future.

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Col br36643

Ghost Rider

Theatrical Release Date:  02/16/2007

Street Date:  06/12/2007

Box Office:  $115.8 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider] | Wes Bentley [Blackheart] | Eva Mendes | Sam Elliott | Donal Logue | Matt Long | Mathew Wilkinson | Daniel Frederiksen

Director:  Mark Steven Johnson

A motorcycle stuntman becomes a fire wielding demon.

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Dis br106491

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Theatrical Release Date:  12/21/2007

Street Date:  05/20/2008

Box Office:  $219.9 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Ben Gates] | Diane Kruger [Abigail Chase] | Helen Mirren [Emily Appleton] | Ed Harris [Jeb Wilkinson] | Bruce Greenwood [U.S. President] | Justin Bartha [Riley Poole] | Jon Voight [Patrick Gates] | Harvey Keitel [Sadusky] | Joel Gretsch [Thomas Gates] | Alicia Coppola [Agent Spellman] | Christian Camargo [John Wilkes Booth] | Michael Maize [Daniel Wilkinson] | Timothy V. Murphy [Seth]

Director:  Jon Turteltaub

Ben Gates seeks to clear his great-great grandfather's name.

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War d619923d

The Ant Bully

Theatrical Release Date:  07/28/2006

Street Date:  11/28/2006

Box Office:  $28.1 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage (voice) [Zoc] | Julia Roberts (voice) | Meryl Streep (voice) | Paul Giamatti (voice) | Lily Tomlin (voice) | Cheri Oteri (voice) | Alan Cumming (voice) | Regina King (voice) | Ricardo Montalban (voice) | Zach Tyler (voice)

Director:  John A. Davis

Young boy is shrunk to the size of an ant to teach a lesson.

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Missing art medium

The Nicolas Cage Collection

Street Date:  09/12/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage


Trapped in Paradise, Raising Arizona and Kiss of Death.

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Par d59192325d

World Trade Center

Theatrical Release Date:  08/09/2006

Street Date:  12/12/2006

Box Office:  $70.2 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Maria Bello | Maggie Gyllenhaal | Frank Whaley | William Mapother | Brad William Henke | Morgan Flynn | Nick Damici | Thomas Russo | Michael Pena | Alexa Gerasimovich

Director:  Oliver Stone

On 9/11, two policemen are rescued from the rubble.

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War br82974

The Wicker Man

Theatrical Release Date:  09/01/2006

Street Date:  12/19/2006

Box Office:  $23.6 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Molly Parker | Ellen Burstyn | Leelee Sobieski | Frances Conroy | Christa Campbell | Kate Beahan | Diane Delano | Sophie Hough

Director:  Neil LaBute

Police officer is tormented by the family that died on him.

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War dp375965d

The Weather Man

Theatrical Release Date:  10/28/2005

Street Date:  02/21/2006

Box Office:  $12.5 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Dave Spritz] | Michael Caine [Robert Spritz] | Hope Davis [Noreen Spritz] | Nicholas Hoult [Mike] | Gemmenne de la Peña | Michael Rispoli | Judith McConnell | Gil Bellows | Ryan Burk | Kristen Duerdoth | Nikkole Palmatier | Anne Marrie Howard

Director:  Gore Verbinski

TV weather man has big chance but his life is in disarray.

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Lge br55928

Lord of War

Theatrical Release Date:  09/16/2005

Street Date:  01/17/2006

Box Office:  $24.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Yuri Orlov] | Ethan Hawke | Jared Leto | Bridget Moynahan | Eamonn Walker | Ian Holm | Nalu Tripician | Sammi Rotibi | Steve J. Termath | Tanit Phoenix

Director:  Andrew Niccol

Globetrotting arms dealer is chased by Interpol agent.

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Dis br106488

National Treasure

Theatrical Release Date:  11/19/2004

Street Date:  05/03/2005

Box Office:  $173.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Benjamin Franklin Gates] | Sean Bean [Ian Howe] | Diane Kruger [Dr. Abigail Chase] | Justin Bartha [Riley Poole] | Harvey Keitel [Sadusky] | Christopher Plummer [John Adams Gates] | Mark Pellegrino [Johnson] | Jon Voight

Director:  Jon Turteltaub

Treasure seekers find map on Declaration of Independence.

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War br537245

Matchstick Men

Theatrical Release Date:  09/12/2003

Street Date:  02/24/2004

Box Office:  $36.8 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage [Roy] | Alison Lohman [Angela] | Sam Rockwell [Frank] | Bruce Altman [Dr. Klein] | Bruce McGill [Frechette] | Melora Walters

Director:  Ridley Scott

Con artist's swindle is disrupted by his teenage daughter.

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Mvd brf1500


Theatrical Release Date:  06/14/2002

Street Date:  10/15/2002

Box Office:  $40.1 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Christian Slater | Adam Beach | Frances O'Connor | Mark Ruffalo | Noah Emmerich | Peter Stormare | Brian Van Holt | Martin Henderson | Roger Willie | Jason Isaacs | Billy Morts | Cameron Thor | Kevin Cooney | Holmes Osborne

Director:  John Woo

WWII Marines are assigned to protect Navajo code-talkers.

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Hbo d92157d


Theatrical Release Date:  12/27/2002

Street Date:  08/19/2003

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  James Franco | Brenda Blethyn | Mena Suvari | Harry Dean Stanton | Nicolas Cage | Brenda Vaccaro | Scott Caan | Seymore Cassel | Josie Davis

Director:  Nicolas Cage

Two prostitutes try and make a career change.

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Ime br7565


Theatrical Release Date:  12/06/2002

Street Date:  05/20/2003

Box Office:  $21.9 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Meryl Streep | Chris Cooper | Tilda Swinton | Judy Greer | Ron Livingston | Rheagan Wallace | Jane Adams | John Cusack | Brian Cox | Gary Farmer | Maggie Gyllenhaal | Custis Hanson | Catherine Keener | Stephen Tobolowsky | John Malkovich

Director:  Spike Jonze

A studio exec hires odd screenwriter for novel adaptation.

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Avm bru53881

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Theatrical Release Date:  08/17/2001

Street Date:  02/05/2002

Box Office:  $25.3 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Penelope Cruz | Christian Bale | David Morrissey | John Hurt

Director:  John Madden

An Italian officer falls in love with a Greek woman.

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Missing art medium

Christmas Carol: The Movie

Street Date:  10/07/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Simon Callow (Voice) | Kate Winslet (Voice) | Nicolas Cage (Voice) | John Horrocks (Voice) | Rhys Ifans (Voice)


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Dis br52583

Gone In 60 Seconds

Theatrical Release Date:  06/09/2000

Street Date:  12/05/2000

Box Office:  $101.6 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Angelina Jolie | Giovanni Ribisi | Robert Duvall | Vinnie Jones | Delroy Lindo | Will Patton | Chi McBride | Scott Caan | Christopher Eccleston | Timothy Olyphant | James Duval | Jaime Bergman | Michael Pena

Director:  Dominic Sena

A retired car thief is forced into one last heist.

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Mca br61169630

The Family Man

Theatrical Release Date:  12/22/2000

Street Date:  07/17/2001

Box Office:  $75.8 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Tea Leoni | Don Cheadle | Jeremy Piven | Amber Valletta | Harve Presnell | Troy Hall | Josef Sommer | Paul Sorvino | Lisa Thornhill | Francine York

Director:  Brett Ratner

Wall Street exec gets a rare glimpse of what might've been.

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Cin brsf19279


Street Date:  07/20/1999

Box Office:  $36.3 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Joaquin Phoenix | James Gandolfini | Peter Stormare | Anthony Heald | Chris Bauer | Catherine Keener | Myra Carter | Amy Morton | Jenny Powell | Anne Gee Byrd | Jack Betts | Luis Oropeza | Rachel Singer | Don Creech | Norman Reedus

Director:  Joel Schumacher

Widow hires a man to identify a teen killed on film.

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Missing art medium

Bringing Out The Dead

Street Date:  05/09/2000

Box Office:  $16.6 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Patricia Arquette | John Goodman | Ving Rhames | Tom Sizemore | Marc Anthony | Cliff Curtis | Bart DeFinna | Mary Beth Hurt | Aida Turturro

Director:  Martin Scorsese

Paramedic is haunted by memories of people he couldn't save.

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War br437345

City of Angels

Street Date:  09/15/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Meg Ryan | Nicolas Cage | Andre Braugher | Dennis Franz | Colm Feore | Robin Bartlett | Joanna Merlin | Sarah Dampf

Director:  Brad Silberling

A smitten angel considers becoming human.

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Par d59188441d

Snake Eyes

Street Date:  02/16/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Gary Sinise | John Heard | Carla Gugino | Stan Shaw | Kevin Dunn | Michael Rispoli | Joel Fabiani | Luis Guzman | David Anthony Higgins | Mike Starr | Tamara Tunie | Chip Zien

Director:  Brian De Palma

U.S. official is killed at an Atlantic City fight.

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Dis d102672d

Con Air

Street Date:  12/09/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | John Cusack | John Malkovich | Steve Buscemi | Ving Rhames | Colm Meaney | Mykelti Williamson | Rachel Ticotin | Monica Potter | Dave Chappelle | M.C. Gainey | John Roselius | Renoly | Danny Trejo | Jesse Borrego | Nick Chinlund | Angela Featherstone | Jose Zuniga | Landry Allbright

Director:  Simon West

Vicious convicts hijack their flight.

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Par d59159922d


Street Date:  11/11/1997

Box Office:  $112.3 Million

Cast:  John Travolta | Nicolas Cage | Joan Allen | Gina Gershon | Alessandro Nivola | Dominique Swain | Nick Cassavetes | Harve Presnell | Colm Feore | John Carroll Lynch | CCH Pounder | Robert Wisdom | Margaret Cho | Jamie Denton | Matt Ross | Tommy Flanagan | Danny Masterson | Thomas Jane

Director:  John Woo

An FBI agent and his nemesis trade physical identities.

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Dis br53682

The Rock

Street Date:  02/16/1999

Box Office:  $134.1 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Sean Connery | Ed Harris | Michael Biehn | William Forsythe | David Morse | John Spencer | John C. McGinley | Tony Todd | Bokeem Woodbine | Danny Nucci | Claire Forlani | Vanessa Marcil | Greg Sporleder

Director:  Michael Bay

Escapee leads Navy SEALs to rebel soldiers on Alcatraz.

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Fox d2220398d

Kiss Of Death

Street Date:  02/16/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  David Caruso | Samuel L. Jackson | Nicolas Cage | Helen Hunt | Stanley Tucci | Michael Rapaport | Ving Rhames |

Director:  Barbet Schroeder

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Mgm dm128705d

Leaving Las Vegas

Street Date:  12/01/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Elisabeth Shue | Julian Sands | Richard Lewis | Valeria Golino | Graham Beckel | R. Lee Ermey | Laurie Metcalf | David Brisbin | Xander Berkeley | Lou Rawls

Director:  Mike Figgis

Man drinking himself to death finds solace with hooker.

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Col d78709d

Guarding Tess

Street Date:  04/14/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Shirley MacLaine| Nicolas Cage| Austin Pendleton| Edward Albert| James Rebhorn| Richard Griffiths| John Roselius| David Graf| Dale Dye| James Handy| Susan Blommaert

Director:  Hugh Wilson

Secret Service agent protects former first lady in Ohio.

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Col br26290

It Could Happen To You

Street Date:  08/25/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Bridget Fonda| Rosie Perez| Wendell Pierce| Isaac Hayes| Victor Rojas| Seymour Cassel| Stanley Tucci| Red Buttons

Director:  Andrew Bergman

N.Y. policeman tips waitress $2 million.

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Fox d2276107d

Trapped In Paradise

Street Date:  06/01/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Jon Lovitz | Dana Carvey | John Ashton | Madchen Amick | Donald Moffat | Richard Jenkins | Florence Stanley | Angela Paton | Vic Manni | Frank Pesce | Sean McCann | Paul Lazar | John Bergantine | Sean O'Bryan | Richard B. Shull

Director:  George Gallo

Bank robbers foiled by niceness in Paradise, Pa.

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Oli brof1162

Amos & Andrew

Street Date:  05/22/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Samuel L. Jackson| Dabney Coleman| Brad Dourif| Michael Lerner| Margaret Colin| Chelcie Ross| I.M. Hobson| Jodi Long| Giancarlo Esposito| Loretta Devine| Bob Balaban| Tracey Walter| Aimee Graham

Director:  E. Max Frye

Car thief helps inept police with supposed burglar.

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Lge d20312d


Street Date:  10/03/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael Biehn | James Coburn | Nicolas Cage | Sarah Trigger | Peter Fonda | Charlie Sheen | Talia Shire | Michael Constantine | Gigi Rice | Angus Scrimm | Micky Dolenz | Marc Coppola | Renee Estevez | Clarence Williams III

Director:  Christopher Coppola

New Yorker seeks look-alike brother of con-man dad.

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Ime d6892sphd

Red Rock West

Street Date:  06/29/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Dennis Hopper| Lara Flynn Boyle| Timothy Carhart| J.T. Walsh| Dan Shor

Director:  John Dahl

Texas drifter meets tricky couple and murder.

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Mgm br123319

Honeymoon In Vegas

Street Date:  04/25/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  James Caan | Nicolas Cage | Sarah Jessica Parker | Pat Morita | Johnny Williams | John Capodice | Robert Costanzo | Anne Bancroft | Peter Boyle | Burton Gilliam

Director:  Andrew Bergman

Gambler wins fling with guy's bride amid Elvises.

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Missing art medium


Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Judge Reinhold| Erika Anderson| Viveca Lindfors| Joe Pantoliano| Marisa Toma| Aaron Neville

Director:  Sam Pillsbury

Artist lusts with New Orleans buddy's wife.

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Kic brk23198

Fire Birds

Street Date:  10/14/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Tommy Lee Jones | Sean Young | Brian Kestner | Dale Dye | Mary Ellen Trainor | J.A. Preston | Bert Rhine

Director:  David Green

Army pilots join drug war in Apache assault copters.

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Cin brsf17937

Wild At Heart

Street Date:  12/07/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Laura Dern| Diane Ladd| Willem Dafoe| Isabella Rossellini| Harry Dean Stanton| Crispin Glover| Grace Zabriskie| J.E. Freeman| Morgan Shephard

Director:  David Lynch

Lovers Sailor and Lula head for Oz via hell.

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Missing art medium

Time To Kill

Street Date:  06/18/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Giancarlo Giannini| Robert Liensol| Ennio Morricone

Director:  Guiliano Montaldo

Soldier in Africa regrets leaving camp.

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Missing art medium

Vampire's Kiss

Street Date:  08/27/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage | Maria Conchita Alonso | Jennifer Beals

Director:  Robert Bierman

Uptight literary agent meets neck-biter in black.

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Mgm dm132338d


Street Date:  06/30/1998

Box Office:  $80.6 Million

Cast:  Cher | Nicolas Cage | Vincent Gardenia | Olympia Dukakis | Danny Aiello | Julie Bovasso | John Mahoney | Louis Guss | Feodor Chaliapin | Anita Gillette

Director:  Norman Jewison

An Italian-American widow loves her fiance's brother.

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Fox br2270690

Raising Arizona

Street Date:  08/03/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Holly Hunter| Trey Wilson| John Goodman| William Forsythe| Sam McMurray| Frances McDormand| Randall Cobb| M. Emmet Walsh

Director:  Joel Coen

Loser and wife kidnap quintuplet from store magnate.

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Ime brid9594

Peggy Sue Got Married

Street Date:  08/11/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kathleen Turner| Nicolas Cage| Kevin J. O'Connor| Barry Miller| Catherine Hicks| Joan Allen| Jim Carrey| Lisa Jane Persky| Barbara Harris| Don Murray| Maureen O'Sullivan| Leon Ames| Helen Hunt| John Carradine| Sofia Coppola| Sachi Parker

Director:  Francis Ford Coppola

1985 housewife faints, wakes up in 1960 with future husband.

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Anb br24370

The Boy In Blue

Street Date:  02/07/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Cynthia Dale| David Naughton

Director:  Charles Jarrott

Promoter turns Canadian bootlegger into world-class rower.

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Dos dmv54661d


Street Date:  02/15/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Matthew Modine| Nicolas Cage| Sandy Baron| John Harkins| Karen Young| Bruno Kirby| Nancy Fish| George ``Buck'' Flower| Dolores Sage| Robert L. Ryan| James Santini| Maud Winchester| Marshall Bell| Elizabeth Whitcraft| Sandra Beall| Victoria Nekko| Crystal Field| John Brumfield| Joe Lerer| Alice Truscott

Director:  Alan Parker

Vietnam veteran helps bird-obsessed buddy.

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Par d138064d

Racing With The Moon

Street Date:  11/30/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sean Penn| Elizabeth McGovern| Nicolas Cage| John Karlen| Rutanya Alda| Max Showalter| Crispin Glover| Barbara Howard| Dominic Nardini| John Brandon

Director:  Richard Benjamin

Buddies fool around before joining Marines in 1942.

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Missing art medium

The Cotton Club

Street Date:  07/10/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Richard Gere | Gregory Hines | Diane Lane | Lonette McKee | Bob Hoskins | James Remar | Nicolas Cage | Allen Garfield | Fred Gwynne | Gwen Verdon | Lisa Jane Persky | Maurice Hines | Julian Beck | Novella Nelson | Larry Fishburne | John Ryan | Tom Waits | Wynonna Smith | Charles Coles | Larry Marshall | Sofia Coppola

Director:  Francis Ford Coppola

Musician escorts gangster's girl in late-1920s Harlem.

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Cri brcc2752

Rumble Fish

Street Date:  09/13/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Matt Dillon | Mickey Rourke | Diane Lane | Dennis Hopper | Diana Scarwid | Vincent Spano | Nicolas Cage | Christopher Penn | Larry Fishburne | William Smith | Michael Higgins | Glenn Withrow | Tom Waits | Sofia Coppola

Director:  Francis Ford Coppola

Street fighter idolizes his brother, Motorcycle Boy.

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Cin brsf18932

Valley Girl

Street Date:  08/05/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nicolas Cage| Deborah Foreman| Frederic Forrest| Elizabeth Daily| Michael Bowen| Cameron Dye| Michelle Meyrink| Heidi Holicker| Tina Theberge| Lee Purcell| Colleen Camp| Richard Sanders

Director:  Martha Coolidge

Funny-talking California girl falls for punk rocker.

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