Guy Ritchie

First Name: Guy
Last Name: Ritchie
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: September 10, 1968
Birth Place: Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England

Guy Ritchie Movies

Mca br64211369

The Gentlemen

Theatrical Release Date:  01/24/2020

Street Date:  04/21/2020

Box Office:  $35.1 Million

Cast:  Matthew McConaughey | Charlie Hunnam | Michelle Dockery | Jeremy Strong | Colin Farrell | Henry Golding | Hugh Grant | Jason Wong | Christopher Evangelou | Eliot Sumner | Chloe Arrowsmith | Brittany Ashworth | Russell Balogh | Simon. R. Barker | Steve Barnett

Director:  Guy Ritchie

A pot kingpin attempts to get out of the business.

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Dis br154132


Theatrical Release Date:  05/24/2019

Street Date:  09/10/2019

Box Office:  $352.8 Million

Cast:  Will Smith | Naomi Scott | Mena Massoud | Billy Magnussen | Marwan Kenzari | Nasim Pedrad | Numan Acar | Navid Negahban | Kamil Lemieszewski | Adam Collins | Nikkita Chadha | Tuncay Gunes | Bern Collaco | Joey Ansah | Will Blagrove

Director:  Guy Ritchie

A charming street rat finds a genie in a lamp.

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War d743332d

3 Film Collection: Legend Of Tarzan / King Arthur / Troy

Street Date:  10/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Alexander Skarsgard | Margot Robbie | Christoph Waltz | Samuel L. Jackson | Brad Pitt | Eric Bana | Orlando Bloom | Rose Byrne | Charlie Hunnam | Jude Law | Astrid Berges-Frisbey | Djimon Hounsou

Director:  David Yates , Wolfgang Petersen , Guy Ritchie

Includes Legend of Tarzan, King Arthur & Troy.

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War br649548

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Theatrical Release Date:  05/12/2017

Street Date:  08/08/2017

Box Office:  $39.1 Million

Cast:  Charlie Hunnam | Jude Law | Astrid Berges-Frisbey | Djimon Hounsou | Aidan Gillen | Eric Bana

Director:  Guy Ritchie

Young Arthur must learn to live up to his legacy.

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Theatrical Release Date:  08/14/2015

Street Date:  11/17/2015

Box Office:  $45.4 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill [Napoleon Solo] | Armie Hammer [Illya Kuryakin] | Alicia Vikander [Gaby Teller] | Hugh Grant [Waverly] | Elizabeth Debicki [Victoria Vinciguerra] | Jared Harris [Sanders] | Luca Calvani [Alexander] | Simona Caparrini [Countess Allegra] | Joana Metrass [Victoria's Assistant]

Director:  Guy Ritchie

During height of Cold War, CIA & KGB agents must partner.

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War br746189

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Theatrical Release Date:  12/16/2011

Street Date:  06/12/2012

Box Office:  $186.8 Million

Cast:  Robert Downey Jr. [Sherlock Holmes] | Jude Law [Dr. John Watson] | Noomi Rapace [Simza] | Jared Harris [Professor James Moriarty] | Rachel McAdams [Irene Adler] | Eddie Marsan [Inspector Lestrade] | Stephen Fry [Mycroft Holmes] | Kelly Reilly [Mary Watson] | Geraldine James [Mrs. Hudson] | Paul Anderson [Colonel Sebastian Moran] | Gilles Lellouche | Jack Laskey [Carruthers] | Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik [Gypsy Andrzej] | William Houston [Clarky] | Gabrielle Scharnitzky [Frau von Hoffmannstahl]

Director:  Guy Ritchie

Holmes and archenemy Moriarty battle wits across Europe.

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War br746188

Sherlock Holmes

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2009

Street Date:  03/30/2010

Box Office:  $209.0 Million

Cast:  Robert Downey Jr. [Sherlock Holmes] | Jude Law [Dr. John Watson] | Rachel McAdams [Irene Adler] | Mark Strong [Lord Blackwood] | Kelly Reilly [Mary Morstan] | Eddie Marsan [Inspector Lestrade] | James Fox [Sir Thomas] | Robert Maillet [Dredger] | Geraldine James [Mrs. Hudson] | William Houston [Constable Clark]

Director:  Guy Ritchie

Sherlock Holmes and Watson unravel a deadly plot.

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War d088864d


Theatrical Release Date:  10/08/2008

Street Date:  01/27/2009

Box Office:  $5.7 Million

Cast:  Gerard Butler [One Two] | Tom Wilkinson [Lenny Cole] | Thandie Newton [Stella] | Idris Elba [Mumbles] | Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges [Mickey] | Gemma Arterton [June] | Jeremy Piven [Roman] | Karel Roden [Uri] | Jimi Mistry [Councillor] | Mark Strong [Archie] | Toby Kebbell [Johnny] | Nonso Anozie [Tank] | Matt King [Cookie] | Jamie Campbell Bower [Rocker] | Geoff Bell [Fred the Head] | Tom Hardy [Handsome Bob]

Director:  Guy Ritchie

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The Gamekeeper

Box Office:  $0.0 Million


Director:  Guy Ritchie

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Col br26366


Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2007

Street Date:  03/18/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jason Statham | Ray Liotta | Andre Benjamin | Vincent Pastore

Director:  Guy Ritchie

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Swept Away

Theatrical Release Date:  10/11/2002

Street Date:  02/11/2003

Box Office:  $0.4 Million

Cast:  Madonna | Adriano Giannini | Jeanne Tripplehorn | Bruce Greenwood | Elizabeth Banks |

Director:  Guy Ritchie

Rich and spoiled lady turns sweet and innocent.

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Col br36426


Theatrical Release Date:  01/19/2001

Street Date:  07/03/2001

Box Office:  $17.5 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Benicio Del Toro | Alan Ford | Stephen Graham | Ewen Bremner | Dennis Farina | Jason Statham | Vinnie Jones | Rade Serbedzija | Mike Reid | Jason Flemyng

Director:  Guy Ritchie

Boxing and jewels prove dangerous for the big boss.

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Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Street Date:  08/10/1999

Box Office:  $3.7 Million

Cast:  Jason Flemyng | Dexter Fletcher | Nick Moran | Jason Statham | Steven Mackintosh | Vinnie Jones | Sting | Lenny McLean | P.H. Moriarty | Steve Sweeney | Frank Harper | Stephen Marcus | Peter McNicholl | Vas Blackwood | Jake Abraham | Stephen Callender-Ferrier | Suzy Ratner | Laura Bailey | Danny John-Jules | Nicholas Rowe

Director:  Guy Ritchie

London pals owe a huge sum, betting on cards.

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