Harland Williams

First Name: Harland
Last Name: Williams
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: November 14, 1962
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height: 6 Feet 5.0 Inches
Description: He may not get the lead roles, but Harland Williams does get the good laughs. Whether he's hosting a comedy show or performing in it, this guy makes is fun. He gave roles like the hitchhiker in There's Something About Mary and the not-so-smart Special Agent in The Whole Nine Yards just the right touch. Harland's tried his luck on several television shows too but they just didn't make it. This weekend he's in the DOG house...Don't miss Harland in as a girl in Sorority Boys, at theaters now!

Harland Williams Movies

Dis d152226d

Puppy Dog Pals: Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals

Street Date:  01/22/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Issac Ryan Brown | Jessica Dicicco | Tom Kenny | Sam Lavagino | Harland Williams |


A collection of Puppy Dog Pals episodes.

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Dis d147765d

Puppy Dog Pals Volume 1

Street Date:  04/10/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Issac Ryan Brown | Jessica Dicicco | Tom Kenny | Sam Lavagino | Harland Williams


A collection of Puppy Dog Pals episodes.

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Avm brfr14203

Back in the Day

Theatrical Release Date:  01/17/2014

Street Date:  04/08/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael Rosenbaum | Morena Baccarin | Nick Swardson | Harland Williams | Jay R. Ferguson | Sarah Colonna | Isaiah Mustafa | Liz Carey | Kristoffer Polaha | Emma Caulfield | Danielle Bisutti | Mike Hagerty | Richard Marx | Andrea Bogart | Griffin Wade

Director:  Michael Rosenbaum

Man goes home to high school reunion to find himself.

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Avm brsm16153

Lloyd the Conqueror

Street Date:  03/11/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brian Posehn | Mike Smith | Evan Williams | Jesse Reid | Scott Patey | Tegan Moss | Harland Williams | Aaron Pearl | David Lawrence | Brendan Hunter | Andrew Sparacino | Darcy Dunlop | Adrian Young | Darcy Michael | Gavin Williams

Director:  Michael Peterson

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Ime did8302nvd

Harland Williams: A Force of Nature

Street Date:  01/15/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams


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Hsp d670753d

Dahmer vs. Gacy

Street Date:  05/10/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Art LaFleur | Ford Austin | Randal Malone | Harland Williams | Ethan Phillips | Jerry Maren | Steven Adler


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Dis br106592

Spooky Buddies

Street Date:  09/20/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams | Elisa Donovan | Sierra McCormick | Jennifer Elise Cox | Tucker Albrizzi | Nels Lennarson | Brendan Meyer | Pat Finn | Sage Ryan | Michael Teigen | Charles Henry Wyson | Jake Johnson* | Dylan Sprayberry | Max Charles | Ameko Eks Mass Carroll

Director:  Robert Vince

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Missing art medium

My Life in Ruins

Theatrical Release Date:  06/05/2009

Street Date:  10/06/2009

Box Office:  $8.5 Million

Cast:  Nia Vardalos [Georgia] | Richard Dreyfuss [Irv] | Harland Williams [Big Al] | Rachel Dratch [Kim] | Alexis Georgoulis [Poupi] | Caroline Goodall [Mrs. Tullen] | Brian Palermo [Marc] | Heather Blair [American Tourist] | Simon Gleeson [Ken]

Director:  Donald Petrie

Professor-turned-travel guide finds love in Greece.

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Anb dp2097d

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

Street Date:  09/22/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Papa (voice) [El Superbeasto] | Paul Giamatti (voice) [Dr. Satan] | Rosario Dawson (voice) [Velvet Von Black] | Sheri Moon (voice) [Suzi X] | Tom Kenny (voice) [Otto] | Danny Trejo (voice) [Rico] | Bill Moseley (voice) [Otis Driftwood] | Clint Howard (voice) [Joe Cthulu] | John Di Maggio (voice) [Burt the Spurt] | Brian Posehn (voice) [Murray] | Sid Haig (voice) [Capt. Spaulding] | Harland Williams (voice) [Gerard the Exterminator] | Geoffrey Lewis (voice) [Lenny] | Dee Wallace (voice) [Trixie] | Cassandra Peterson (voice) [Amber] | Laraine Newman (voice) [Betty Sue Lou] | Daniel Roebuck (voice) [Morris Green] | Rob Paulsen (voice) [Commandant Hess/El Gato]

Director:  Mr. Lawrence , Rob Zombie

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Fox d2253718d

Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation

Street Date:  03/11/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams | Josh Cooke | Greg Pitts | Warren Christie | Sara Foster | Emmanuelle Vaugier | Danny A. Jacobs | Karen Gordon | Audrey Landers | Steven Crowley | Max Landwirth | Chay Santini | Sandra Seeling

Director:  James Ryan

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Anb d70108d

The Best of Comics Unleashed

Street Date:  04/29/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Byron Allen | Lisa Alvarado | David Brenner | Margaret Cho | Kim Coles | Dane Cook | Cedric the Entertainer | Brad Garrett | Jon Lovitz | Howie Mandel | Ralphie May | Dennis Miller | Tammi Pescatelli | Kevin Pollak | Caroline Rhea | Rita Rudner | Aries Spears | Sheryl Underwood | George Wallace | Harland Williams | Katt Williams


Performances of today's hottest stand-up comedians.

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Dis br108196

Meet the Robinsons

Theatrical Release Date:  03/30/2007

Street Date:  10/23/2007

Box Office:  $97.7 Million

Cast:  Angela Bassett (voice) | Paul Butcher (voice) | Jessie Flower (voice) | Spencer Fox (voice) | Jordan Fry (voice) | Harland Williams (voice) | Tom Kenny (voice)

Director:  Steve Anderson

Boy gets transported into the future.

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War d114780d

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

Street Date:  03/13/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jonathan Bennett [Bo Duke] | April Scott [Daisy Duke] | Randy Wayne [Luke Duke] | Christopher McDonald [Boss Hogg] | Willie Nelson [Uncle Jesse] | Sherilyn Fenn [Lulu Hogg] | Harland Williams [Roscoe] | Adam Shulman [Enos] | Joel David Moore [Cooter] | Trishelle Cannatella [Ali Handy] | Jennifer Hill [Brooke Handy]


Dukes fight Boss Hogg from foreclosing on Jesse's farm.

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Mhv d7769d

Hot Tamale

Street Date:  08/29/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Randy Spelling | Diora Baird | Jason Priestley | Carmen Electra | Mike Starr | Harland Williams | James Best | Beth Grant | Christopher Goodman | Richard Riehle | Jon Huertas | Sean Blakemore | Matt Cedeno

Director:  Michael Damian

Wyoming man takes a bizarre rod trip to Los Angeles.

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Missing art medium

What A Treat

Street Date:  08/15/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams


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Lge d20715d

Employee of the Month

Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2006

Street Date:  01/16/2007

Box Office:  $28.4 Million

Cast:  Dane Cook [Zack Bradley] | Jessica Simpson [Amy] | Dax Shepard [Vince Downey] | Efren Ramirez [Jorge] | Harland Williams | Andy Dick | Sean Whalen | Tim Bagley | Danny Woodburn | Shirley Brener | Alison Raimondi

Director:  Greg Coolidge

Co-workers battle for award to win new employee's affection.

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Lge d21559d

Surf School

Street Date:  07/17/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams | Ryan Carnes | Corey Sevier | Laura Bell Bundy | Miko Hughes | Lee Norris | Sisqo | Angie Ruiz | Taylor Negron | Lin Shaye | Chad Amsel | Diane Delano

Director:  Joel Silverman

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Mhv 7701v

Back By Midnight

Street Date:  01/25/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Rodney Dangerfield [Jake Puloski] | Kirstie Alley [Gloria Beaumont] | Ed Begley Jr. [Robert Wade] | Randy Quaid [Eli Rockwood] | Nell Carter [Waitress] | Jsu Garcia [Carlos] | Troy Aguayo [Inmate] | Jeff Altman [Doctor] | Louie Anderson [Game Show Host] | Lisa Arturo [Candy] | Marty Belafsky [Jerk Off] | Gilbert Gottfried [Security Guard] | Phil LaMarr [Mile Away] | Laura McCoy Basil [Female Contestant] | Paul Rodriguez | Leo Rossi [Rusty] | Kevin West [Lance] | Harland Williams

Director:  Harry Basil

A warden turns a prison into a country club.

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Mgm d1008127d

Kart Racer

Street Date:  05/10/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Will Rothaar | Randy Quaid | David Gallagher | Harland Williams | Joe Dinicol | Amanda De Martinis

Director:  Stuart Gillard

Kid recruits father to help pursue his dream of kart racing.

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Fox d2360372d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/11/2005

Street Date:  09/27/2005

Box Office:  $128.2 Million

Cast:  Ewan McGregor (voice) [Rodney Copperbottom] | Halle Berry (voice) | Mel Brooks (voice) | Stanley Tucci (voice) | Dianne Wiest (voice) | Drew Carey (voice) | Jim Broadbent (voice) | Amanda Bynes (voice) [Piper] | Robin Williams (voice) [Fender] | Jamie Kennedy (voice) | Paul Giamatti (voice) | D.L. Hughley (voice) | Jennifer Coolidge (voice) | Dan Hedaya (voice) | Harland Williams (voice) | Sofia Vergara (voice)

Director:  Carlos Saldanha , Chris Wedge

Young robot sets off for big city to make it big.

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Mgm d1008115d

Lucky 13

Street Date:  03/15/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Lauren Graham | Harland Williams | Brad Hunt | Amanda Detmer | Sasha Alexander | John Doe

Director:  Chris Hall

Guy consults his ex-girlfriends to woo perfect woman.

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Dis 27556v

Sorority Boys

Theatrical Release Date:  03/22/2002

Street Date:  10/15/2002

Box Office:  $9.6 Million

Cast:  Barry Watson | Harland Williams | Michael Rosenbaum | Melissa Sagemiller | Kathryn Stockwood | Nikki Martin | Omar Benson Miller | Heather Matarazzo | Bree Turner

Director:  Wallace Wolodarsky

Three guys in drag join a sorority.

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Missing art medium

Freddy Got Fingered

Theatrical Release Date:  04/20/2001

Street Date:  10/23/2001

Box Office:  $13.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Green | Connor Widdows | Marisa Coughlan | Julie Hagerty | Anthony Michael Hall | Scott Heindl | Laurie Murdoch | Ron Selmour | Eddie Kaye Thomas | Stephen Tobolowsky | Rip Torn | Harland Williams

Director:  Tom Green

A grown man is forced to move back in with his parents.

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Missing art medium

Mr. Head Mistress

Street Date:  08/15/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams | Katey Sagal


Con uses a girl's school to disguise himself and hide.

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Smd br63575

The Whole Nine Yards

Theatrical Release Date:  02/18/2000

Street Date:  07/18/2000

Box Office:  $57.3 Million

Cast:  Bruce Willis | Matthew Perry | Rosanna Arquette | Michael Clarke Duncan | Amanda Peet | Kevin Pollak | Natasha Henstridge | Harland Williams

Director:  Jonathan Lynn

A hit man with heart has just has moved into suburbia.

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Mcm d00538099d

Insane Clown Posse: Big Money Hustla$

Street Date:  10/18/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Violent J | Shaggy 2 Dope | Harland Williams | Rudy Ray Moore | Mick Foley | Kayla Kleevage

Director:  John Cafiero

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Par d59185127d


Street Date:  04/11/2000

Box Office:  $30.5 Million

Cast:  Molly Shannon | Will Ferrell | Elaine Hendrix | Harland Williams | Mark McKinney | Glynis Johns | Rick Campanelli | Tom Green | Emmy Laybourne | Jason Sehorn

Director:  Bruce McColloch

A nerdy Catholic schoolgirl dreams of superstardom.

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Mca hd61032811

Half Baked

Street Date:  06/30/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Dave Chappelle | Guillermo Diaz | Jim Breuer | Harland Williams | Rachel True | Clarence Williams III | Laura Silverman | Tommy Chong | Jon Stewart | Snoop Dogg | Stephen Baldwin | Willie Nelson | Janeane Garofalo | Steven Wright | R.D. Reid | Gregg Rogell | Kevin Brennan | Alice Poon | Rick Demas | David Bluestein

Director:  Tamra Davis

Potheads sell marijuana to raise bail for a friend.

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Fox br2356485

There's Something About Mary

Street Date:  02/02/1999

Box Office:  $176.4 Million

Cast:  Cameron Diaz | Ben Stiller | Matt Dillon | Lee Evans | Chris Elliott | Lin Shaye | Jeffrey Tambor | Markie Post | Keith David | W. Earl Brown | Jonathan Richman | Brett Favre | Harland Williams

Director:  Bobby Farrelly , Peter Farrelly

A remarkable woman attracts assorted admirers.

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Wrc d642496d

Dog Park

Street Date:  02/29/2000

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Natasha Henstridge | Luke Wilson | Kathleen Robertson | Janeane Garofalo | Bruce McCulloch | Kristin Lehman | Amie Carey | Gordon Currie | Harland Williams | Mark McKinney | Jerry Schaefer | Zachary Bennett | Peter MacNeill

Director:  Bruce McCulloch

Women and dogs complicate a man's life.

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Missing art medium

Mr. Headmistress

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams| Katey Sagal| Shawna Waldron| Duane Martin| Joel Brooks| Lori Hallier| Lawrence Dane| Conrad Dunn| Amy Castle| Kerry Duff| Natalie Higashi| Debra McGrath| Katherine Shekter| Janet Wright| Helen Beavis| Catherine Black| Ken James| Lindsay Leese| Joe Pingue| Michelle Risi

Director:  James Frawley

Con man disguises himself as girls-school headmistress.

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Dis d40002d


Street Date:  04/24/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams | Jessica Lundy | William Sadler | Jeffrey DeMunn | James Pickens Jr. | Beau Bridges | Peter Onorati | Blake Boyd | Brandon Kaplan

Director:  Stuart Gillard

A clumsy scientist boards a manned flight to Mars.

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Trn d4658d

Wag the Dog

Street Date:  06/16/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Dustin Hoffman | Robert De Niro | Anne Heche | Woody Harrelson | Denis Leary | Willie Nelson | Andrea Martin | Michael Belson | Suzanne Cryer | John Michael Higgins | Suzie Plakson | William H. Macy | Kirsten Dunst | Harland Williams

Director:  Barry Levinson

Advisers try to prevent a presidential scandal.

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Dis 12978v

Rocket Man

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harland Williams| Jessica Lundy| William Sadler| Jeffrey DeMunn| James Pickens Jr.| Beau Bridges| Peter Onorati| Blake Boyd| Brandon Kaplan

Director:  Stuart Gillard

A clumsy scientist boards a manned flight to Mars.

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Anb d60999d

Down Periscope

Street Date:  02/03/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kelsey Grammer | Lauren Holly | Bruce Dern | Rob Schneider | Rip Torn | Harry Dean Stanton | William H. Macy | Ken Hudson Campbell | Toby Huss | Duane Martin | Jonathan Penner | Bradford Tatum | Harland Williams

Director:  David S. Ward

Navy admiral stacks deck against beleaguered sub commander.

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Trn brn40640

Dumb and Dumber

Street Date:  05/20/1997

Box Office:  $127.2 Million

Cast:  Jim Carrey [Lloyd Christmas] | Jeff Daniels [Harry Dunne] | Lauren Holly [Mary Swanson] | Teri Garr [Helen Swanson] | Karen Duffy [J.P. Shay] | Mike Starr [Joe Mentalino] | Charles Rocket [Nicholas Andre] | Victoria Rowell [Athletic Beauty] | Cam Neely [Sea Bass] | Felton Perry [Detective Dale] | Harland Williams [State Trooper] | Brady Bluhm [Billy] | Hank Brandt [Karl Swanson] | Joe Baker [Barnard] | Lin Shaye [Mrs. Neugeboren]

Director:  Peter Farrelly

Dog groomer and limo driver chase dream girl.

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Missing art medium

Lucky 13

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Monica Carrico | Eric Stoltz | Stuart Margolin | Harland Williams

Director:  Mark Griffiths

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