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Why do I need to sign up for VideoETA?

On the previous version of the VideoETA website, we did not require to register to sign up for our email release reminders. This caused a number of problems.

What it means for you

As a visitor to our site, it was easy to sign up for all the release and/or announcement alerts you wanted. That part was nice but we had no easy way to show all your requested reminders or allow you to delete pending emails you no longer needed. If you had forgotten a previous request and signed up for another reminder for the same movie, you'd get duplicate emails from us. Not good.

Allowing you to register on our site with your own member name and password provides you with many advantages. You only have to sign up and activate your account one time and you enjoy all the benefits. When visiting the site you can sign in and then request all the reminders/alert you wish by hitting just one button. You no longer have to enter your email address over and over each time.

You can also see all the pending (and sent) reminders you've requested. That way you can check the status and/or make necessary changes. Also, if you change your email address, we only have to update your requested reminders in one spot. That way you don't miss out on emails going to your former account.

But wait, there's more! Signing in with the site also allows you comment on our news stories. We plan to offer many other capabilities that being a member will provide. (If you have other ideas for what we should offer, let us know.)

What it means for us

Spam was a huge problem with the old way. Anyone could sign up for any reminder—and not just for themselves. You want to send your worst enemy 500 email alerts when Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo was released on Blu-ray? You could do it on our site. Making sure each requested reminder belongs to a verified email address helps prevent this misuse.

For some of the other reasons we've mentioned above, this change allows us to serve you better. Our sincere goal is provide you with all the latest movie and game release date information you want. It's now easier for us to do this and serve a wider number of people.

What is DOES NOT mean

This isn't some crazy attempt to sell your information or send you junk you don't want. We fully abide by our privacy guarantee. We promise to keep everything you provide to us safe and secure.