Welcome to the new site! If you are reading this, then you probably notice that we gave the site a nice little facelift. The biggest change on VideoETA is that we now have the ability to sell directly to our fans. We are dipping our toes into the e-commerce world, so right now we are a bit limited in terms of shipping options and forms of payment, but don't worry we are hoping to add more options such as expedited shipping and PayPal in the coming weeks.


We might notice that we have expanded our listings a bit. Not only are we selling the latest films and video games, but we also have collectibles, toys and accessories. I could list all of the new and exciting things on the site, but this little primer wouldn't be so little anymore. Needless to say, if you're into Funko Pops or if you need a new lightning charging cable for your iPhone, we can now take care of you. The best way to find out what we have is to look around and search for different things.


Speaking of search, go ahead and give our new search bar a whirl. We have completely rebuilt it from the ground up and we have added a bunch of filters that will help you drill down to find exactly what you are looking for. Here's a helpful little nugget, if you put an asterisk (*) in the search bar, it will bring back all 174,000 items on our site. From the search results, you can click on the filters to drill down. Do you want just the 4K UHD Blu-rays? Click on 4K UHD and poof, all 233 4K UHD Blu-rays are listed. From there, you can further dig down by genre, rating, stock status and sort by a plethora of parameters to get exactly what you want, how you want to see it.

These same filters and sorting techniques also apply to our weekly and monthly lists. One of the new features of our new site is that we have tremendously augmented our video game content and information. If you want to see what's coming out this month in the game world, simply use the pull-down menu for games and select This Month. From there, you can filter the game releases by system and use the months or weeks tabs to navigate through the information in much the same way you have always done for movies.


If you've previously signed up for an account on the old site, there's good news. All user accounts have been migrated over to the new site. This means that all of your release reminders and announce alerts are carried over so that you don't have to sign back up for all the existing reminders. There is one important thing that must be done, however, all existing users must reset their password the first time they sign into the account. Click on Sign In, then click on Forget your password? and then follow the procedures in the email that will be sent to you. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is required since we have migrated all of the accounts to a new system and we do not store passwords on our servers for security purposes.

If you do not have an account yet, it is easy to do so simply click on Sign Up and follow the instructions for creating an account. Once you have set up and activated your account, you will be able to purchase items on the site, set announce alerts and release reminders, and comment on news items and movies. Yes, I said movies. Another new site enhancement is the ability for users to comment on individual movies or items on the site. Want to post a review of a film that you just watched? You can now do that. Want to share your experience with a phone charger? You can do that too.

Once you sign in, you can click on Accounts & Orders to be taken to your user page. From there, you can see your reminders (both current and ones already sent), your account information and saved addresses, your orders, and your wishlist. For security purposes, we do not currently store credit card information. For each transaction, we do store the last four digits of the card and pass on the payment information to our credit card processor.


We have added a stand-alone page that lists all of our undiscovered picks. Previously, we only listed them individually on the home page and as an ad at the bottom of each page, but we did not have a dedicated page to see them all. Now, you can peruse all of our undiscovered picks at your leisure.


You may have noticed green icons on the right side of the home page about half way down for Star Wars or Anime or the like. These icons linked to lists of products that are usually curated to show you the best offerings that we have for that particular subject. Want to see all the Star Wars films, video games, toys, and collectibles on one page? Simply click the icon and the Force will be with you.

There are lots of other new and fun stuff spinkled throughout the site and we feel that the best way to enjoy them is to simply click and discover them for yourself. If you have any questions, you can always contact us at feedback@VideoETA.com. We hope that you enjoy the new site and the new enhancements.


After some feedback from users, we felt that it would be a good idea to create several videos that will walkthrough the new layout and design of the web site. We have included several tips and tricks in here that will help you navigate the new site as well as touch on the major features of the new site including the Homepage, the New This Week section, the revamped Search Engine, the Drop Down Menus, new Video Game information, and the User Account section. Please give us feedback via email at feedback@VideoETA.com. We hope you find the videos to be useful.