Brad Pitt

First Name: Brad
Last Name: Pitt
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: December 18, 1963
Birth Place: Shawnee, Oklahoma
Description: He's one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood and definitely one of its sexiest boys too. Brad Pitt, whether his head is shaved or his accent is barely understandable, Brad is an actor without comparison. The depth of his talent is obvious when you look at the roles he's put away with ease. It may not be as easy to prove his innocence this weekend in Spy Game. Opening at theaters today.

Brad Pitt Movies

Col d58061d

A League of Their Own / Moneyball / The Natural

Street Date:  02/15/2022

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Hanks | Geena Davis | Madonna | Lori Petty | Brad Pitt | Jonah Hill | Philip Seymour Hoffman | Robin Wright Penn | Robert Redford | Robert Duvall | Glenn Close | Kim Basinger


A collection of three baseball films.

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Dss d54998d

Through The Decades: 1990s Collection

Street Date:  04/12/2022

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Steve Martin | Brad Pitt | Jennifer Lopez | Michelle Pfeiffer


Cheesy thrillers, family dramas, gritty crime movies, steamy

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Par br812833

The Lost City

Theatrical Release Date:  03/25/2022

Street Date:  07/26/2022

Box Office:  $105.3 Million

Cast:  Sandra Bullock | Channing Tatum | Daniel Radcliffe | Da'Vine Joy Randolph | Brad Pitt

Director:  Aaron Nee , Adam Nee

A novelist is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire.

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Missing art medium

Bullet Train

Theatrical Release Date:  08/05/2022

Box Office:  $30.1 Million

Cast:  Karen Fukuhara | Brad Pitt | Sandra Bullock | Zazie Beetz | Aaron Taylor-Johnson | Joey King | Logan Lerman | Michael Shannon | Pasha D. Lychnikoff | Hiroyuki Sanada | Brian Tyree Henry | Andrea Munoz | Emelina Adams | Bad Bunny | Andrew Koji | Masi Oka | Johanna Watts | Naomi Matsuda | Rebecca Lynne Morley | Yoshi Sudarso | RiRia | Ayne | Waymond Lee | Harrison Xu | Tania Verafield | Mike Ferguson | Leon Masuda | Nancy Daly | Shoko Rice | Jason Matthew Smith | Jose J Santana | Jim Garrity | Darren Keilan

Director:  David Leitch

An unlucky assassin has many jobs go off the rails.

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Missing art medium

Unity Temple: Frank Lloyd Wright's Modern Masterpiece

Street Date:  08/30/2022

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt


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Dss br63546

Meet Joe Black / Wimbledon

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Anthony Hopkins | Claire Forlani | Paul Bettany | Kirsten Dunst



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Col br57858

Black Hawk Down / Fury / Zero Dark Thirty

Street Date:  10/12/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Shia LaBeouf | Logan Lerman | Jon Bernthal | Michael Pena | Jason Isaacs | Scott Eastwood | Brad William Henke | Jim Parrack | Josh Hartnett | Tom Sizemore | Eric Bana | Sam Shepard | Ewan McGregor | Ron Eldard | Jeremy Piven | William Fichtner | Jason Isaacs | Josh Hartnett | Tom Sizemore | Eric Bana | Sam Shepard | Ewan McGregor | Ron Eldard | Jeremy Piven

Director:  David Ayer , Kathryn Bigelow , Ridley Scott

Includes Fury, Black Hawk Dawn and Zero Dark Thirty.

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Mca br62212981

Focus Features 10-Movie Collection

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bill Murray | Scarlett Johansson | Jim Carrey | Kate Winslet | Keira Knightley | Matthew Macfadyen | Heath Ledger | Jake Gyllenhaal | Keira Knightley | James McAvoy | Saoirse Ronan | Brad Pitt | Frances McDormand | George Clooney | Bruce Willis | Edward Norton | Eddie Redmayne | Felicity Jones | Armie Hammer | Cynthia Erivo | Leslie Odom Jr.


A collection of Focus Features films.

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Missing art medium

World War Z 2

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt

Director:  David Fincher

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War d743342d

3 Film Collection: Seven / The Shawshank Redemption / Outbreak

Street Date:  06/04/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tim Robbins | Morgan Freeman | Bob Gunton | William Sadler | Clancy Brown | Gil Bellows | Brad Pitt | Gwyneth Paltrow | R. Lee Ermey | Richard Roundtree | John C. McGinley | Dustin Hoffman | Rene Russo | Kevin Spacey | Cuba Gooding Jr.


A collection of three Morgan Freeman thrillers.

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War d743332d

3 Film Collection: Legend Of Tarzan / King Arthur / Troy

Street Date:  10/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Alexander Skarsgard | Margot Robbie | Christoph Waltz | Samuel L. Jackson | Brad Pitt | Eric Bana | Orlando Bloom | Rose Byrne | Charlie Hunnam | Jude Law | Astrid Berges-Frisbey | Djimon Hounsou

Director:  David Yates , Wolfgang Petersen , Guy Ritchie

Includes Legend of Tarzan, King Arthur & Troy.

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War d748492d

10 Film Western Collection

Street Date:  10/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  John Wayne | Dean Martin | Ricky Nelson | Angie Dickinson | Robert Redford | Will Geer | Stefan Gierasch | Allyn Ann McLerie | Clint Eastwood | Michael Moriarty | Carrie Snodgress | Christopher Penn | Brad Pitt | Casey Affleck | Sam Shepard | Sam Rockwell


A collection of ten Warner Bros. Western films.

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Fox br2352165

Ad Astra

Theatrical Release Date:  09/20/2019

Street Date:  12/17/2019

Box Office:  $48.7 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Tommy Lee Jones | Donald Sutherland | Ruth Negga | John Ortiz | Jamie Kennedy | Kimberly Elise | Greg Bryk | Loren Dean | Anne McDaniels | LisaGay Hamilton | John Finn | Kimmy Shields | Alyson Reed | Ravi Kapoor

Director:  James Gray

An astronaut seeks the truth about his father.

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Col br56401

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Theatrical Release Date:  07/26/2019

Street Date:  12/10/2019

Box Office:  $142.1 Million

Cast:  Margot Robbie | Leonardo DiCaprio | Brad Pitt | Timothy Olyphant | Dakota Fanning | Al Pacino | Tim Roth | Emile Hirsch | Damian Lewis | Luke Perry | Damon Herriman | Kurt Russell | Margaret Qualley | Samantha Robinson | James Marsden | Scoot McNairy | Rumer Willis | Leslie Bega | Lorenza Izzo | James Remar | Sydney Sweeney | Austin Butler | Michael Madsen | Victoria Pedretti | Zoe Bell | Lena Dunham | Bruce Dern | Clu Gulager | Clifton Collins Jr. | Martin Kove | Mikey Madison | Harley Quinn Smith | Brenda Vaccaro | Rebecca Rittenhouse | Danny Strong | Dreama Walker | Maya Hawke | Costa Ronin | Madisen Beaty | Maurice Compte | Spencer Garrett | Nicholas Hammond | Nichole Galicia | Daniella Pick | Julia Butters | Lew Temple

Director:  Quentin Tarantino

A tribute to the final moments of Hollywood's golden age.

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War br724642

Ocean's 4-Film Collection

Street Date:  10/02/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  George Clooney | Brad Pitt | Julia Roberts | Matt Damon | Don Cheadle | Sandra Bullock | Cate Blanchett | Rihanna | Helena Bonham Carter


Contains Ocean's 8, Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12 & Ocean's 13.

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Mca d46502906d

Megamind / Monsters vs. Aliens

Street Date:  02/09/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Will Ferrell| Reese Witherspoon| Tina Fey| Seth Rogen| Jonah Hill| Hugh Laurie| David Cross| Will Arnett| Brad Pitt| Kiefer Sutherland| Ben Stiller| Rainn Wilson| Justin Theroux| Paul Rudd| J.K. Simmons| Stephen Colbert| Julie White| Jeffrey Tambor| Amy Poehler| Ed Helms| Renee Zellweger| John Krasinski

Director:  Tom McGrath, Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman

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Missing art medium

IMAX: Voyage of Time

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt

Director:  Terrence Malick

A celebration of the life and history of the cosmos.

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Par d59183667d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/23/2016

Street Date:  02/28/2017

Box Office:  $40.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Marion Cotillard | Lizzy Caplan | Matthew Goode | Raffey Cassidy | Jared Harris | Charlotte Hope | August Diehl | Russell Balogh | Raphael Acloque | Hannah Flynn | Roman Green | Marion Bailey | Angelique Joan

Director:  Robert Zemeckis

WWII British intelligence officer is tasked to spy on wife.

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Oli dof859d

King of the Hill: The Complete Ninth Season

Street Date:  04/07/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mike Judge (voice) | Kathy Najimy (voice) | Pamela Adlon (voice) | Brittany Murphy (voice) | Stephen Root (voice) | Johnny Hardwick (voice) | Breckin Meyer (voice) | Toby Huss (voice) | Lauren Tom (voice) | Brad Pitt (voice) | Ben Stiller (voice) | Kelly Clarkson (voice) | Johnny Depp (voice) | Lindsay Lohan (voice) | Amy Adams (voice) | Danny Trejo (voice)


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Oli dof860d

King of the Hill: The Complete Tenth Season

Street Date:  04/07/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mike Judge (voice) | Kathy Najimy (voice) | Pamela Adlon (voice) | Brittany Murphy (voice) | Stephen Root (voice) | Johnny Hardwick (voice) | Breckin Meyer (voice) | Toby Huss (voice) | Lauren Tom (voice) | Brad Pitt (voice) | Ben Stiller (voice) | Kelly Clarkson (voice) | Johnny Depp (voice) | Lindsay Lohan (voice) | Amy Adams (voice) | Danny Trejo (voice)


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Wrc d566838d

Growing Pains: The Complete Fourth Season

Street Date:  05/05/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Alan Thicke | Joanna Kerns | Kirk Cameron | Tracey Gold | Jeremy Miller | Candace Cameron | Jamie Abbott | Dick O'Neill | Julie McCullough | Jane Powell | Matthew Perry | Brad Pitt | Cuba Gooding Jr. | Dick Van Patten


The more things change, the more the Seavers stay the sam...

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Mca br61177730

By the Sea

Theatrical Release Date:  11/13/2015

Street Date:  07/05/2016

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie Pitt | Brad Pitt | Melanie Laurent | Melvil Poupaud | Niels Arestrup | Richard Bohringer

Director:  Angelina Jolie Pitt

American writer & wife vacation in seaside France in 1970s.

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Par br59176427

The Big Short

Theatrical Release Date:  12/11/2015

Street Date:  03/15/2016

Box Office:  $70.2 Million

Cast:  Christian Bale | Steve Carell | Ryan Gosling | Brad Pitt | Karen Gillan | Selena Gomez | Melissa Leo | Marisa Tomei | Hamish Linklater | Rafe Spall | Max Greenfield | Finn Wittrock | Billy Magnussen | Byron Mann

Director:  Adam McKay

Four outsiders bet against the housing market and cash in.

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Col d46637d

Fury / The Monuments Men

Street Date:  10/20/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  George Clooney | Matt Damon | Bill Murray | Cate Blanchett | Jean Dujardin | Bob Balaban | Brad Pitt | Shia LaBeouf | Logan Lerman | Jon Bernthal | Michael Pena | Jason Isaacs


The war films Fury and The Monuments Men.

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Col br52854


Theatrical Release Date:  10/17/2014

Street Date:  01/27/2015

Box Office:  $85.8 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Wardaddy] | Shia LaBeouf | Logan Lerman [Norman Ellison] | Jon Bernthal [Grady Travis] | Michael Pena | Jason Isaacs | Scott Eastwood [Sergeant Miles] | Brad William Henke [Sergeant Davis] | Jim Parrack | Xavier Samuel | Anamaria Marinca | Eugenia Kuzmina

Director:  David Ayer

Sherman tank crew battle behind enemy lines in WWII.

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Par br803288


Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2014

Street Date:  05/05/2015

Box Office:  $52.1 Million

Cast:  David Oyelowo [Martin Luther King Jr.] | Oprah Winfrey [Annie Lee Cooper] | Tim Roth [George Wallace] | Carmen Ejogo [Coretta Scott King] | Tom Wilkinson [Lyndon B. Johnson] | Cuba Gooding Jr. [Fred Gray] | Common [James Bevel] | Tessa Thompson [Diane Nash] | Giovanni Ribisi [Lee C. White] | Lorraine Toussaint [Amelia Boynton] | Alessandro Nivola [John Doar] | Lakeith Lee Stanfield [Jimmie Lee Jackson] | Omar J. Dorsey [James Orange] | Andre Holland [Andrew Young] | Colman Domingo [Ralph Abernathy] | Ledisi Young [Mahalia Jackson] | Wendell Pierce [Hosea Williams] | Dylan Baker [J. Edgar Hoover] | Nigel Thatch [Malcolm X] | Niecy Nash [Richie Jean Jackson] | Jeremy Strong [James Reeb] | Ledisi Young [Mahlia Jackson]

Director:  Ava DuVernay

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s epic march in 1965.

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Oli df858d

King of the Hill: The Complete Eighth Season

Street Date:  11/04/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Mike Judge (voice) | Kathy Najimy (voice) | Pamela Adlon (voice) | Brittany Murphy (voice) | Stephen Root (voice) | Johnny Hardwick (voice) | Breckin Meyer (voice) | Toby Huss (voice) | Lauren Tom (voice) | Brad Pitt (voice) | Ben Stiller (voice) | Kelly Clarkson (voice) | Johnny Depp (voice) | Lindsay Lohan (voice) | Amy Adams (voice) | Danny Trejo (voice)


A hilarious slice of middle-class life in small-town Amer...

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Missing art medium

Big Men

Theatrical Release Date:  03/14/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million


Director:  Rachel Boynton

Executive produced by Brad Pitt, Big Men is a real-life T...

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Hbo br575426


Street Date:  09/15/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  David Oyelowo | Barlow Jacobs

Director:  Elliott Lester

An official selection of the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festiv...

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Fox d101144d

Road to El Dorado / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas / Joseph: King Of Dreams

Street Date:  05/13/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kevin Kline| Brad Pitt| Ben Affleck| Kenneth Branagh| Catherine Zeta-Jones| Mark Hamill| Rosie Perez| Michelle Pfeiffer| Jodi Benson| Armand Assante| Joseph Fiennes| Steven Weber| Edward James Olmos| Dennis Haysbert| Judith Light| Jim Cummings| Timothy West| Frank Welker| Tobin Bell| Duncan Marjoribanks

Director:  Rob LaDuca, Tim Johnson, Robert Ramirez, Patrick Gilmore, Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul

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War d394932d

4 Film Favorites: Brad Pitt

Street Date:  06/04/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt


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Pbs brrxs600

Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge

Street Date:  01/24/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt


At the dawn of the 21st century, the health of the world ...

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Missing art medium

World War Z

Theatrical Release Date:  06/21/2013

Street Date:  09/17/2013

Box Office:  $202.3 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Gerry Lane] | Mireille Enos [Karin Lane] | Daniella Kertesz [Segen] | James Badge Dale [Captain Speke] | Elyes Gabel [Andrew Fassbach] | Fana Mokoena [Thierry Umutoni] | Matthew Fox [Parajumper] | Ludi Boeken [Jurgen Warmbrunn] | David Morse [Ex-CIA Agent] | Sterling Jerins [Constance Lane] | Abigail Hargrove [Rachel Lane] | Michiel Huisman [Ellis]

Director:  Marc Forster

The aftermath of a war with flesh-eating zombies.

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Fox br2354053

The Counselor

Theatrical Release Date:  10/25/2013

Street Date:  02/11/2014

Box Office:  $16.9 Million

Cast:  Michael Fassbender [Counselor] | Javier Bardem [Reiner] | Brad Pitt [Westray] | Penelope Cruz [Laura] | Cameron Diaz [Malkina] | Rosie Perez [Ruth] | Toby Kebbell [Tony] | Goran Visnjic [Banker] | Emma Rigby [Tony's Girlfriend] | Edgar Ramirez [Priest] | Ruben Blades [Jefe] | Donna Air [Chauffeur] | Natalie Dormer [Blonde] | Bruno Ganz [Diamond Dealer] | Chris Obi [Malkina's Bodyguard] | Paris Jefferson [Waitress] | Richard Cabral [Young Biker] | Alex Hafner [Highway Patrolman] | John Leguizamo

Director:  Ridley Scott

A lawyer's illegal business deal spirals out of control.

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Fox br2358083

12 Years a Slave

Theatrical Release Date:  10/18/2013

Street Date:  03/04/2014

Box Office:  $56.6 Million

Cast:  Chiwetel Ejiofor [Solomon Northup] | Michael Fassbender [Edwin Epps] | Benedict Cumberbatch [Ford] | Paul Dano [Tibeats] | Paul Giamatti [Freeman] | Lupita Nyong'o [Patsey] | Sarah Paulson [Mistress Epps] | Brad Pitt [Bass] | Alfre Woodard [Mistress Shaw] | Garret Dillahunt [Armsby] | Mustafa Harris [Sam] | Anwan Glover [Cape] | Marcus Lyle Brown [Jasper] | Tom Proctor [Biddee] | Marc Macaulay [Captain] | Michael Kenneth Williams [Robert] | Quvenzhane Wallis [Margaret Northup] | Kelsey Scott [Anne Northup] | Ashley Dyke [Anna] | Bryan Batt [Judge Turner] | Dwight Henry [Uncle Abram]

Director:  Steve McQueen*

Free black man is abducted and sold into slavery.

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Hsp d670927d

The House I Live In

Theatrical Release Date:  10/05/2012

Street Date:  07/02/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million


Director:  Eugene Jarecki

As America remains embroiled in conflict overseas, a less...

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Anb br62061

Killing Them Softly

Theatrical Release Date:  11/30/2012

Street Date:  03/26/2013

Box Office:  $15.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Jackie Cogan] | Scoot McNairy [Frankie] | Ben Mendelsohn [Russell] | Richard Jenkins [Driver] | Ray Liotta [Markie Trattman] | James Gandolfini [Mickey] | Sam Shepard | Max Casella

Director:  Andrew Dominik

Three dumb guys rob a Mob protected card game.

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Fox br2358517

The Tree of Life

Theatrical Release Date:  05/27/2011

Street Date:  10/11/2011

Box Office:  $13.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Mr. O'Brien] | Sean Penn [Jack] | Jessica Chastain [Mrs. O'Brien] | Hunter McCracken [Young Jack] | Fiona Shaw [Grandmother] | Laramie Eppler [R.L.] | Joanna Going [Jack's Wife] | Tye Sheridan [Steve] | Jessica Fuselier [Guide] | Nicolas Gonda [Mr. Reynolds] | Kelly Koonce [Father Haynes] | Bryce Boudoin [Robert] | Jimmy Donaldson [Jimmy] | Brayden Whisenhunt [Jo Bates] | Dustin Allen [George Walsh] | Cole Cockburn [Harry Bates] | Kim Whalen [Mrs. Brown] | Michael Showers [Mr. Brown]

Director:  Terrence Malick

Impressionistic story of a Midwestern family in the 1950s.

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War d619939d

Happy Feet Two

Theatrical Release Date:  11/18/2011

Street Date:  03/13/2012

Box Office:  $63.8 Million

Cast:  Elijah Wood (voice) [Mumble] | EG Daily (voice) [Erik] | Alecia Moore (voice) [Gloria] | Robin Williams (voice) | Brad Pitt (voice) | Hank Azaria (voice) | Matt Damon (voice) | Common (voice) | Sofia Vergara (voice) | Hugo Weaving (voice) | Magda Szubanski (voice) | Anthony LaPaglia (voice) | Richard Carter (voice) | Benjamin 'Lil P-Nut' Flores Jr. (voice)

Director:  George Miller

Mumble's kid faces his own challenges with his talents.

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Hbo d211284d

His Way

Street Date:  11/01/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jerry Weintraub | George W. Bush | Brad Pitt | George Clooney | Matt Damon | Bruce Willis

Director:  Douglas McGrath

Jerry Weintraub has been called a lot of things as one of...

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Col br42762


Theatrical Release Date:  09/23/2011

Street Date:  01/10/2012

Box Office:  $75.6 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Billy Beane] | Jonah Hill [Peter Brand] | Philip Seymour Hoffman [Art Howe] | Robin Wright Penn [Sharon] | Chris Pratt [Scott Hatteberg] | Stephen Bishop [David Justice] | Tammy Blanchard [Elizabeth Hatteberg] | Jack McGee [John Poloni] | Ken Medlock [Grady Fuson] | Brent Jennings [Ron Washington] | Nick Searcy [Matt Keough] | Glenn Morshower [Ron Hopkins] | Casey Bond [Chad Bradford] | Nick Porrazzo [Jeremy Giambi] | Arliss Howard [John Henry] | Kerris Dorsey [Casey Beane] | Reed Thompson [Young Billy] | Adrian Bellani [Carlos Pena] | Derrin Ebert [Mike Magnante] | Takayo Fischer [Suzanne, Billy's Secretary] | Royce Clayton [Miguel Tejada] | Brent Dohling [Mark Ellis] | Art Ortiz [Eric Chavez] | Joe Satriani [Himself] | Christopher Dehau Lee [Eric Kubota] | Marvin Horn [Terrence Long] | Gary Johnson [Jermaine Dye]

Director:  Bennett Miller

True story of baseball stat revolutionary GM Billy Beane.

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Missing art medium

The Odyssey

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt

Director:  George Miller

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Missing art medium

Important Artifacts and Personal Property

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Hal Morris] | Natalie Portman [Lenore Doolan]


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Lge br52060


Theatrical Release Date:  04/16/2010

Street Date:  08/03/2010

Box Office:  $48.0 Million

Cast:  Aaron Johnson [Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass] | Nicolas Cage [Big Daddy] | Mark Strong [Frank D'Amico] | Chloe Grace Moretz [Hit Girl] | Christopher Mintz-Plasse [Red Mist] | Clark Duke | Lyndsy Fonseca | Xander Berkeley | Tamer Hassan | Evan Peters | Omari Hardwick | Michael Rispoli | Garret M. Brown

Director:  Matthew Vaughn

Average teenager aspires to become real-life superhero.

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Mca d46214602d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/05/2010

Street Date:  02/25/2011

Box Office:  $148.2 Million

Cast:  Will Ferrell (voice) [Megamind] | Brad Pitt (voice) [Metro Man] | Tina Fey (voice) [Roxanne Ritchi] | Jonah Hill (voice) [Tighten] | David Cross (voice) [Minion] | Justin Theroux (voice) [Megamind's Father] | Ben Stiller (voice) [Bernard] | J.K. Simmons (voice) [Warden] | Jessica Schulte (voice) [Megamind's Mother] | Emily Nordwind (voice) [Lady Scott] | Ella Olivia Stiller (voice) [Schoolchild] | Quinn Dempsey Stiller (voice) [Schoolchild] | Tom McGrath (voice) [Lord Scott/Prison Guard]

Director:  Tom McGrath

Evil genius loses purpose when he offs his hero opponent.

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Fox d101229d

Sinbad / Road To El Dorado

Street Date:  11/30/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt| Kevin Kline| Catherine Zeta-Jones| Kenneth Branagh| Michelle Pfeiffer| Rosie Perez| Joseph Fiennes| Armand Assante| Dennis Haysbert| Edward James Olmos| Timothy West| Jim Cummings| Frank Welker| Tobin Bell| Duncan Marjoribanks

Director:  Tim Johnson, Patrick Gilmore, Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul

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Mca br61207011

Inglourious Basterds

Theatrical Release Date:  08/21/2009

Street Date:  12/15/2009

Box Office:  $120.5 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Aldo Raine] | Melanie Laurent [Shoshanna Dreyfus] | Eli Roth [Donny Donowitz] | Christoph Waltz [Hans Landa] | Michael Fassbender [Archie Hicox] | Diane Kruger [Bridget von Hammersmark] | Daniel Bruhl [Fredrick Zoller] | Til Scheiger [Hugo Stiglitz] | Gedeon Burkhard [Wilhelm Wicki] | Jacky Ido [Marcel] | B.J. Novak [Smithson Utivich] | Omar Doom [Omar Ulmer] | August Diehl [Dieter Hellstrom] | Denis Menochet [Perrier LaPadite] | Sylbvester Groth [Joseph Goebbels] | Martin Wuttke [Adolf Hitler] | Mike Myers [Ed Fenech] | Julie Dreyfus [Francesca Mondino] | Rod Taylor [Winston Churchill] | Richard Sammel [Werner Rachtman] | Sonke Mohring [Walter Frazer] | Samm Levine [Gerold Hirschberg] | Paul Rust [Andy Kagan] | Zack Volker Michalowski [Volker Michalowski] | Michael Bacall [Michael Zimmerman] | Lea Seydoux [Charlotte LaPadite]

Director:  Quentin Tarantino

Story of revenge and retribution in German-occupied France.

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Scn brsm900261

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Theatrical Release Date:  11/27/2009

Street Date:  03/02/2010

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Robin Wright Penn [Pippa Lee] | Julianne Moore [Kat] | Blake Lively [Teenage Pippa Lee] | Winona Ryder [Sandra Dulles] | Alan Arkin [Herb Lee] | Maria Bello [Suky Sarkissian] | Keanu Reeves [Chris Nadeau] | Monica Bellucci [Gigi Lee] | Zoe Kazan [Grace Lee] | Mike Binder [Sam Shapiro] | Ryan McDonald [Ben Lee] | Madeline McNulty [Young Pippa Lee] | Beckett Melville [Young Chester] | Adam Shonkwiler [Teen Chester] | Robin Weigert [Trish]

Director:  Rebecca Miller

Woman reflects on her youth in search of self-discovery.

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Missing art medium

Dirty Tricks

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [John Dean] | Jim Broadbent [Richard Nixon] | Meryl Streep [Martha Mitchell] | Sharon Stone [Katharine Graham] | Annette Bening [Helen Thomas] | Jill Clayburgh [Pat Nixon] | Martin Hernandez

Director:  Ryan Murphy

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Mgm dm112384d

Brad Pitt Triple Feature

Street Date:  12/23/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt


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Mca d62102034d

Burn After Reading

Theatrical Release Date:  09/12/2008

Street Date:  12/21/2008

Box Office:  $60.3 Million

Cast:  John Malkovich [Osbourne Cox] | George Clooney [Harry Pfarrer] | Frances McDormand [Linda Litzke] | Brad Pitt [Chad Feldheimer] | Tilda Swinton [Katie Cox] | Richard Jenkins [Ted Treffon] | J.K. Simmons [CIA Superior] | David Rasche [CIA Officer] | Kevin Sussman [Divorce Lawyer] | J.R. Horne [Divorce Lawyer] | Michael Countryman [Alan] | Hamilton Clancy [Peck] | Olek Krupa [Krapotkin] | Armand Schultz [Olson] | Pun Bandhu [Doug Magruder] | Dermot Mulroney [Star of 'Coming Up Daisy'] | Raul Aranas [Manolo] | Brian O'Neill [Hal]

Director:  Joel Coen , Ethan Coen

Gym employees accidentally get disc full of CIA secrets.

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Par br59159917

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2008

Street Date:  05/05/2009

Box Office:  $127.5 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Benjamin Button] | Cate Blanchett [Daisy] | Taraji P. Henson [Queenie] | Tilda Swinton [Elizabeth Abbott] | Elle Fanning [Daisy, Age 6] | Elias Koteas [Monsieur Gateau] | Julia Ormond [Caroline] | Jason Flemyng [Thomas Button] | Spencer Daniels [Benjamin Button, Age 12] | Josh Stewart [Pleasant Curtis] | Faune A. Chambers [Dorothy Baker] | Chandler Canterbury [Benjamin Button, Age 8] | Patrick Holland [Benjamin Button, Age 36] | David Jensen [Doctor] | Bianca Chiminello [Daisy's Best Friend] | Madisen Beaty [Daisy, Age 10] | Ed Metzger [Theodore Roosevelt] | Charles Henry Wyson [Benjamin Button, Age 5] | Joeanna Sayler [Mrs. Button] | Devyn A. Tyler [Queenie's Daughter]

Director:  David Fincher

Man is born old and ages backwards over time.

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Col d24495d

God Grew Tired of Us

Theatrical Release Date:  01/12/2007

Street Date:  08/14/2007

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Nicole Kidman (voice)

Director:  Christopher Dillon Quinn

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War brp370202

A Mighty Heart

Theatrical Release Date:  06/22/2007

Street Date:  10/16/2007

Box Office:  $9.1 Million

Cast:  Angelina Jolie [Mariane Pearl] | Dan Futterman [Daniel Pearl] | Will Patton [Randall Bennett] | Irrfan Khan [Captain] | Denis O'Hare [John Bussey] | Archie Panjabi [Asra Q. Nomani] | Sajid Hasan | Aly Khan

Director:  Michael Winterbottom

Telling of reporter Danny Pearl's abduction in Pakistan.

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War hd113923

Ocean's Thirteen

Theatrical Release Date:  06/08/2007

Street Date:  11/13/2007

Box Office:  $117.1 Million

Cast:  George Clooney [Danny Ocean] | Brad Pitt [Rusty Ryan] | Matt Damon [Linus Caldwell] | Don Cheadle [Basher Tarr] | Andy Garcia [Terry Benedict] | Ellen Barkin | Casey Affleck [Virgil Malloy] | Elliott Gould [Reuben Tishkoff] | Bernie Mac [Frank Catton] | Scott Caan [Turk Malloy] | Carl Reiner [Saul Bloom] | Eddie Jemison [Livingston Dell]

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Danny Ocean and his gang return for another con job.

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War hd113762

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Theatrical Release Date:  09/21/2007

Street Date:  02/05/2008

Box Office:  $3.8 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Jesse James] | Casey Affleck [Robert Ford] | Sam Shepard [Frank James] | Sam Rockwell [Charley Ford] | Paul Schneider [Dick Liddil] | Mary-Louise Parker [Zee James] | Zooey Deschanel [Dorothy Evans] | Garret Dillahunt [Ed Miller] | Brooklynn Proulx [Mary James] | Jeremy Renner [Wood Hite] | Dustin Bollinger [Tim James] | Alison Elliott [Martha Bolton] | Pat Healy [Wilbur Ford] | Jesse Frechette [Albert Ford] | Michael Parks [Henry Craig] | Ted Levine [Sheriff Timberlake] | James Carville [Governor Crittenden] | Nick Cave [Bowery Saloon Singer]

Director:  Andrew Dominik

Jesse James' gang member becomes resentful of his leader.

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Par br59191590


Theatrical Release Date:  10/27/2006

Street Date:  02/20/2007

Box Office:  $34.2 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Gael Garcia Bernal | Cate Blanchett | Elle Fanning | Adriana Barraza | Rinko Kikuchi | Jamie McBride | Lynsey Beauchamp

Director:  Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Four groups of people become intertwined as one.

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War br396002

The Departed

Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2006

Street Date:  02/13/2007

Box Office:  $132.3 Million

Cast:  Leonardo DiCaprio [Billy Costigan] | Matt Damon [Colin Sullivan] | Jack Nicholson [Frank Costello] | Mark Wahlberg [Dignam] | Martin Sheen [Oliver Queenan] | Ray Winstone [Mr. French] | Vera Farmiga [Madolyn] | Anthony Anderson [Brown] | Alec Baldwin [Ellerby] | Kevin Corrigan [Cousin Sean] | Mark Rolston [Timothy Delahunt] | David Patrick O'Hara [Fitzy] | James Badge Dale [Barrigan] | Robert Wahlberg [Frank Lazio] | Kristen Dalton [Gwen]

Director:  Martin Scorsese

Undercover agents penetrate both sides of the law.

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War br446599

Ocean's Eleven / Ocean's Twelve

Street Date:  04/12/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  George Clooney | Brad Pitt | Julia Roberts | Matt Damon


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Dos dmv50874d

21 Jump Street: The Complete Second Season

Street Date:  03/08/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Johnny Depp | Peter DeLuise | Holly Robinson | Brad Pitt | Christina Applegate | Jason Priestley | Pauly Shore


Contains all 22 episodes from the hit 1987-88 second seas...

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Fox br2360326

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Theatrical Release Date:  06/10/2005

Street Date:  11/29/2005

Box Office:  $186.3 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [John Smith] | Angelina Jolie [Jane Smith] | Vince Vaughn [Eddie] | Angela Bassett | Adam Brody [Benjamin] | William Fichtner | Jennifer Morrison [Jade] | Kerry Washington | Amy Hathaway | Keith David | Greg Ellis [Curtis] | Perrey Reeves [Jessie]

Director:  Doug Liman

Couple hides their real job from each other.

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Col d07194d

Star Power Pack

Street Date:  10/12/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt


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War d537538d


Theatrical Release Date:  05/14/2004

Street Date:  01/04/2005

Box Office:  $132.5 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt [Achilles] | Eric Bana [Hector] | Orlando Bloom [Paris] | Rose Byrne [Briseis] | Peter O'Toole [Priam] | Sean Bean [Odysseus] | Diane Kruger [Helen] | Saffron Burrows [Andromache] | Julie Christie [Thetis] | Brian Cox [Agamemnon] | Brendan Gleeson [Menelaus] | Garrett Hedlund [Patroclus]

Director:  Wolfgang Petersen

Homer's famous story of Achilles and ancient Greece.

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War br239514

Ocean's Twelve

Theatrical Release Date:  12/10/2004

Street Date:  04/12/2005

Box Office:  $125.4 Million

Cast:  George Clooney [Danny Ocean] | Brad Pitt [Rusty Ryan] | Matt Damon [Linus Caldwell] | Don Cheadle [Basher Tarr] | Julia Roberts [Tess Ocean] | Andy Garcia [Terry Benedict] | Vincent Cassel [Dinner Jacket] | Catherine Zeta-Jones [Isabel Lahiri] | Casey Affleck [Virgil Malloy] | Elliott Gould [Reuben Tishkoff] | Bernie Mac [Frank Catton] | Scott Caan [Turk Malloy] | Carl Reiner [Saul Bloom] | Robbie Coltrane [Matsui] | Eddie Izzard [Roman Nagle] | Nikki Taylor Melton [Girl in Park] | Scott L. Schwartz [Bruiser] | Eddie Jemison [Livingston Dell] | Shaobo Qin [Yen] | Bruce Willis | Jared Harris | Cherry Jones | Topher Grace | Albert Finney

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Terry Benedict goes after Danny Ocean and his crew.

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Mca br46200431

Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas

Theatrical Release Date:  07/02/2003

Street Date:  11/18/2003

Box Office:  $26.3 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt (voice) | Catherine Zeta-Jones (voice) | Joseph Fiennes (voice) | Michelle Pfeiffer (voice) | Dennis Haysbert (voice)

Director:  Tim Johnson

The adventures of Sinbad, the swashbuckling hero.

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Missing art medium

Boiler Room / Sleepers

Street Date:  11/18/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Vin Diesel | Brad Pitt | Dustin Hoffman


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Missing art medium

Ocean's Eleven / Hear

Street Date:  11/18/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  George Clooney | Brad Pitt | Julia Roberts | Matt Damon


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Missing art medium

2 Fast 2 Furious / Spy Game Set

Street Date:  01/02/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Paul Walker | Robert Redford | Brad Pitt


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Par br803328

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Theatrical Release Date:  12/27/2002

Street Date:  09/09/2003

Box Office:  $15.9 Million

Cast:  Sam Rockwell | George Clooney | Julia Roberts | Drew Barrymore | Fred Savage | Rutger Hauer | Brad Pitt | Matt Damon | Artie Lange | Michael Cera | Krista Allen

Director:  George Clooney

The tale of TV variety show creator Chuck Barris.

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Col br57032


Theatrical Release Date:  01/19/2001

Street Date:  07/03/2001

Box Office:  $17.5 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Benicio Del Toro | Alan Ford | Stephen Graham | Ewen Bremner | Dennis Farina | Jason Statham | Vinnie Jones | Rade Serbedzija | Mike Reid | Jason Flemyng

Director:  Guy Ritchie

Boxing and jewels prove dangerous for the big boss.

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Par br813396

The Mexican

Theatrical Release Date:  03/02/2001

Street Date:  08/07/2001

Box Office:  $66.8 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Julia Roberts | James Gandolfini | Gene Hackman | David Krumholtz | Luis Felipe Tovar | Jeremy Roberts | J.K. Simmons

Director:  Gore Verbinski

Two lovers find new romance whilst in pursuit of a pistol.

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Mca br61119189

Spy Game

Theatrical Release Date:  11/21/2001

Street Date:  04/09/2002

Box Office:  $23.0 Million

Cast:  Robert Redford | Brad Pitt | Catherine McCormack | Stephen Dillane | Marianne Jean-Baptiste | Larry Bryggman

Director:  Tony Scott

CIA operative stays out of retirement to save his protege.

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War hd19415

Ocean's Eleven

Theatrical Release Date:  12/07/2001

Street Date:  05/07/2002

Box Office:  $181.4 Million

Cast:  George Clooney | Brad Pitt | Julia Roberts | Matt Damon | Andy Garcia | Don Cheadle | Scott Caan | Casey Affleck | Topher Grace | Bernie Mac | Carl Reiner | Barry Watson | Brandon Keener | Elliott Gould | Holly Marie Combs | Nick Massi Jr. | Lennox Lewis | Joshua Jackson

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Eleven criminals plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos.

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Ime dcc2143d

Being John Malkovich

Street Date:  05/02/2000

Box Office:  $22.8 Million

Cast:  John Cusack | Cameron Diaz | Catherine Keener | Orson Bean | Mary Kay Place | John Malkovich | Charlie Sheen | W. Earl Brown | Sean Penn | Brad Pitt

Director:  Spike Jonze

A puppeteer discovers portal to John Malkovich's head.

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Fox d2354063d

Fight Club

Theatrical Release Date:  10/15/1999

Street Date:  04/25/2000

Box Office:  $37.0 Million

Cast:  Edward Norton [The Narrator] | Brad Pitt [Tyler Durden] | Helena Bonham Carter [Marla Singer] | Meat Loaf [Robert 'Bob' Paulsen] | Jared Leto [Angel Face] | Zach Grenier [Richard Chesler] | Eion Bailey [Ricky] | Ezra Buzzington [Inspector Dent] | Richmond Arquette [Intern] | Joel Bissonnette [Food Court Maitre D'] | Rachel Singer [Chloe] | Christina Cabot [Group Leader] | David Andrews [Thomas] | Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston [Speaker] | Tim de Zarn [Inspector Bird] | David Lee Smith [Walter] | Holt McCallany [The Mechanic] | Peter Iacangelo [Lou] | Joon B. Kim [Raymond K. Hessel]

Director:  David Fincher

A group of men have fist-fights as a recreational past-time.

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Mca d61183779d

Meet Joe Black

Street Date:  04/06/1999

Box Office:  $44.6 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Anthony Hopkins | Claire Forlani | Jake Weber | Marcia Gay Harden | Jeffrey Tambor | David S. Howard | Lois Kelly-Miller

Director:  Martin Brest

Death makes a deal with a principled widower.

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Col br18696

Seven Years In Tibet

Street Date:  04/07/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | David Thewlis | B.D. Wong | Mako | Danny Denzongpa | Victor Wong | Ingeborga Dapkunaite | Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk | Lhakpa Tsamchoe | Jetsun Pema | Ama Ashe Dongtse | Sonam Wangchuck | Dorjee Tsering | Ric Young | Ngawang Chojor | Duncan Fraser | Benedick Blythe

Director:  Jean-Jacque Annaud

An egocentric Austrian meets the young Dalai Lama.

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Missing art medium

The Dark Side Of The Sun

Street Date:  06/23/2015

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt| Cheryl Pollack| Guy Boyd

Director:  Bozidar Nikolic

Man with rare skin disease gets a brief respite.

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Col d27535d

The Devil's Own

Street Date:  02/10/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harrison Ford | Brad Pitt | Margaret Colin | Ruben Blades | Treat Williams | George Hearn | Mitchell Ryan | Natascha McElhone | Paul Ronan | Simon Jones

Director:  Alan J. Pakula

Policeman learns Irish houseguest is IRA terrorist.

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War br187159


Street Date:  11/03/2009

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kevin Bacon | Robert De Niro | Dustin Hoffman | Jason Patric | Brad Pitt | Minnie Driver | Vittorio Gassman | Billy Crudup | Ron Eldard | Terry Kinney | Joe Perrino | Brad Renfro | Jonathan Tucker | Geoffrey Wigdor | Bruno Kirby | Frank Medrano | Aida Turturro

Director:  Barry Levinson

Reporter, DA help pals who killed sadistic guard.

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Mvd brav380

12 Monkeys

Street Date:  03/31/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bruce Willis | Brad Pitt | Madeleine Stowe | Frederick Strother | Frank Gorshin | Christopher Plummer | Jon Seda | Joseph Melito

Director:  Terry Gilliam

Time-traveler winds up in mental institution.

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Trn brn424446


Theatrical Release Date:  09/22/1995

Street Date:  07/18/2000

Box Office:  $100.1 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Morgan Freeman | Gwyneth Paltrow | R. Lee Ermey | Richard Roundtree | John C. McGinley | Julie Araskog | Mark Boone Jr. | John Cassini | Reginald E. Cathey | Peter Crombie | Kevin Spacey | Hawthorne James | Michael Massee | Leland Orser | Richard Portnow | Richard Schiff | Pamela Tyson

Director:  David Fincher

Detectives probe murders based on the deadly sins.

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Col br15027

Legends Of The Fall

Street Date:  10/17/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt| Anthony Hopkins| Aidan Quinn| Julia Ormond| Henry Thomas| Karina Lombard| Gordon Tootoosis| Tantoo Cardinal| Paul Desmond| Christina Pickles| Robert Wisden| John Novak| Kenneth Welsh| Bill Dow| Sam Sarkar| Nigel Bennett| Keegan Macintosh| Eric Johnson

Director:  Edward Zwick

Ex-cavalry officer and sons live on Montana ranch.

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Kic brk23570

The Favor

Street Date:  12/26/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Harley Jane Kozak | Elizabeth McGovern | Bill Pullman | Brad Pitt | Ken Wahl | Larry Miller | Holland Taylor

Director:  Donald Petrie

Wife asks single friend to fulfill her fantasy.

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War br497099

Interview With The Vampire

Street Date:  06/06/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Cruise | Brad Pitt | Antonio Banderas | Stephen Rea | Christian Slater | Kirsten Dunst | Domiziana Giordano | Thandie Newton | Indra Ove | Laure Marsac

Director:  Neil Jordan

Lestat's blood brother Louis tells his story.

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Cin brsf19721


Street Date:  08/15/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt| Juliette Lewis| David Duchovny| Michelle Forbes| Sierra Pecheur| Gregory Mars Martin| Judson Vaughn| David Rose

Director:  Dominic Sena

An intrigued couple tags along on a trip cross-country wi...

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Mvd brav442

True Romance

Theatrical Release Date:  09/10/1993

Street Date:  09/30/1997

Box Office:  $12.3 Million

Cast:  Christian Slater | Patricia Arquette | Dennis Hopper | Val Kilmer | Gary Oldman | James Gandolfini | Brad Pitt | Christopher Walken | Bronson Pinchot | Michael Rapaport | Saul Rubinek | Chris Penn | Tom Sizemore | Samuel L. Jackson | Jack Black | Kevin Corrigan | Eric Allan Kramer

Director:  Tony Scott

Detroit lovers on the run head for Hollywood.

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Mca br808772

Cool World

Street Date:  11/11/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kim Basinger | Gabriel Byrne | Brad Pitt | Michele Abrams | Deirdre O'Connell | Carrie Hamilton | Frank Sinatra Jr.

Director:  Ralph Bakshi

Curvy doodle seduces cartoonist. Live action/animated.

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Col br32607

A River Runs Through It

Street Date:  11/23/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Craig Sheffer | Brad Pitt | Tom Skerritt | Brenda Blethyn | Emily Lloyd | Edie McClurg | Stephen Shellen | Nicole Burdette | Susan Traylor | Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Vann Gravage

Director:  Robert Redford

Minister's sons grow up different, fly fishing in Montana.

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Anb d15611d

Johnny Suede

Street Date:  01/15/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt| Calvin Levels| Alison Moir| Catherine Keener| Tina Louise| Nick Cave| Richard Boes| Cheryl Costa| Michael Luciano| Ralph Marrero| Wilfredo Giovanni Clark| Peter McRobbie| Ron Vawter| Dennis Parlato| Michael Mulheren| Wayne Maugans| Joseph Barry| John David Barone| Tom Jarmusch| Samuel L. Jackson

Director:  Tom DiCillo

Dreamer with pompadour wants to be like Ricky Nelson.

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Missing art medium

Thelma & Louise

Street Date:  09/30/1997

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Susan Sarandon | Geena Davis | Harvey Keitel | Michael Madsen | Christopher McDonald | Brad Pitt

Director:  Ridley Scott

Arkansas gals shoot rapist, flee in '66 T-Bird.

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Flp d45409d

Across The Tracks

Street Date:  05/25/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Rick Schroder| Brad Pitt| David Anthony Marshall| Carrie Snodgrass

Director:  Sandy Tung

Bad and good brothers are rival high-school runners.

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Mpi d7683d

Too Young To Die?

Street Date:  04/26/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Michael Tucker | Juliette Lewis | Brad Pitt | Michael O'Keefe | J. Stephen Brady | Laurie O'Brien | Dean Abston | Emily Longstreth

Director:  Robert Markowitz

Lawyer defends girl tried for murder as an adult.

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Ocn brvs255

Cutting Class

Street Date:  10/23/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brad Pitt | Jill Schoelen | Donovan Leitch | Roddy McDowall | Martin Mull | Brenda Lynn Klemme

Director:  Rospo Pallenberg

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